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Chapter 0952: Birth of the Golden Dew

Li Luo and the group did not have to wait for a very long time in the valley. Soon, the worldly natural energy around the forest began to react, then it began to flow with a loud roar. The forest shook as the green trees began to move with the wind.

"Li Wuyuan has activated the ward. Prepare for it, the Spirit Resonance Golden Dew will be condensing soon," Li Fuling reminded the rest when she saw the changes in the surroundings.

Everyone nodded. Huge resonant power surged up within them and enveloped the area like a thick cloud of smoke. Everyone had taken out their treasured artifacts, which were all of violet-eye grade.

Clearly, they were all fully prepared for the dangers lurking in the shadows. Even those with weaker foundations had utilized all their means to acquire some kind of treasured artifact for this expedition.

The Golden-Jade Onyx-Elephant Blade appeared in Li Luo's grasp. The straight blade was quite out of place here, especially since it was only a gold-eye treasured artifact. Li Fuling and the rest were drawn towards it as soon as he took it out.

"Cousin Li Luo, you're the Dragon's Head—didn't you prepare at least a violet-eye treasured artifact for this occasion?" Li Fuling asked.

Li Luo simply smiled and replied, "I would not trade this blade of mine even if you offered me a triple violet-eye treasured artifact."

The Golden-Jade Onyx-Elephant Blade might just be a gold-eye treasured artifact, but its value was immense. After all, it contained a trace of a Kingmark. This was not a simple mark that was readily available to anyone. It was only possible because this was the partner weapon of Pang, accompanying him in his countless battles throughout the years.

Although he also had the Three-tailed Heavenly Wolf as a hidden ace up his sleeve, the true trump card that would really save him in times of danger would be the Kingmark. It was the only way he could possibly have any chance of survival if he came across any high-grade Duke opponents. Of course, the Golden-Jade Onyx-Elephant Blade would probably shatter completely if that encounter truly took place. He was not lying at all when he said that he would never trade this treasured artifact away even if triple violet-eye treasured artifacts were offered to him.

Nonetheless, Li Fuling and the rest did not take his words seriously. They simply curled up their lips and treated those as stubborn words from Li Luo.

Li Luo did not bother explaining himself any further either. He simply looked up into the sky above the valley. The ward set up around the forest began to activate, and worldly natural energy started condensing.

Looking at the way things were going, it was clear that the center district where Li Wuyuan was located had the highest concentration of energy. They had clearly gotten the biggest share of the pie.

At the same time, the concentration of worldly natural energy where the other three lineages were located was not bad either. They were all in much better situations compared to where Li Luo and his group were located.

Clearly, Li Fuling's face was beginning to turn ugly as she gave Li Luo a deadly stare. This guy had given up the districts with richer energy concentration to choose this broken spot.

However, Li Luo smiled lightly against her deadly stare and said, "There's no need to be hasty. Let's wait and see."

Boom! Boom!

Following a few explosive sounds, a wild storm of worldly natural energy violently swept through the forest.

At this moment, Li Luo and the rest could see a vortex begin to form above the valley. The mist full of energy began to be absorbed into the vortex, as if feeding it to make it grow larger and larger. The amount of energy absorbed into it was simply astonis.h.i.+ng.

This went on for dozens of minutes before the energy vortex suddenly shrank. A few golden droplets could be faintly seen at this moment.



The energy vortex exploded, and the golden lights flew out into the air. Floating in midair, the lights sucked in the worldly natural energy, growing brighter and brighter in the process.

"Spirit Resonance Golden Dew!" Li Fuling and the rest exclaimed excitedly. They stared at the four golden lights without batting an eyelid.

Li Luo was also looking at them. There was a mysterious liquid within each golden point of light, slowly flowing as if they were the essence of energy from the elements. It seemed like they could morph into any type of energy at any point in time.

As he studied the golden glows, Li Luo could sense the resonances within his body l.u.s.ting for it.

These seemed to be the Spirit Resonance Golden Dew that they had all been eyeing.

"Let's wait a little longer. The Spirit Resonance Golden Dew has just been born and will need some time to strengthen itself by taking in the worldly natural energy. We can reap the benefits once each drop is fully developed,” Li Fuling reminded the rest.

"Besides... the Guardian Spirit will be sp.a.w.ning soon. Be careful, guys!"

When Li Fuling finis.h.i.+ng speaking, they could see the worldly natural energy sweep past the sky like a tidal wave. Faint silhouettes started to appear within it, condensed by the huge concentration of energy in the area. Naturally, they exuded strong pulses of energy from their bodies.

There were around a dozen Guardian Spirits. Among them, the strongest one was tens of feet tall with a heavy halberd in its hands. From the energy radiating out of its body, it seemed to be around the strength of a four-pearl.

The other Guardian Spirits were around the strength of Fiend Finishers and lower Heavenly Pearls too.

"Prepare for battle," Li Fuling ordered as she took the lead and charged towards the Guardian Spirit that possessed four-pearl strength. The other members would help tackle the other Guardian Spirits.

This first wave of Guardian Spirits was not too threatening.

Li Luo and the others did not help out at all. They continued to keep watch over the four droplets of Spirit Resonance Golden Dew in the sky and awaited the time where they fully developed. They would reach for them as soon as that time arrived.

This wait lasted for dozens of minutes. When Li Fuling and her group finished off all the Guardian Spirits, the droplets in the sky had fully condensed, and Li Luo moved in instantly. He summoned up his resonant power and collected all the Spirit Resonance Golden Dew.

The crowd gathered around him.

There were four droplets of Spirit Resonance Golden Dew hovering over his palm, emitting a mysterious force. Everyone eyed them enviously.

However, this was not the time to decide on the allocation. Another wave of worldly natural energy gathered, and Spirit Resonance Golden Dew began to form once more. At the same time, a stronger wave of Guardian Spirits was beginning to sp.a.w.n.

After a few minutes, they could see the fifth and sixth droplets of Spirit Resonance Golden Dew forming in the air. However, what was more surprising was that the Guardian Spirits were twice as strong as the previous group.

Among them, the strongest Guardian Spirit had three heads and were as powerful as five-pearls.

Li Fengyi frowned and asked with suspicion, "That's weird. There are only two more droplets of Spirit Resonance Golden Dew, so why are the Guardian Spirits so much stronger now?"

Li Luo narrowed his eyes at this sight. Others might not be able to sense it, but he could tell that the ward in this valley had started giving off a strange fluctuation. The mightier Guardian Spirits were sp.a.w.ned due to the effect of that ward.

And if one traced along the source of it... the energy was coming from the center district.

Li Luo finally understood what Li Wuyuan was plotting earlier.

"The additional and more domineering Guardian Spirits are coming from the center district. If I'm not wrong, these Guardian Spirits were what the Dragon's Blood Lineage was supposed to be facing. However, they've sent them over to us using this ward. They are hoping that we will fight off their Guardian Spirits for them so that they can enjoy the Spirit Resonance Golden Dew rewards without working so hard," Li Luo told them with a smile.

"It seems like regardless of which district we chose, Li Wuyuan’s intention was always to add onto our burden. They will get to enjoy the Spirit Resonance Golden Dew while we'll have to work harder for them. What a good deal for them."

Hearing this, Li Fuling, Li Fengyi, and the rest shouted angrily, admonis.h.i.+ng Li Wuyuan.

However, those feelings were of little practical help. As more and more Guardian Spirits sp.a.w.ned, Li Luo and the rest joined the battle to help fend them off.

A berserk energy storm continued to kick up within the valley.


In the center district of the mountain.

Li Wuyuan stood with his hands behind his back as he watched the Guardian Spirits appear one after another. At this time, everyone in the Dragon's Blood Lineage was working hard to eliminate them. However, things were proceeding exceptionally smoothly, and Li Wuyuan didn't have to join the battle personally yet.

"What a brilliant plan, Brother Wuyuan. I believe those fools from the Dragon's Fang Lineage are panicking right now." One guy from the Dragon's Blood Lineage praised Li Wuyuan with a grin as he continued to collect the Spirit Resonance Golden Dew that rained down from the sky.

Li Wuyuan simply smirked. "I've just sent a few more Guardian Spirits over to them. It won't cost them their lives. They got a free meal for following us here. Surely it's not too much to ask them to work a little harder, right?"

"That's true. They wouldn't even have found this location without our help."

As Li Wuyuan grinned happily, he looked over to the other districts and muttered to himself, "It seems like I can send a few more over to the other three lineages too. If not, the Dragon's Fang Lineage may really die, and that'd be too much for us."


As the forest was bustling with commotion, the Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Zhao and the Devil Fire Hall watched on from the outside of the mountain.

Tian Miao, the leader of the Devil Fire Hall, smiled lightly as he turned towards the group from the Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Zhao and said, "I guess it's about time."

Hearing this, Zhao Yan rubbed his hands together and smiled.

"Let's begin our feast, then. This time, I will let the Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Li gorge themselves in their greed until they die."

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