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Chapter 977 977: An Intruder

?"What happened to Megawoman?"

"What's… with the sudden random question?"

A few days after Halfday's extremely brutal debut, the humans found time to at least breathe as the supervillain seemed to be taking a rest as he had not even given any signs of showing himself, not even a single one.

People waited for him to appear again; either to gloat or to just spread terror again, but nothing. It was almost as if he just suddenly decided to wreak havoc, and then just leave with a shrug.

And so, right now, Detective Dorothy allowed herself one day of rest away from all the changes and terrible things that have happened — and what better way to spend a day off than to just relax and eat the most scrumptious and delicious meal she could?

But before she could even take a single bite, the restaurant's owner suddenly joined her at her table. She had already noticed Riley's lack of personal boundaries with his staff, and now she was the target for it.

"Your food is free, if you entertain my questions, Miss Dorothy."

Of course, she didn't mind at all and even poured Riley a gla.s.s of wine.

"Megawoman… now that's a name I've been hearing quite a lot lately despite not hearing it for a very long time," Dorothy took a bit of her food before shaking her head, "I guess with that Halfday dude suddenly appearing, everyone could not help but just call for the original superhero."

"Hm," Riley nodded.

"What do you want to know about Megawoman?" Dorothy sipped her wine before wiping her lips and looking at Riley, "I heard from the Reserves that you and your friends were wandering the cosmos for an unknown number of years — just how much have you guys missed?"

"a.s.sume I know nothing, Miss Dorothy."

"Well…" Dorothy licked her teeth, "...You're already aware that the themarians served as the vanguard when the G.o.ds suddenly appeared and started wreaking havoc and chaos everywhere. And Megawoman was not only a themarian, she was a hero to the people of Earth and everyone else in the universe — her variants were the first to go. No one has seen a Megawoman for years…

…maybe like you, they're just out there in the cosmos searching for life? The universe, after all, is almost infinitely vast even without accounting for the multiverse."

"So, you do not know what happened to her, Miss Dorothy?"

"...No," Dorothy let out a long and deep sigh before she continued to enjoy her food, "But who knows, maybe with all this Halfday fiasco, variants of Megawoman would once again show themselves…

…I hope so. We… need her right now."

"Halfday…" Riley placed his hand on his chin, "...How many more deaths do you think need to happen before Megawoman and the other superheroes come back, Miss Dorothy?"

"s.h.i.+t, I don't know," Dorothy shook her head, "Superheroes, villains — the concept is almost exclusive to Earth. Most only just had their military, and there was the Guardian Force. Honestly…

…I was useless during the war. Like most, I was just… a helpless victim, a refugee."

"There is nothing wrong with that, Miss Dorothy," Riley shook his head as he recalled all the people in the Domain of the G.o.ds. They seemed meek and normal in the Domain, but out here, they were literal G.o.ds capable of extinguis.h.i.+ng planets with a single breath and erasing universes in a single day.

If anything, Riley was slightly surprised that there were actually still people left. Perhaps this outcome was only possible because of who won the war?

And amongst all the G.o.ds, one of the Higher G.o.ds would have surely won; that is, if they were part of the multiversal war in the first place. The Higher G.o.ds already had their own respective universes, there's a chance they didn't involve themselves at all.

But if so, then who won?

Riley did not know everyone in the Domain of the G.o.ds, but the people he knew were incredibly strong. It's possible it was one of them — or maybe not.

"...That's it? Why did you suddenly turn quiet?" Dorothy then turned to look at Riley while waving her fork, "You said there is nothing wrong with being a helpless victim… that's usually followed up by an inspirational reason as to why."

"There is no follow-up, Miss Dorothy," Riley shook his head, "What I meant is that you were an ant trapped in a war against bulls, metaphorically speaking."

"Wow, thanks. You do know you're still a suspect, right?" Dorothy rolled her eyes before pointing the fork at Riley, "You arrived on the planet, then after a month, Halfday appeared."

"The biological clock of everyone also started moving when I arrived on the planet, Miss Dorothy," Riley blinked, "Does that mean I might also be the one responsible for that?"

"...Tch," Dorothy smirked, "I don't f.u.c.king know anymore — the only thing I know is that you cook the best food within a thousand miles, Zero."

"Thank you, Miss Dorothy," Riley nodded. He was about to stand up and bid his farewell to Dorothy, but Dorothy raised her finger before he could even push his chair back.

"Since you asked me a question, I only figure it's right that I ask one back — I'm still a detective, after all."

"Then you need to pay for your food, Miss Dorothy."

"Never mind, then."

"...Very well." And before Dorothy could start eating again, Riley remained on his seat and placed both his hands on the table, "What is it you want to ask, Miss Dorothy?"

"Let's say, hypothetically, that you are not Halfday…" Dorothy then let out a small hum as she placed her fork down on her plate, "...Then if so, can I ask why you didn't try to stop him? The norinlads and the people at the Reserve said you're a Cla.s.s 7 Above ent.i.ty, Zero — I don't know how strong Halfday truly is, but I do know how strong you are at minimum."

"Because I am not a superhero, or a hero, Miss Dorothy," Riley shook his head, "I do not have the urge to rescue people or save them."

"Because we're ants," Dorothy sighed.

"No. It has absolutely nothing to do with what you are, but what I am," Riley glanced at Dorothy, "And what I am is not good, Miss Dorothy."

"Forget about good or bad," Dorothy shook her head, "What if he started wreaking havoc here, in front of your street?"

"Then I would watch him, Miss Dorothy."

"You don't even care that he will be killing potential customers?"

"I would get more," Riley shook his head, "And you are right about what you said a few days ago, Miss Dorothy — the people need to be reminded that they are living in the wrong world."

"...I didn't say anything like that," Dorothy squinted her eyes, "I said the humans need to be reminded that some of them were superheroes. But… what do you mean we're living in the wrong world? This… is the only world we have left."

"It's a utopia, Miss Dorothy," Riley let out a small hum as he stood up from his seat.

"A utopia?" Dorothy's eyebrows began to lower, "I wouldn't say that. We're just living our lives and trying to survive not to be wiped out."

"The Reserves, variants being imprisoned — and yet they are fine with it. Species and races, all living in the same world without conflict other than minor discrimination. Peace, without a single trace of terrorism," Riley started making his way to the stage,

"The you before the Blink would have never imagined a society functioning like this without anyone disagreeing with it, Miss Dorothy."

"That's… true. But isn't that the whole point? We needed to preserve what was left of us — everyone's in the same situation…

…and how is a utopia the wrong world?"

"Because Megawoman is not in it," Riley then started playing the piano with his eyes closed.

"Megawoman again…" Dorothy squinted her eyes before turning her seat around while still holding a gla.s.s of wine, "...You seem to be very interested in Megawoman, Zero. Did… you know a variant of hers?"

"A few," a small hint of smile could be seen forming on Riley's face.

"A… few?" Dorothy could not help but gulp as she heard Riley's words, "So, you're like… a really big deal back then? Why does no one remember you…?"

"That is also what I want to know, Miss Dorothy. Katrina remembers me, so I suppose only those who were close with me do — which is surprising considering what I did before the so-called Blink," Riley continued to play a somewhat somber melody.

"Close to you…" Dorothy once again squinted her eyes, "...Megawoman, how close was she to you?"

"We are lovers, Miss Dorothy," the smile on Riley's face slightly faded away, "Or perhaps we were."

"...So, you were a pretty big deal. And are you insinuating you've met other variants of her even before the war happened?" Dorothy's eyes widened, "Most of us didn't even know about the multiverse."

"It would have already been centuries — she might have already forgotten about—"

"Riley Ross!"

And before Riley could even finish his words, a person suddenly barged into the restaurant through one of the windows; the person, leaping straight toward Riley and completely shattering the piano in half.

"What the—!?" Dorothy quickly stood up from her seat as she activated her superspeed and quickly rushed toward the person. Her steps, however, quickly halted as she quickly recognized the face of the intruder,



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