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Chapter 883 - 883 It Was Director Wen

883 It Was Director Wen

Qin Man gazed at her daughter, her expression practically falling. It was as if she was staring at one of the most useless girls in the world. Her jaw was clenched as if she was at a loss for words.

Yao Ran blinked back her tears.

Seeing this, everyone felt as if something was wrong, but they were sensible enough not to ask about her score.

She just couldn’t understand how her daughter, who always scored well consistently, would get zero points in her latest compet.i.tion. She blinked back in surprise.


She also couldn’t understand how a country b.u.mpkin like Yao Tang would get a perfect score.

Yang Ming, who had been watching from the side this entire time, noticed the change in their expressions.

“It’s only a small compet.i.tion. Once you graduate, these rankings will be useless,” he comforted, waving his hand up in the air. “There’s really no need to take these things to heart.”

However, when the surrounding guests heard his comments, they all pursed their lips.

They were the ones who had first shown off her partic.i.p.ation in the Math Olympiad. They just didn’t expect that Yao Ran’s score would be lower than her cousin’s.

It was quite ironic.

Yang Ming turned to the other man.

There were rumors that Yao Yan still didn’t have a job, so he obviously wouldn’t be able to compare to him, a prideful member of the Yang Family.

“I heard that you have yet to find a job,” he said. There was spite laced in his tone. “Since we’ve already come to know each other in this banquet, why don’t I hire you? Only of course, if you take back what you’ve just said about Yao Ran.”

He picked up a gla.s.s from the tray and waited for the other man to express his grat.i.tude.

Offering a job was nothing.

But it must be a very difficult thing for Yao Yan to even accept the job offer. He must be that stupid for no company to want to hire him. The corners of his lips twitched.

The guests also had nothing good to say about this.

While it was rare for someone to work under the Yang Family, it was still useless for them to work under someone else’s company and not their own. In their eyes, that man had absolutely nothing to be proud over.

Yao Rong was about to say that the old man had gone too far when a suited man raced down the hallway.

“Director Yao! You still have a doc.u.ment on your desk. Please sign it!”

The man waved a contract up in the air.

Yao Yuan, who was standing nearby, frowned. “Haven’t I already told you? It’s my mother’s birthday, so we can postpone the work until I have returned.”

He didn’t expect that his staff would chase him all the way here.

However, when he took a closer look at the doc.u.ment, he blinked in surprise.

Wasn’t this from CEO Wen of the Wen Group?

They have always wanted to cooperate with the Wen Family in a joint operation. They were one of the leading businesses in City A, after all. However, with that fame came a very tight schedule.

Yao Yuan had spent months trying to meet him.

But it was to no avail.

Before he could say anything else, CEO Wen stepped into the hall. His familiar face was immediately recognized by everyone present. They all couldn’t believe it! He really was Wen Xing.

However, today, the cold CEO was neither stiff nor intimidating. Instead, he appeared anxious as he gazed at the crowd.

“I can’t believe it!”

“Oh my G.o.d, CEO Wen is here!”

“Could it be that the Wen Group wants to partner with the Yao Family?”

“I’ve never heard of the Wen Group wanting to cooperate with anyone. And now, he’s taking the initiative to meet with them?”

“It would be great if he’d partner with my company.”

They all whispered to one another.

“Director Wen,” one of them called out. “Are you looking for someone? While you’re here, why don’t you take a moment to look into our business plan? Our family business has been appointed as one of the top-ranking corporations in City A.”

“Or how about partnering with us?”

“We have a great business deal for you.”

In a short time, the man was immediately surrounded.

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The Bigshot Shocks The World When She Backs Home Chapter 883 - 883 It Was Director Wen summary

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