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Chapter 1293 The Two Princes II

The Second Prince took a glance at Grey after getting himself back. He couldn't believe what just happened. He was someone at the Peak of the Elemental Venerable Plane, yet Grey was able to send him flying with just one attack. In his defense, he didn't expect Grey would attack him in such a manner, and also wanting to make sure he protected his younger brother, he didn't allow the impact to affect him.

Although they were both vying for the same position, he didn't dare to watch his younger brother die. Knowing his father, he knew that the consequences of such action would be severe.

He calmed himself down, took a glance at the others that were in the Hall. Grey and his group managed to force the first few people who wanted to attack back, but there was still a good number of people present.

"Look, you came with an offer, and we agreed to it. What's the meaning of this?" The Second Prince asked coldly.

"I didn't take you guys to be someone who would cower, so it's either you want to attack me secretly, or you're waiting for more reinforcement. It's better I do away with you now, than to wait for you to come back with stronger people." Grey replied coolly.

He didn't believe the words of the Second Prince, only a fool would easily believe the words of their enemies. Gnomes have always taken humans to be inferior to them, so now that they were being forced to do something they didn't want to, it's natural they would react in a manner expected by everyone.

"Good guess." The Second Prince smiled, there was no need to pretend anymore, to be honest, after testing Grey out, this was his plan. Presently, there were only two more people who were at the Peak of the Elemental Venerable Plane.

He wasn't confident that they would be able to kill Grey, so he wanted to call for more people at the Peak of the Elemental Venerable Plane. If at least eight to ten more people came over, they would be able to easily kill Grey.

"Anyone can guess your plans." Grey said.

"Since we're on the same page now, what are we waiting for?"

Grey was the first to attack, the orbs outside started exploding the second Gnomes from outside the castle tried to get in.

He didn't need to worry about the castle collapsing, he had already sensed the ma.s.sive array that was placed here, it would protect the castle and take most of the impact from the explosion. However, those outside wouldn't be as fortunate as those inside the castle.

Boom! Boom!

One by one, the orbs exploded, causing the castle to shake from the tremendous destructive power it contained.

Grey didn't stop there, he continued attacking, not just him, but his friends did as well.

Alice, with the help of her Seelie, engaged a group of Early stage Elemental Venerables. Even though she was stronger, the group she was fighting numbered over ten.

Reynolds' Elemental Warrior appeared and he merged with it from the start. Attacking three of the Late stage Elemental Venerables. He couldn't attack more than these three, if he dared to overestimate his ability, he would be left in a bad state.

Klaus was the most shameless, he only attacked a group that were in the Early and Mid stages. Yes, he attacked more people, but with his superior strength, he was able to easily overwhelm them.

Grey took a glance at the people they were fighting, when he saw the number of people left, he couldn't help but shake his head.

'd.a.m.n.' He thought internally.

Without thinking, he charged into the large group of Gnomes.

One of them took out his puppet, and before the Seventh Prince could warn him, Grey had already capitalized on it, killing the person within a second. The explosions outside were still booming, and the impact from the battle inside was resonating in the entire Hall, yet Grey had been able to kill the first person in such a short time.

Grey didn't think too much about it, the person he killed was standing in a group of five, he appeared in the middle and used his s.p.a.ce element. A terrifying repulsive energy spread out, forcing everyone away from where he was. Each of the five people were sent flying in areas that had people grouped up.

Grey used the switch skill and switched places with one of them, he unleashed a powerful attack there, before disappearing and switching places with another one of the other four. Once he appeared, he attacked once again, using the s.p.a.ce element to unleash a destructive attack similar to spatial distortions.

The group he hit with this attack didn't know how they died. They were dead even before Grey changed places with another figure.

The two Princes, and a group of seven that were in the Late stages were stumped beyond words. Grey's efficiency was impressive, they were in awe of his abilities.

The Seventh Prince who had already seen some of Grey's abilities was still shocked. The scene before him was mind-blowing.

"You're watching? Kill him!" The Second Prince was the first to come out of his awestruck state.

At this pace, he was certain that Grey would be able to finish off everyone, and they would keep on watching in marvel. It couldn't be helped, Grey's coordination was shocking. One has to know that it hasn't even been more than ten seconds since Grey used the first attack, yet he had already killed more than ten people. It was unknown how many people died outside from the explosions of the orbs.

The Seventh Prince was a little afraid, Grey was too strong. Yes, they had more people, but it doesn't seem to have any effect. Grey was like a fish in water, killing as he pleases.

He exchanged glances with his younger brother, and they both showed the same expression, dread. Yes, they were scared of this enemy standing before them.

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