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Chapter 799-END - 799 Epilogue: A Lifetime of Peace

799 Epilogue: A Lifetime of Peace

Zhong Na found out the news of Jiang Yu waking up from Weibo.

Her phone prompted her to pay special attention to Weibo. She a.s.sumed that Jiang Xingyi had taken the initiative to resume business. When she entered the app, she realized that it was an update from an account she followed.

‘Huh?’ Zhong Na wonderedm, ‘This account… How was it being updated? Could it have been hacked?’

Zhong Na clicked into the post with a dumbfounded expression on her face. She was even more dumbfounded when she saw the two words in front of her eyes.


[Going home.]

These words were accompanied by the back view of a young girl.

She recognized this back view at a glance.

Zhong Na almost dropped her phone.

It… It… It was Jiang Yu!

Jiang Yu had woken up?

Zhong Na was confused for a few seconds before she called Jiang Xingyi in a fit of fury.

This brat!

He hadn’t told her that Jiang Yu had woken up!

As soon as the call was engaged, and before Zhong Na could say anything, Jiang Xingyi’s voice came through. “Sister Na.”

It had been a long time since she heard him speak so casually. Just from the way he addressed her, she could feel the happiness of the man on the other end of the phone.

Zhong Na’s expression softened. Just as she was about to speak, the man continued, “My little sister has woken up. If there’s any work, please help me turn it down. I want to stay at home to accompany her for a while. Thank you, Sister Na.”

Then, he swiftly hung up the phone.

Zhong Na was speechless as she stared at her phone. After a few seconds, she shook her head in amus.e.m.e.nt and exasperation. It was as if she could imagine the happiness in the man’s eyes.

‘Forget it, he has waited for so long. I’ll let him go this once.’

Zhong Na was not the only one who was notified about this Weibo post. There were also a large number of netizens.

[Am I seeing things? This account has actually been updated? Oh my G.o.d, oh my G.o.d! Little Sister is awake!]

[Brother’s happiness has returned. My happiness has also returned!]

[Little sister, Little Sister! It’s lively Little Sister! Ahhhh, I’m like squealing!]

[What’s with the back view? I want to see the 180 of Little Sister. Quick! Send a picture of Little Sister’s face and dazzle me!]

The Internet was in an uproar. Soon, the hashtag #JiangXingyisSister was trending.

Jiang Xingyi’s fans expressed that they had not seen this hashtag for a long time. They were willing to wait all day and all night!

Of course, Jiang Xingyi did not care about the bustle on the Internet.

He heard the phone ring. At first, he did not care. Later, he secretly went to look at his account. Then, Jiang Zeyu, who caught him looking at the trending hashtag, said in a disgruntled tone, “Hmph, show off.”

Jiang Xingyi’s eyes rolled from all the posts that popped up on his feed. When he came back to his senses, he hooked his arm around Jiang Zeyu’s neck and said, “Yo, Fourth Brother, are you peeking at my Weibo again?”

Jiang Zeyu snorted again and refused to admit it. “Don’t flatter yourself. Who would go to your Weibo? I’m not that bored.”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. Why won’t you just admit the truth?” Jiang Xingyi wanted to continue teasing Jiang Zeyu, but when he saw Jiang Jingnian step out, he immediately restrained the smile on his face and went up to Jiang Jingnian.

He asked, “How did it go? Is everything normal?”

“Yes.” Jiang Jingnian nodded. “Everything is normal.”

Only then did Jiang Xingyi relax.

After Jiang Yu woke up and rested in the hospital for two days, she was discharged. The results showed that everything was normal. Although n.o.body knew why she had suddenly woken up, as long as she was healthy, everything would be fine.

However, once bitten twice shy. They were still afraid that something unknown would happen. Therefore, even though she was discharged from the hospital, they still checked Jiang Yu’s health every day for the following week after she returned home.

Fortunately, there was nothing unusual and they felt slightly relieved.

The door suddenly opened and Jiang Yu walked out.

Jiang Xingyi immediately went up to her. “Little Sister, are you hungry? Do you want to eat something?”

Jiang Yu pointed at the food in the room. “There’s no need. Second Brother just brought me some food.”

‘This bootlicker!’ flashed through Jiang Xingyi’s mind.

Jiang Zeyu continued, “Little Sister, you must be suffocated from staying home all the time. My prize money is coming in today. Do you want anything? I’ll buy it for you.”

Jiang Xingyi chided, “What can you buy with that little prize money of yours?”

Jiang Zeyu had performed in tip-top condition as per usual in the car race a few days ago and had unquestionably won first place that should have belonged to him.

At that moment, the trophy was placed at home. Jiang Chenglang had specially cleared out a s.p.a.ce to place the trophies and other honors that the siblings had acc.u.mulated. Next to Jiang Zeyu’s trophy was Jiang Xingyi’s music trophy.

At that time, Jiang Zeyu was a little proud and a little shy. He asked Jiang Chenglang if it was too much trouble. He only had one trophy, so there was no need to make a trophy wall.

When Jiang Chenglang heard this, he looked at Jiang Zeyu strangely as if he didn’t understand why he would say something stupid.

“Who said it was prepared for you?”

Jiang Chenglang pointed at the middle, “Xiao Yu is about to enter university, and the honors she will receive will be countless. I was careless in the past and didn’t make proper arrangements. Fortunately, it’s not too late to start now. If there’s not enough s.p.a.ce, I’ll make more.”

Jiang Zeyu fell silent.

He thought that Jiang Chenglang’s words were…so reasonable!

To have a place side-by-side with his sister’s achievements, he had to work harder!

Back to the present, after Jiang Zeyu was struck by Jiang Xingyi’s snarky comment, he glared at Jiang Xingyi unhappily. “I earned that money! It’s better than someone who doesn’t go out to work and stays at home every day to rot!”

Jiang Xingyi retorted, “I worked very hard in the past. I’m finally getting my life back. I need to spend more time with my family!”

Jiang Zeyu said, “That’s not necessary. The family doesn’t need your company.”

Jiang Yu suddenly thought of something and called out, “Third Brother.”

Jiang Xingyi’s eyes lit up. “Yes, Little Sister? Do you want to go shopping with me?”

Jiang Yu remembered the news she had read online two days ago and reminded him, “Remember to pay your taxes.”

Jiang Xingyi was speechless and Jiang Zeyu burst out laughing.

Jiang Xingyi was silent for a moment before saying, “I’m a compliant citizen…”

“That’s good.” Jiang Yu nodded and paused before adding, “I’m going out for a while.”

Jiang Zeyu narrowed his eyes suspiciously. “You’re not going to see that wolf, are you?”

Jiang Yu nodded calmly. “Yes, I’m going on a date.”

Jiang Zeyu’s hair instantly stood on end.


His beautiful, kind, and pet.i.te sister was going on a date?!

And it was with that wolf?!

Jiang Zeyu was just about to say that Jiang Yu was still young when he suddenly remembered that his sister was already an adult. It didn’t seem humane for him to say that, so he changed his tone. “Do you really know what kind of person he is?”

Jiang Yu nodded. “I do.”

Jiang Zeyu was stunned. ‘Umm… What do I say next?’

Jiang Xingyi’s brows furrowed slightly and then relaxed.

His sister was already an adult, and she would fall in love eventually. During the period when she was in a coma, he saw Feng Linbai’s behavior. So, if the other party was Feng Linbai, he could accept it.

Feng Linbai loved Jiang Yu as much as Jiang Xingyi loved her.

Among the three of them, Jiang Jingnian was the calmest.

And just like how Jiang Yu had advised Jiang Xingyi earlier, Jiang Jingnian casually bent down and said in a low voice, “Remember to use protection.”

Jiang Yu’s face turned bright red.

The corner of Jiang Xingyi’s mouth twitched.

Jiang Zeyu was incoherent. “That… That… That!”

That’s a little too fast!!!

Jiang Chenglang had just arrived when he heard what Jiang Jingnian said. He fell silent for a moment before saying disapprovingly, “Jingnian, don’t teach Xiao Yu bad things.”

Jiang Zeyu immediately agreed. “That’s right! What kind of vicious words were those? They’re too scary!”

Jiang Yu coughed to break the awkwardness. “All right, I’m heading out now. See you guys tonight!”

She quickly fled the scene.

When Jiang Yu got downstairs, she found that Feng Linbai was already waiting in the lobby.

She walked up to him and asked, “Why are you here so early?”

Feng Linbai replied, “I was afraid that you would run away.”

Jiang Yu rolled her eyes to show her respect for his words.

Feng Linbai’s lips curled into a smile. “All right, the truth is that I miss you every second that I don’t see you. So, I came to see you as early as I possibly could. Is that a satisfactory answer, my lady?”

Jiang Yu replied coldly, “You should put that on a card and sell them at a gas station, CEO Feng.”

Although it was a date, the two of them didn’t have any special plans for the day.

They naturally didn’t bring Ke Yanbin along. Feng Linbai drove and the two of them went to the small town that they knew.

The drive was about three hours. Jiang Yu slept for a bit before waking and looking through the news.

This was her latest hobby. She wanted to see what her brothers and Feng Linbai had done during the few months she was asleep.

As she had been in a coma for too long, the variety show that Jiang Xingyi and her had partic.i.p.ated in previously had signed contracts with the other artists. Naturally, they couldn’t delay everyone else for her sake. Jiang Xingyi and her withdrew from the recording, and everyone else continued recording as usual.

She discovered that there had been a problem between Liu Jiejing and Yu Zhengchu at that time. In the later episodes of the program, Liu Jiejing appeared to be even more irritable, crafty, and barbaric. Her bullying of Yu Zhengchu become even more severe, the Internet was filled with curses directed at Liu Jiejing. It completely eclipsed her reputation as an actress.

After acting this way for a long time, it was easy for her to get carried away. Finally, Yu Zhengchu flipped. The Internet found out that he was having affairs with a few female celebrities.

Pretending to be a good person, he got them to let down their guard and then started to belittle and insult them. He became a typical scam artist.

After having been under Liu Jiejing’s shadow for many years, his mentality had become twisted. He secretly gave Liu Jiejing some medicines which caused her mental state to become so out of control.

When Yu Zhengchu confessed everything, the netizens screamed and shouted that they no longer believed in love.

Jiang Yu read the news and scoffed. That was just one of many relations.h.i.+ps. One should decide their own relations.h.i.+ps. Why should she make judgments through other people’s experiences?

She continued to look through the news.

Suddenly, a message popped up on her phone. It was from Jiang Xingyi. [Little Sister, The Composers a.s.sociation is still looking for you. Do you want to reply to them?]


Upon waking up, she had returned to her previous lazy self.

It was troublesome to connect with others.

Jiang Xingyi’s reply came in.

[Even though I don’t know how to compose music without you around, it doesn’t matter. There no hurry to release the alb.u.m anyway. Have fun outside.]

Jiang Yu didn’t know what to say.

Playing hard to get. Good job, Third Brother. You’ve learned a good trick.

Following that, Jiang Jingnian too sent a message.

[Don’t forget to study for the grading exams that are half a month from now.]


[David will be here next week. He wants to meet you.]

Jiang Yu thought for a moment before replying.


She would be willing to meet her Second Brother’s friend.

Jiang Jingnian: [Remember what I said earlier…]

Jiang Yu: …

Will this ever end?! She didn’t reply.

Then, Jiang Chenglang sent a message as well.

[Don’t listen to your second brother’s nonsense.]

Then, he sent her a link to a news article with the headline, Girls Need to Protect Themselves When They’re Out.

Jiang Yu threw her phone aside and laid back.

She was so tired.

Jiang Yu took another short nap.

When she woke up, Feng Linbai was on the phone. After giving a few instructions, he hung up.

Jiang Yu vaguely heard the name “Lu Yuan.”

Though Jiang Yu looked indifferent, Feng Linbai did not plan to hide it from her. “It was the lawyer. Old Master Jian found out that Jian Hanshen had a hand in Lu Yuan’s arrest. He was angry and hired a lawyer for her. He even wanted to file a complaint.”

Jiang Yu gave not much of a reaction. “Just make the arrangements.”

She was no longer the simple and gullible little town girl she used to be. She replayed her memories from the beginning. It was impossible to say that Lu Yuan had not been involved in the things that she had experienced.

However, everything had happened too long ago, so it was not realistic for her to retrace her memories. Furthermore, she was the one who had been stupid back then.

Jiang Yu’s eyes darkened, and she heard Feng Linbai say casually, “Even if Old Master Jian gets her out, she’s already a cripple. Besides, it won’t be that easy.” Feng Linbai sneered. “Forget about me. Old Master Qin won’t agree to it either. He’s really overestimating himself.”

Jiang Yu also knew what Feng Linbai meant by a cripple. Lu Yuan could no longer speak or move. If she wasn’t a cripple, then what was she?

She wasn’t a saint and wasn’t about to go pitying Lu Yuan though.

Speaking of Old Master Qin, Jiang Yu suddenly thought of something interesting and laughed.

“What is it?”

Jiang Yu said, “Fangfei and Tianrui are a really good match.”

She hadn’t expected the two of them to become a pair of quarrelsome lovers.

Feng Linbai also smiled. “Tianrui is just like his father.”

Feng Linbai was implying something, and Jiang Yu understood what he meant.

Feng Le’an’s academic qualifications weren’t that great, but He Sihui was a research talent.

Feng Tianrui didn’t like to study, but Qin Fangfei was the top scorer in the college entrance examinations.

They were indeed a family and all had the same mindset.

After the Feng family scandal, they were no longer the same as before. The Fengs had no successor, and everyone wanted a slice of the pie. And not only did Zhao Ningzhen not help Feng Zhiyi, she even added insult to injury. Even Feng Qiongfang’s previously submissive husband bared his fangs.

The whole family was scattered and divided. The Fengs were no longer a part of the upper-cla.s.s circle, which was what Lu Yuan wanted. In the end, from a certain perspective, other than being physically fit, Feng Junhao was no better than her.

Feng Le’an’s family, who had previously severed their relations.h.i.+p with the Fengs, was living a leisurely life. With Feng Linbai’s support and Feng Tianrui’s s.h.i.+ning career in professional e-sports, they did not have to worry about money.. Their lives were perfect.

Everyone lamented that Feng Le’an was truly a blessed fool. Could it be because of He Sihui?

Feng Le’an: …Do you guys not know manners?

Jiang Yu and Feng Linbai finally arrive at the town.

After Feng Linbai parked, the two of them got out of the car and took a leisurely stroll. As they walked, Feng Linbai’s hand quietly moved to hold her hand.

Feng Linbai’s hand was wide, thick, and hot. As he clasped her hand, their fingers interlocked. Jiang Yu did not reject him, but her ears turned red.

She was still the same person as before, but also different. She was even more moved by him now.

As the two of them walked, they arrived at the residential area where Jiang Yu used to live. They did not enter. The residential area was not big. As they stood at the entrance of the residential area, they could see the house where Jiang Yu used to live.

Looking at the house from afar, Feng Linbai’s expression became even more gentle. “Back then, there was a little girl who held on to my leg and refused to let go. She kept calling me ‘Big Brother.’ But when she grew up, she became estranged. It made me so sad.”

That’s right. The soft-hearted and righteous G.o.d had also restored Feng Linbai’s memories from that lifetime.

Jiang Yu sighed, “Yes, back then, she was enamored by him.”

Feng Linbai touched his face. “What happened after that?”

He hadn’t become ugly, did he?

“After that…” Jiang Yu said slowly, “So what if he’s good-looking? He can’t be eaten.”

Feng Linbai was speechless.

When the two of them arrived at the small town, it was already close to evening. After strolling around for a while, the Sun started to set, dipping below the horizon.

They found a random restaurant and had dinner. It was already past eight. If they drove back, they would only arrive at the capital just before midnight.

Feng Linbai did not mind. On the other hand, Jiang Yu felt that it was too late to rush back. She had been rus.h.i.+ng around the whole day, so she suggested, “Why don’t we just take it easy tonight? We can sleep here for the night and go back tomorrow.”

Feng Linbai fell silent.

He wanted the little girl to be at ease, so he had not expected her to bring this up herself.

Jiang Yu asked, “What’s wrong? Is it not a good plan?”

Feng Linbai replied, “No, it’s very good.”

However, when they reached the hotel, there was only one room left.

Feng Linbai did not show it on the surface, but in his heart was hammering. However, he still asked in all seriousness, “Since there’s only one room left, why don’t we…”

Before he could say the words “go back,” Jiang Yu had already straightforwardly said, “Yeah, let’s just take it.”

Feng Linbai’s heart hammered even harder. However, his gentlemanly nature made him confirm it once again. “Are you sure, Yu’er?”

Jiang Yu asked in puzzlement, “Are you going to do something to me?”

Perhaps it was because her expression was too calm and her eyes were too clear that even the lady at the front desk looked at Feng Linbai with suspicion and… sympathy?

It was as if she was saying that this man wouldn’t have the guts to make a move.

Feng Linbai was speechless.

He took a deep breath and smiled as the people around him looked at him inquisitively. “Of course not.”

“Then that’s it then.”

Jiang Yu handed over her ident.i.ty card and said simply, “We’d like the room please.”

After Jiang Yu said “I won’t be coming back tonight” in her family’s WeChat group, no one replied to her for a full fifteen minutes.

Jiang Yu sat at the table, her hands supporting her head as she began to think. Were her brothers that busy at night? Didn’t they see her message?

Forget it, they would see it sooner or later.

Jiang Yu turned her attention to something else.

Because she had been unconscious until June and it was almost summer break for university, it was equivalent to another summer break for Jiang Yu. She would have to wait until September before she officially enrolled.

Although she enrolled a year later than the others, Jiang Yu did not plan to spend too much time there. She planned to spend two years to finish her university studies. That way, she would graduate a year earlier than the others.

He Sihui had previously mentioned her major to Jiang Yu. After thinking for a while, she decided to prepare for a double degree in medicine and artificial intelligence. It would help He Sihui’s research in the future and would in turn benefit more people.

After Jiang Yu proposed to take a double degree, Beijing University quickly agreed. If it was anyone else, they might not have, but she was a genius who had scored full marks in the five-subjects examination.

Forget a double degree. They would even agree if she wanted to take a third major.

He Sihui was naturally more than happy to hear this. She immediately sent Jiang Yu some information which allowed her to get in touch with the technological development of this world. Jiang Yu browsed through it and was quite interested.

Of course, she also had her own selfish motives. Chuangyu Technologies was developing well. Other than smartphones, it could also branch into the field of artificial intelligence in the future, and she would be one of the few to explore this path first.

And it wasn’t only Chuangyu Technologies. Xiang Yu Dojo was growing as well. It was said that they had decided to cooperate with Bei U and a few other universities.

There would be a martial arts compet.i.tion next year as a way to promote traditional Chinese culture. Right now, they were starting to drum up publicity. There were many people asking about it, and they had even invited a few martial arts masters. It was definitely going to be a grand event for the next school year.

Guan Xiangrong had warmly invited her to be a judge. Jiang Yu said, “No, I’m going to be a contestant.”

Guan Xiangrong was stunned. “What?”

Was it going to be a full-scale ma.s.sacre?

At that moment, Jiang Yu began to read the information she had carefully. She did not know that the brothers in the Jiang family villa were having an intense discussion.

Jiang Zeyu was jumping up and down like a monkey. He grabbed his phone and sat down on the sofa for a while before standing up again. It was as if his b.u.t.t was on fire. “Did you read the message? Little Sister says she isn’t coming back tonight!”

Jiang Jingnian calmly took a sip of his coffee. “Didn’t you already figure that out earlier?”

Jiang Zeyu clasped his head. “But I can’t imagine it really happening!”

Jiang Xingyi said uncertainly, “Feng Linbai won’t do anything, right?”

Jiang Zeyu roared, “Who can guarantee that?!”

Jiang Jingnian had stayed abroad for many years, so he calmly said, “We’re all adults after all…”

Jiang Chenglang mercilessly exposed him. “Stop putting up a front. You make it sound more like you’re at ease with it, but you’ve already drank two cups of coffee tonight. Don’t you need to sleep?”

Jiang Jingnian replied, “I’m sorry. I’m immune to coffee. Also, how are you any better? You’ve been staring at this pop-up advertis.e.m.e.nt for ten minutes now.”

The four brothers were in mess to the point that they did not know how to respond to Jiang Yu’s message.

Should they tell her to have a good time?

No, that’s impossible.

Should they say that she shouldn’t stay out and tell her to come back?

But that would make them sound like old capitalist brothers whose ideologies were feudal and backward.

Should they send more articles about how girls should protect themselves?

But that might have the opposite effect.

In the end, it was the wolf who took the initiative to call Jiang Chenglang.

Feng Linbai said, “Don’t worry, I won’t do anything. I’ll wait until after we’re married.”

Jiang Chenglang snorted coldly. “Heh, you’re actually thinking about marriage?”

Feng Linbai replied with a snort, “Heh, we’re practically already engaged.”

Then, Feng Linbai hung up the phone.

Jiang Chenglang’s face was like a block of ice. This fellow was here to claim sovereignty over him and flaunt his authority!

Even so, he still said to the other brothers, “He said that he won’t do anything. Go to bed.”

Feng Linbai didn’t make promises blindly and wouldn’t break his promises.

He didn’t plan on doing anything tonight. Firstly, Jiang Yu didn’t have any intention of doing so. Since she trusted him so much, he naturally wouldn’t let her down. Secondly, he hoped that on the day of the wedding, he would be able to give Jiang Yu a beautiful wedding night.

When Feng Linbai came out of the bathroom after was.h.i.+ng up, he realized that his little girl had already fallen asleep on the bed.

He chuckled. She was so trusting.

He tucked a pillow under her head. Feng Linbai covered her with the quilt and then crawled into bed. He then put his arms around her from behind.

She breathed lightly in his arms, and the moonlight outside the window illuminated the ground.

The room was silent and life was peaceful.

The Moon at the bottom of the sea was also the moon in the sky, and the person in front of him was his sweetheart.

In this life, he was finally holding his bright moon in his arms.

They would never be separated again.

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