Damn it! You Call This Beast Taming? Chapter 576 - 576 Don't Even Think About It!

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Chapter 576 - 576 Don't Even Think About It!

576 Don’t Even Think About It!

Although the Dark-sky Azure Dragon didn’t know what was wrong with the grand elder of the Austen family, since the other party had taken the initiative to ask, he used his dragon roars to tell the other party everything about “Gale intended to s.n.a.t.c.h the inheritance left by his parents” and “the fourth elder seems to have a special deal with Gale”.

Geer knew that if it wasn’t for that mysterious person, even if he could hide from Gale and the others, he wouldn’t be able to protect this courtyard from the fourth elder.

If he couldn’t protect this courtyard that bore the many memories of himself and his parents, then he would really be homeless in the future.

Chu Feng pressed his fingers as he sensed what the beast was thinking, “How about this, if we’re going to leave this world in the future, I’ll help you take this small courtyard away too.”


Hearing this, Geer couldn’t suppress his joy.

Although his current understanding of Beastmasters was limited to the mysterious person’s words, he felt a strange sense of security when he heard that voice.

He believed that this G.o.d-level Beastmaster was countless times stronger than the systems and cheats he had read about in novels. He believed that what the other party said would come true!

The impa.s.sioned emotions in his heart were turbulent, so he paid less attention to the outside world.

After hearing Geer’s honest account, Gale and the fourth elder’s eyes flashed with a trace of vicious killing intent. However, because there were more than 50 dragons in the courtyard now, they could only suppress it. They were thinking that after the others left, they would definitely make this orphan dragon pay the price!

The wailing roars of the young dragons gradually died down, and all the dragons present looked at each other.

Almost all the dragons lowered their heads and remained silent.

What could they say about all this? Geer’s parents had just died in battle to protect the dragon race, and now they were trying to drive him out and take his territory…

It could only be said that the dragons’ actions were quite immoral. Although there were dozens of elders present, their gazes were still focused on the grand elder and the fourth elder.

The grand elder’s face was filled with anger as he glared at the fourth elder. A moment later, the silent atmosphere in the courtyard was finally broken. The one who made the final decision was the grand elder, the most powerful elder in the whole family.

First, he said with intimidation in his eyes, “This yard belongs to Geer. Other dragons can’t even dream about it!”

Then, he coldly glanced at Gale and the fourth elder, “You two, go to the law enforcement hall to receive your punishment!”

Immediately after, his expression softened and he spoke to Geer with a pleasant expression, “Quickly pack up and follow me to the forbidden land.”

As soon as he finished speaking, many were shocked and confused. However, since it was the grand elder who had spoken, no dragon dared to oppose him.

Before the Dark-sky Azure Dragon could ask why, he heard another dragon shouting angrily, “How can he?”

The dragons were stunned when they heard this. They turned around and saw a dragon’s face twisted in anger. It was obvious that the dragon was so furious that it could not even maintain its human form.

Gale crawled up from the ground with great difficulty. At this moment, it was a dragon covered in blood. He held on to his last breath and walked out, but while enjoying the attention, he staggered and fell again.

If it wasn’t for the strange atmosphere, some of the dragons would have burst out laughing at how Gale fell face down. Of course, they managed to hold back their laughter, but their expressions were still a little twisted. Thus, the dragons looked at Gale strangely.

They were quite puzzled. Strange, when did this dragon become so unlucky? If they didn’t remember wrongly, wasn’t he one of the most outstanding dragons among the younger generation?

At the same time, two bursts of laughter sounded. The dragons’ expressions became even more twisted, but they couldn’t figure out where the laughs came from.

In fact, the Dark-sky Azure Dragon had burst out laughing while Chu Feng, currently invisible, had chuckled while watching the show.

An embarra.s.sed expression appeared on the grand elder’s face. When he couldn’t find who had laughed, his expression became even more unsightly. He immediately channeled his anger on Gale, who had dared to humiliate him on the spot, and said angrily, “Since you’re dissatisfied, your punishment will be doubled!”

As soon as he said that, Gale, who had just gotten up, slipped and completely fainted.

He had already been tortured by his treacherous luck that had been tweaked, but he still had hope in his heart, hoping that he could seize this fortuitous territory and embark on the path of becoming a celestial.

But now, just as he was about to get the territory, so many misfortunes had happened in succession. On the contrary, Geer being able to enter the forbidden land was a sign of his limitless potential!

He couldn’t accept that Geer was stronger than him! What right did the latter have?

Chu Feng, who was watching from the side, saw that the arrogant bully was now so anxious that he slipped and simply fainted. He retracted his gaze as if he was looking at an ant that was about to be exterminated. His emotions were indifferent.

The fourth elder knew that he was in the wrong, so he reluctantly endured his anger. Then, thinking of the bribe he had accepted before, he hesitantly said, “Grand elder, let’s put aside the punishment for now… Let’s just talk about the fact that Gale, whose body and soul are injured, was indeed injured in this courtyard. As the master of this courtyard, shouldn’t Geer be responsible? Otherwise, when Gale’s father returns, I’m afraid he won’t be able to accept that his son has become a good-for-nothing.”

Then, he added after a pause, “When the time comes, I’m afraid this matter won’t be easy to settle.”

The fourth elder had, after all, been colleagues with the grand elder for many years. He knew that the grand elder’s cunning nature was no less than his own, so he laid out the disadvantages at this moment.

After all, Geer’s parents had already died in battle. If Gale’s father, who was also a pillar of combat strength, made noise, it would be difficult to handle.

Upon hearing this, many elders in the courtyard looked at each other, each with their own plans.

The grand elder at the front of the dozens of dragons had originally come because he had received a special order to take Geer away. Who knew that he would encounter such a mess after coming here? His impatience had already reached its peak.

However, he still had to appease the other dragons.

He gave a look to the dragon beside him, and the latter immediately stepped forward and dragged Gale away without a word. Then, another two dragons stepped forward and took the fourth elder away.

After that, the grand elder did not spell out how he would deal with the two dragons that had been taken away. Geer subconsciously thought that Gale and the fourth elder would be punished, so he felt better and even thought that he had gotten revenge.

Chu Feng narrowed his eyes, thinking that the grand elder was really an old fox.

After the matter seemed to have been resolved, the dragons in the courtyard who had nothing to do with the matter left without saying anything.

Geer packed up his things and was about to step out of the inner courtyard when he suddenly retracted his foot. He raised his head and asked a question in a childish voice, “Roar, roar… Roar?”

Why were they going to the forbidden land?

The question was very simple, but the dragon elder, who should have answered calmly, froze. An unnatural look flashed in his eyes. His mouth moved, but he was at a loss for words.

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