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Chapter 2112 - 2112: Breakthrough, Late Arcana Stage

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Inside the Mountain River Diagram, Chu Yunfan heard what Fearless Blood had said. He was not surprised that Fearless Blood could guess why Chu Yunfan had disappeared.

These top-notch prodigies had knowledge that ordinary people could not compare to. Although there were very few spatial equipment that could store living things, they did exist. Of course, there was probably nothing that could compare to the power of the Mountain River Diagram.

But even if Fearless Blood knew of it, so what? Chu Yunfan didn’t care.

Knowing was one thing, but being able to do anything to him was another.

Chu Yunfan wasn’t in a hurry. After all, Fearless Blood couldn’t do anything to him in the Mountain River Diagram. However, he knew that Fearless Blood was definitely waiting at the side. He never looked down on these prodigies who cultivated the path. Waiting was just a piece of cake. If necessary, they could wait for ten or twenty years without moving, just for that fleeting opportunity to someone.

This was the most terrifying part about these They could only be thieves for a thousand days, and there was no such thing as guarding against thieves for a thousand days. Once they offended these people, they had to be prepared to guard against thieves for a thousand days. It could be said to be extremely difficult to deal with.

However, that was only for others. Chu Yunfan had never been afraid. And now, he had just robbed the savings of two alliances. It was time for him to cultivate.

Using the resources and wealth of his enemies to water his own body, just thinking about it made him feel refreshed. Thinking of this, Chu Yunfan didn’t hesitate and reconnected to the G.o.dhead in his mind. Countless soirit energv began to flow into the G.o.dhead.

Suddenly, Chu Yunfan entered a mysterious state of enlightenment again as if he was immersed in a journey. Fortunately, Chu Yunfan was prepared. An ordinary person might not encounter an epiphany in their lifetime, but Chu Yunfan, who had a G.o.dhead, had an epiphany as simple as a meal.

Even more spirit energy poured into the herb mountain. The Brahma Tree grew faster, and time sped up crazily. A Brahma Fruit matured and flew directly into Chu Yunfan’s hand. Just this step alone had already consumed millions of high-grade spirit stones.

It was completely used to speed up the flow of time in the mountain. It only sped up the area where the Brahma Tree was located. If one wanted to speed up the growth of the medicinal herbs in the entire mountain, the amount of spirit energy needed would be astronomical.

Even so, this was still a shocking thing. This could lay the foundation of a supreme inheritance. As long as there was spirit energy, it could continuously produce enough medicinal herbs. In a very short time, it was enough to bring up a powerful inheritance.

After Chu Yunfan swallowed the Brahma Fruit, the divine power in his body, which was already bursting, surged even more, forming a monstrous tide. It even washed through the barriers of his meridians, like waves was.h.i.+ng against the sh.o.r.e, with a sonorous sound.

At the same time, Chu Yunfan’s power soared at an astonis.h.i.+ng speed along with his comprehension, breaking through to a higher level bit by bit. He had just broken through. It was really dangerous to break through again so soon.

However, his comprehension was much firmer than everyone had imagined.

Breaking through so soon could not shake his Dao foundation in the slightest. With both methods, Chu Yunfan’s strength broke through at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Time pa.s.sed in cultivation, and no one knew how much time had pa.s.sed. When Chu Yunfan finally came to an end from his state of enlightenment, two golden lights shot out from his eyes and shot into the sky.

“l broke through again!” Chu Yunfan could feel that the divine power in his body had increased several times from its original foundation.

He had broken through to the late Minor Arcana Stage!

His battle prowess had soared to the late Middle Arcana Stage, and he could do whatever he wanted now. At this rate of cultivation, it wouldn’t be long before he reached the lesser celestial full cultivation state. By then, he would be able to break through to the Middle Arcana Stage with ease. By then, he might even be able to compete with Jun Tianci in battle prowess.

Chu Yunfan didn’t have any more information about Jun Tianci, so he didn’t know exactly what level Jun Tianci had reached. However, he was certain that he had at least stepped into the Major Arcana Stage.

Therefore, if Chu Yunfan wanted to fight against him, he would have to cultivate to the Middle Arcana Stage at the very least. At that time, even if Jun Tianci came personally, he would be confident that he could protect himself.

Although Jun Tianci had improved very quickly over the past few years, from the Middle Arcana Stage to the Major Arcana Stage, Chu Yunfan’s improvement was faster. The gap between the two of them was shrinking at an astonis.h.i.+ng rate.

“Just a little more. Jun Tianci, your head will stay on your neck for now!” Chu Yunfan said coldly. “It’s time to go out!”

Chu Yunfan’s thoughts flashed, and he appeared outside the Mountain River Diagram. It was also in the Blood-Clothes Tower base. At this moment, it had been half a year since he had ransacked the Blood-Clothes Tower base. His breakthrough this time had taken him such a long time.

However, the Blood-Clothes Tower had no intention of restoring this base. After all, it had been discovered by Chu Yunfan and looted once, so it was no longer safe. The Blood-Clothes Tower was different from other alliance bases, after all. They had too many enemies. There were countless forces in the world that wanted to destroy the Blood-Clothes Tower. Even those who had given them missions hoped to uproot this force. After all, such a force was a threat to everyone. Other than choosing to maintain their dignity through endless slaughter, they would constantly find a safe place to hide, like bugs in the shadows.

“You’re finally out. Time for you to die!”

In the next moment, Chu Yunfan heard an excited voice. A blood-red light came even faster than the sound, aiming to chop down on Chu Yunfan’s head.

Chu Yunfan didn’t even look at it. He waved his hand, and the blood-red light was instantly shattered. He saw that the person behind the sharp light was none other than Fearless Blood.

“It really is you. You haven’t left yet!” Chu Yunfan looked at Fearless Blood coldly.

On the other hand, Fearless Blood seemed to be still immersed in the fact that Chu Yunfan could easily block his attack.

“I won’t be at ease until I kill you!” Fearless Blood’s eyes turned blood-red as if there was a sea of blood in them that was about to boil.

In the next moment, Fearless Blood disappeared, completely merging with the air. Just as he was about to sneak up on Chu Yunfan, a big hand suddenly grabbed him..

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