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Chapter 813 - 813 Not Human

813 Not Human

Xue Fanxin really wanted to ruthlessly attack and provoke Guan Miaoyan again, but unfortunately, she did not have time.

Ye Jiushang had also finished his work and opened some meridians for Guan Xiaoyan.

Forcefully opening up his meridians was an incomparably painful task, but Guan Xiaoyan relied on his strong willpower to bear it. No matter how painful it was, he did not cry out. Although his entire body was covered in cold sweat, he was very happy.

“Master, thank you. I definitely won’t disappoint you.”


“Although I am your Master, cultivation depends on yourself. Work hard.” Ye Jiushang did not say anything else. He gently patted Guan Xiaoyan’s shoulder, then turned around and walked towards the Red Dust Emperor.

Xue Fanxin also came over and patted Guan Xiaoyan’s shoulder. “Rascal, I hope that the next time we meet, you won’t live so miserably. If you don’t even have the ability to protect yourself, I’ll get your master to expel you from the sect.”

“Don’t worry, Mistress. I’ll definitely make a name for myself the next time we meet. I definitely won’t embarra.s.s Master and Mistress.” Guan Xiaoyan knew that it was time for Master and Mistress to leave. The more he thought about it, the more unwilling he became. At this moment, he was very sad.

“A man will shed blood but not tears, do you understand? I’ll be going. As for Guan Miaoyan, I’ll leave her for you to deal with. I’ve already destroyed her nervous system. In two hours, she’ll be mentally deranged and won’t remember everything she saw just now. There’s also the Eagle Sect and the ancient martial arts families. I’ll leave them for you to deal with.”

“Yes, Mistress. I’ll definitely deal with these people and things properly.”

“Remember to settle the bill for that small supermarket in the Azure Ox Villa, hehe!” Xue Fanxin smiled evilly. Then, she turned around and walked towards Ye Jiushang and the Red Dust Emperor.

When Xue Fanxin walked over, the Red Dust Emperor casually waved at the vortex in the sky. Then, the three of them flew towards the vortex and quickly disappeared.

When Xue Fanxin and the others entered the vortex, it immediately disappeared. The sky returned to its original calm, and the power of the time law was removed.

The moment the power of the time law disappeared, Father Guan, He Huahao, and the others regained their freedom, but they felt that something was wrong. However, no matter how wrong it was, their memories only stopped at Xue Fanxin stopping Father Guan’s hand. Then, next…

What was next?

Guan Xiaoyan seemed to have stepped forward to stop him.

But why was Guan Xiaoyan standing not far away and staring at the sky in a daze?

Father Guan’s mind was a little short. After being stunned for a moment, he returned to his senses and yelled at Guan Xiaoyan, who was looking at the sky in a daze, “Guan Xiaoyan, where’s your Mistress? She actually dares to attack me. I must teach her a lesson today.”

Guan Xiaoyan was still in the pain of parting. When he heard Father Guan’s angry voice, his brows furrowed slightly. Hence, he retracted his gaze and looked at his father. He said coldly, “Father, from tomorrow onwards, I will take over the Guan family completely. You can stay at home and enjoy life. As for Guan Miaoyan, she will no longer be the Young Miss of the Guan family. Later, I will expose her actions to the media. At that time, everyone will agree with my decision. He Huahao, if you lack money, find a time to talk to me.”

“Rascal, what are you talking about?” Father Guan panicked and raised his hand to slap Guan Xiaoyan again.

Guan Xiaoyan cleverly dodged the slap and sneered. “I won’t let you hit me again.”


Father Guan was so angry that his heart ached. He wanted to scold Guan Xiaoyan, but Guan Miaoyan suddenly hugged his thigh and kept talking nonsense.

“Father, it’s Xue Fanxin. Xue Fanxin has returned to take revenge on me. Xue Fanxin’s master has come from the sky. There’s a huge vortex in the sky. They’re not human… No, no, no, they’re not from this world. They… they’ve all flown into the sky.

“They’re not human. They’re not ordinary people. They are able to fly into the sky.”

Hearing Guan Miaoyan’s nonsense, everyone thought that she had gone crazy.

In fact, the current Guan Miaoyan did look like a lunatic.

After so much had happened today and Guan Miaoyan had been driven out of the Guan family, it was normal for her to go crazy.

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