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Chapter 1963 Uncut Truth

Date- 18 April 2321

Time- 10:13

Location- Card World, Southern Region, Blossom District, Sky Blossom City

'Boy, if this is your idea of a joke then let me warn you it is not funny. I will ignore it this once,' the Field Marshal warned Wyatt to watch his words.

'Your Highness, I wasn't joking and I stand by what I said,' Wyatt declared to the Field Marshal ignoring her warning.

However, an invisible pressure covered Wyatt's Rainbowfly body and he heard the Field Marshal say, 'Last chance.'

'Sigh~, Field Marshal, you know as well as I do, that the Southern region's future has no place for the Southern Royal family. Heck, the entire world's future doesn't have a place for the Royal families, n.o.bles, and the current government. Clown Mask's future vision is evidence of that.

The sooner the Southern Royal family understands it the better otherwise, sooner or later, they will face the same fate you saw in Clown Mask's future vision. If you think you can avoid it just because you know it then you are seriously mistaken.

If not for the three mischiefs then it would be someone else, maybe the Freedom Fighters. The world is starting to evolve and it has deemed the current regime unfit. It is your choice either be erased by natural selection or adapt to the change,' Wyatt addressed the Field Marshal by her military t.i.tle instead of her royal status because he was serious this time.

The citizens of the Southern region respected the Southern Royal family, revered even, but it did not mean they did not have any complaints. Sooner or later public opinion and anger would trump their loyalty and faith toward the Royal family. In Clown Mask's future vision, people came together under the banner of Hero Aba Windsor to overthrow the three mischiefs. That doesn't mean the people could not do the same to overthrow the current regime run by the central government and royal families. It was only a matter of time.

After the monsters, demons, and the supreme beings, the people finally achieved peace in their lives so they did not want to lose it by rocking the boat. This enabled the tranny of the central government and royal families to continue despite their obvious flaws and failures.

But once people felt that they had enough and deserved better, their freedom and prosperity were more important than the illusion of peace just like how they felt under the reign of three mischiefs in the Clown Mask's future vision, they would stand up against the current regime similar to how they stood up against the three mischiefs in the Clown Mask's vision. No matter how the Southern Royal family tried to avoid it, it would happen as this was how civilizations evolved.

The Field Marshal did not immediately lash out at Wyatt for bad-mouthing the Southern Royal family and its regime but she seriously contemplated Wyatt's words however, she failed to see a world without the royals to lead it. After all, the Royal families never imagined such a day would come even with the Central government trying to weaken and swallow them. Even in the Clown Mask's future vision, she was killed before she could witness the world hero Aba Windsor had created.

Since the Field Marshal could not imagine a world without the royal families, it was hard for her to understand what Wyatt trying to say. Knowing Wyatt was not some random teenager who would spout random nonsense she carefully listened to his words and tried to grasp their meaning after all she had seen the future of the Southern Royal family in the Clown Mask's future vision, they had been trying their best to think of ways to avoid it and they too felt that if the three mischiefs can achieve it then others can also do the same.

This was why the Field Marshal seriously pondered on Wyatt's words however no matter how hard she tried she could not fathom a world without royals leading it. She felt even if it was not the Heatsend royal family some other royal family would take its place but a world without any royal family felt absurd to her.

'Wyatt, don't do anything stupid. I promise you that I will arrange a meeting between you and Anna's mother without any of these games,' the Field Marshal said feeling she was not knowledgeable enough to have this talk with Wyatt.

'Field Marshal, I thought your loyalty was to the Southern region first and then its ruler,' Wyatt did not agree to the Field Marshal's request but reminded her, that she would be looking out the for people of the South rather than looking out for the Southern royal family.

'Wyatt, what is your point? Are you planning on overthrowing the Southern Royal family?' the Field Marshal asked Wyatt in a grave tone. She really would not mind breaching the contract between Wyatt and Anna if he gave her a wrong answer here.

'No, I would not dream of it. My ambitions do not lie in the card world, to begin with. But I am willing to help prosper it because of my sentiments,' Wyatt replied honestly. This might be the only sentence so far in his conversation with the Field Marshal without any deceit.

'What are you trying to say?' the Field Marshal asked in frustration, she was irritated that she could not understand a single thing the teenager said. She wondered if she was truly as profound as she thought she was.

'Give me your loyalty and I will take care of your worries,' Wyatt proposed to the Field Marshal.

'Popostrous, who do you think you are? How dare you make such big claims? You have gotten full of yourself. Without my protection you would have died long ago let alone you taking care of my concerns,' The Field Marshal yelled in a fit of rage. She truly felt Wyatt had gotten full of himself, especially with her forcing him to embrace the t.i.tle 'Hope of the Southern region.'


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