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Chapter 2120  Subservient

Date- 18 April 2321

Time- 22:42

Location- Card World, Southern Region, Blossom District, Sky Blossom City, Celestial Mystic Dimension

Appearing within the upgraded version of Field Marshal's infamous mystic dimension, Wyatt looked around curiously ignoring the undead demiG.o.ds that flew around following their pre-determined orders. Judging from their actions, their orders were not hard to guess. They were most likely ordered to gather in a battle array formation and kill everyone in sight. Even in the mystic dimension, far from their master, unable to connect to him, they continued to complete their mission without any doubt or hesitation. This was one of the scariest things about fighting the undead for the living. Well, they were considered killing machines for a reason, void of emotions like pain, fear, etc.

Wyatt looked around the mystic dimension impressed and wondered what rules and their meanings the Field Marshal combined to create the hybrid rune of this dimension. Fusion of two meanings from the same rule was hard much less from different rules. He should know as he recently did contemplate creating a hybrid rune using the Blood Fate Plunder meaning and Blood Curse meaning but he did not know where to begin. The fusion of two rules or their meanings can be considered as bringing two different occupations together. Similar to how chefs in this world tend to master knife martial arts so they are able to cut their vegetables and meat better. Wyatt had heard about chefs who cut vegetables and meat so fast that the flavor of the vegetables and meat didn't get affected, maintaining their original taste, integrity, and freshness. The chefs have managed to enhance their culinary skills to another level by incorporating martial arts into their culinary world. Who would thought that the chefs would attain higher levels in their culinary skills by expending a part of their time practicing knife martial arts to the highest mastery they could? Even if they had a hunch would they be willing to take time out of their everyday life to master the martial arts to the required realm? Even if one were well versed both in culinary skills and knife martial arts, would they know or ever imagine that just by cutting the vegetables and meats fast enough they could continue to maintain their taste and freshness without compromising their structural integrity? Wyatt was facing trouble similar to the latter example. He had the necessary mastery of both meanings of the blood rule but he had yet to find a common ground where the Blood Fate Plunder meaning could be complemented by or would complement the Blood Curse meaning. This would require Wyatt to utilize his ultimate understanding of these two blood rule meanings to the maximum to find a common ground between them. The more versatile the common ground Wyatt finds between them the stronger the resulting hybrid rune would be. But it was all up to Wyatt's creativity, imagination, and problem-solving ability. This would be the true test of his genius. Just like how the Field Marshal's hybrid rune was one of a kind and praised by many. Many world leaders have approached her asking to train in her mystic dimension but resolutely refused, none of their offers managed to change her mind. The capability and popularity of her hybrid rune was testament of her genius.

Wyatt did not know about anything else but he hoped he too could create a one-of-kind hybrid rune that was as versatile and in demand as the Field Marshal Heatsend's hybrid rune Mystic Dimension. Wyatt who was admiring the Field Marshal's celestial mystic dimension woke up from his trance listening to the ruckus that Henricks and Ransom stirred up, compared to these two the undead demiG.o.ds that were a.s.sembling neatly to form a battle array formation did not stir up so much noise. 'How are these undead demiG.o.ds both obedient to their master and still sentient? They are not card summons, so it can only mean they were cultivated using dark arts. But as far as the undead demiG.o.ds created by dark arts are very sinister in nature and would kill their master if the latter showed even a sign of weakness,' Wyatt was curious seeing how Karl had come up with a method to keep the undead obedient but not affect their sentient at the same time. After all, all the dark arts to make undead subservient involved degrading their sentience to partial sentience, such that they were no longer too independent and smart enough to think of freedom. However such kind of undead can only act as a mob. But seeing how these undead demiG.o.ds were smart enough to a.s.semble in battle array formation and continue to execute their orders without any involvement of their masters showed that the undead demiG.o.ds did not lose their sentience, even if their sentence were to be tempered with it did not seem to have deteriorated a lot. It was at a balance where they were subservient to their master while being smart enough to execute his orders without much guidence. Karl seems to have achieved a relations.h.i.+p with his undead legion similar to Wyatt's relations.h.i.+p with his calamity daughter gems. But Wyatt believed that Karl's method wasn't better than his mother-daughter gems ability. Wyatt's observation wasn't biased but just the fact. However, Wyatt wondered how Karl was able to achieve something similar. Then, a thought crossed Wyatt's mind, that Karl might have Boss-level Undead DemiG.o.d as his card summons. This would explain why he was able to control so many undead demiG.o.ds without reducing each of their sentences to that of a loyal dog. If that were the case, then Wyatt would understand how Karl was able to use the undead demiG.o.ds against the masters. The masters sourced this project so they would have been stupid if they had not taken precautionary measures to make sure the control of the undead legion they paid to create to raid unranked dungeons remained in their hand and could not be used against them. However, there were many boss monsters out there with the ability that gave their minions immunity to external manipulation. If the masters failed  to take this into consideration and had made such a simple oversight in their plan then their deaths at hands of Karl and other two mischiefs was a result of their own ignorance and deserved. 

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