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Chapter 1597 It's Close

The puppet and the Fourth Prince stood on either side of the man as they stood to guard him from Klaus and Reynolds' attacks.

Reynolds and Klaus paused and took a look at each other.

"These guys are entertaining." Klaus said while sucking in air into his lungs. The impact of the Fourth Prince's attacks wasn't something to look away from. He could feel his innards shake from the attack and knew that it was impossible for him to just brush it off. This was the reason he didn't start attacking once again and catch his breath.

"He's strong, but still within our limit." Reynolds replied.

"Naturally. Should I start playing with him, or do you want to continue for now?" Klaus asked while looking at the Fourth Prince playfully.

Reynolds looked at the Fourth Prince and said, "He's strong, leave him to me for a few more minutes."

"Alright. Remember, don't kill him. I'm the one who wants to beat the h.e.l.l out of him." Klaus said.

"Why do you even hate him?" Reynolds couldn't help but ask.

"I don't like his smug face." Klaus responded.

The duo were not speaking in a low voice, so the Fourth Prince and the Gnome could hear every word they were saying. Finding out that Klaus wants to beat him up just because he didn't like his smug face infuriated the Fourth Prince.

Klaus looked at the Fourth Prince and pointed out, "See what I'm saying? He's too smug. He needs to learn a lesson or two, and I'm very willing to give it to him. In fact, I'm stepping up to do it in place of his father who has gone blind."

"Looks like you've made up your mind to go against our father." The Fourth Prince didn't look at Klaus and Reynolds, he turned to the Seventh Prince. His little brother was the one who recruited these four, and he clearly knows they have a bad feeling towards him as well as their father. Even if his little brother was competing with him, he shouldn't allow his subordinates to speak about their father in such a manner.

"Are you stalling for time so Old man Kerr would come help you?" The Seventh Prince asked.

The eyes of the Fourth Prince wavered, but he didn't answer, "You'll regret your decision today."

"Haha, don't make us laugh." Klaus laughed and stepped forward, he was done catching his breath and it was time to mess with the duo once again.

"I've let that guy rest enough, come, I want to show you my secret move." Klaus attacked.

Reynolds followed suit, making sure the Fourth Prince didn't join his puppet to block Klaus.

The Fourth Prince's puppet was blocking Klaus' attacks, while the Fourth Prince was battling with Reynolds. The battle was in some sort of stalemate, but neither party has really tried to go for it. The Gnome might be a deciding factor, but Klaus was an evil individual who has made it his mission to make the rest of the Gnome's life a living h.e.l.l.

The Gnome has managed to stop his fingers from freezing solid, but there was still a good amount of ice particles in his body. He hasn't been able to eliminate them all before Klaus started his attacks. If Klaus had waited a few more seconds, he would've been able to remove them, but Klaus refused to give him that time.

'd.a.m.n you little s.h.i.+t! I'll kill you! Just wait.' The man was losing his mind, but he didn't dare to get involved in the fight. Klaus was too strong for him. His puppet was long gone, and there was no way he could challenge Klaus.

Klaus didn't bother, he attacked the man from time to time, while making sure it was impossible for the puppet to land a strike on him.

His ice dome is something that makes it very easy for him to do these things. There's no way the puppet could break through the ice dome with a single attack.

The Gnome gritted his teeth, and conviction appeared in his eyes, since Klaus didn't want to give him the chance he wanted, he was going to create it.

His eyes turned red, and another puppet appeared, but this puppet didn't come out from his spatial ring, rather, it detached itself from the Gnome's body.

"What the h.e.l.l?!" Klaus exclaimed when he saw this sight.

Gnomes are usually smaller compared to their human counterpart, so seeing a full human detach itself from the body of a Gnome stunned Klaus to a certain extent.

The puppet had the aura of a First stage Sovereign, but this one was significantly stronger than the one Klaus destroyed the first time.

The Gnome coughed up a pool of blood, but parts of the blood had slowly turned into ice. It was clear that doing this gave the ice particles in his body the chance to quickly a.s.similate inside his body.

His body turned frail, and before saying anything else, he fell to the ground and sat in a meditative position.

Klaus wanted to attack, but now, he has two puppets to deal with. Of course the Gnome's puppet wasn't on the same level as the Fourth Prince, but it was still enough to cause him some harm.

'I'll let you heal up for now. But you won't be able to completely heal before I take you down.'

Klaus let the man be and focused on his battle. He felt a sense of pressure, but the pressure didn't make him wary, rather, he was excited.

'Haha, I'll break through at this rate.'

Klaus could sense his breakthrough, so he wasn't bothered with fighting more people.

The Gnome didn't know this, so seeing that Klaus could no longer bother him, he focused on healing himself.

Reynolds and the Fourth Prince were in a heated battle. The Fourth Prince felt relieved when he saw the Gnome using his secret technique. This was something the Gnome would not do unless it was a last resort.

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