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Chapter 798 - 798 Villa Battle (5)

798 Villa Battle (5)

Seeing that their brothers were constantly falling, Xu and Yang were anxious. They could no longer sit calmly in the car. They quickly got out of the car and took out a gun to shoot Xue Fanxin fiercely, wanting to kill her.

However, the strange thing was that no matter how they tried, they could not hit her. The little girl in front of them, who was only fifteen or sixteen years old, was extraordinarily skilled. She could actually easily dodge dozens of bullets shot at the same time without any cover.

No matter how fast the bullets were, Xue Fanxin could see them clearly. If she really could not dodge, she would use the dagger in her hand to cut the flying bullets in half. If that really did not work, she would use the time rule.

However, she did not have to use the time rule to deal with these small fry. She could easily deal with them with a few lightness skills.


“How strange. How can I miss in such a situation?” Yang shot Xue Fanxin five or six times in a row but failed to hit the target. He had a bad feeling.

Xu was the same.

However, when they sensed that the situation was wrong, they realized that their brothers had almost all collapsed. Those who had not collapsed were so frightened that they could not even hold their guns steadily and were trembling violently.

Just now, everyone was only concerned about shooting Xue Fanxin. Apart from Guan Miaoyan, no one cared about Guan Xiaoyan.

Guan Miaoyan’s marksmans.h.i.+p was very bad. She shot many times but failed to hit Guan Xiaoyan. She realized that the gun in her hand was out of bullets again, so she shouted to Xu and Yang, “Quickly come and reload me.”

Guan Xiaoyan hid behind the car and dodged Guan Miaoyan’s shots. When he heard Guan Miaoyan’s words, he realized that her gun was out of bullets. Then, he looked at her surroundings and realized that those people had basically collapsed. Those who had not collapsed had also lost their combat strength.

In other words, it would not be dangerous for him to run out at this time.

Guan Xiaoyan was prepared and found the right moment. When everyone’s attention was on Xue Fanxin, he suddenly ran out and ran to Guan Miaoyan as quickly as possible, kicking her ruthlessly.

Guan Miaoyan was busy asking Xu and Yang for bullets and did not notice Guan Xiaoyan’s movements. By the time she reacted, Guan Xiaoyan had already appeared in front of her and kicked her down.

“Who told you to try to kill me, Who told you to try to kill me, Who told you to try to kill…” Guan Xiaoyan was still not appeased after kicking Guan Miaoyan down. He kicked her a few more times.

“Ah…” Guan Miaoyan screamed in pain repeatedly. She tried her best to look at Xu and Yang in front of her and endured the intense pain in her body as she shouted, “Quickly save me.”

Xu and Yang did not dare to move now. As long as they moved, they would be shot.

At this moment, Xue Fanxin was pointing her gun at Xu and Yang and sneered. “Call the person upstairs down. If he doesn’t come down, you can only report to the King of h.e.l.l.”

Hearing Xue Fanxin’s words, Guan Miaoyan realized that something was wrong.

She had only been focused on shooting Guan Xiaoyan and had not noticed the situation here. Now that she saw it, she was extremely shocked, and her eyes were filled with disbelief.

“How… how is this possible?”

A fifteen-year-old girl could actually survive dozens of guns… Was she dreaming?

She must be dreaming.

Guan Xiaoyan did not kick Guan Miaoyan anymore. Instead, he walked towards Xue Fanxin and shouted excitedly, “Madam, you’re really amazing.”

Madam… This form of address puzzled everyone.

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The Physicist Wife Who Overturned The World Chapter 798 - 798 Villa Battle (5) summary

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