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Chapter 1426 - 1426: Die First

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Xue Fanxin only swayed casually and studied the patterns on the stone pillars. Who knew that she would into Yue Changhong like this?

The underground palace was so big, and there were quite a few people trapped here. Why had she b.u.mped into this Yue Changhong repeatedly?

At this moment, there was a middle-aged man beside Yue Changhong. The middle-aged man had an extremely ferocious expression. When he heard Yue Changhong’s words, he looked at Xue Fanxin and asked fiercely, “Miss, is this s.l.u.t bullying you?”

“Uncle Qiu, it’s this s.l.u.t. She’s called Xue Fanxin or something. She’s especially arrogant. She doesn’t even take the people from the Nine Nether Holy Land seriously, let alone me. Help me teach her a lesson. It’s best to kill her.” Yue Changhong’s killing intent towards Xue Fanxin was clearly written on her face.

Anyone could see clearly how intense her killing intent towards Xue Fanxin


Xue Fanxin looked at Yue Changhong and really hated her more and more. She looked at the so-called Uncle Qiu and hated him even more, so she warned them coldly, “I advise you not to provoke me, or I’ll make you all die here.”

“Little girl, you’re quite arrogant. You actually dare to threaten me like this. Do you know what happened to the last person who threatened me?” The man surnamed Qiu also revealed his killing intent towards Xue Fanxin, just like Yue Changhong.

“Then do you know what happened to the last person who provoked me?” Xue Fanxin retorted fearlessly.

“You really don’t know the immensity of heaven and earth. Today, I’ll let you know what the consequences of offending me are.”

“Then I’ll let you know what the consequences of offending me are.”

“Courting death.”

“Then go die first.” Xue Fanxin really could not be bothered to waste her breath on these completely unreasonable people, nor could she be bothered to play with them. She used a transmission technique and instantly arrived in front of the man surnamed Qiu, then slit his neck with the dagger in her hand.

The man surnamed Qiu originally wanted to use some fancy moves to teach Xue Fanxin a lesson before killing her. Unexpectedly, he was killed by the other party before he even had a chance to attack.

How was this possible?

He had a Saint Realm cultivation level. How could he not even have a chance to resist in front of a little girl?

Yue Changhong was originally waiting to see Xue Fanxin’s tragic outcome, but unexpectedly, she saw that her Uncle Qiu had been killed in one move. This outcome frightened her quite badly.

“Uncle Qiu…

Uncle Qiu was in the Saint Realm. Normal people could not kill him easily.

But now, Uncle Qiu had been killed. To be precise, he had been instantly killed.

How powerful was this Xue Fanxin?

At this moment, Yue Changhong was finally a little afraid. She suddenly thought of the purple-clothed man who had been with Xue Fanxin previously. That man was terrifyingly powerful.

She had thought that Xue Fanxin would not be too strong, but unexpectedly…

“If people don’t offend me, I won’t offend them. If people offend me, I’ll definitely kill them. Yue Changhong, do you believe that I can kill you with just a move of my finger now?” Xue Fanxin played with the dagger in her hand and said with a cold and evil smile. Just as she finished speaking, before Yue Changhong could react, she attacked again and cut off one of her arms.

“Ah…” Yue Changhong actually had no ability to resist at all. She only realized when her arm was cut off, followed by a painful cry.

“My arm, my arm…

“If you dare to provoke me again, it won’t be as simple as having your arm cut off. You’ll lose your life, so you’re on your own.” Xue Fanxin only cut off Yue Changhong’s arm and did not kill her. After saying a warning, she turned around and left, continuing to do her own thing..

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