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Chapter 278: Wild Dragon Li Wuqiang!

"You said she's Chu Lingchuan!" Li Ran was dumbfounded.

He would never have thought that unreasonable mad woman was actually the sect master of the Myriad Sword Pavilion.

Chu Lingchuan, known as the Lord of ten thousand Swords!

"No wonder she's so strong and dares to ignore Sheng Ye. If it's Chu Lingchuan, then everything is reasonable."

She was the Lord of a generation, the legendary Wine sword Peerless Sovereign of Myriad Sword Pavilion.

Furthermore, you said that this person's actions were extremely domineering, and her unreasonable behavior was only comparable to Leng Wuyan's.

Li Ran frowned. "Old Li, are you sure you haven't guessed wrong?"

Master said Chu Lingchuan's green fangs were extremely ugly and ferocious.

However, even though the woman who had beaten him had a strong alcohol aura, her appearance was beautiful and bold. She was definitely a beauty.

Li Wuqiang wiped away his cold sweat. "According to your description, it should be. I really can't think of a second person who fits such a description."

"Furthermore, Luofanchen is a rare immortal wine. It is said to be in Chu Lingchuan's hands."

"With these characteristics together, their ident.i.ty was almost certain."

Li Wuqiang continued, "Chu Lingchuan has a reputation for being overbearing. She gradually became low-key only after the war between the Righteous Path and Devil Dao."

As he spoke, he sized Li Ran up strangely. "However, you offended her and still managed to come back alive. This is truly beyond my expectations."

Li Ran scratched his head. "Perhaps it's because of my master?"

"It's possible." Li Wuqiang nodded. "The only person she's afraid of is probably Leng Wuyan."

When Chu Lingchuan challenged the top sects and was about to turn to the Youluo Temple, the Righteous and Devil battle erupted.

As the main character of the battle, Leng Wuyan's blood-dyed Demon Peak and her sword slashed through the Flying Cloud Mountain.

As for Chu Lingchuan, ever since she witnessed Pure Grace's sword, she no longer brought up the matter of challenge and rarely set foot in the middle of the earth.

At this time, Li Ran suddenly thought of something.

"Doesn't that mean she's Yue Jianli's master?

"I didn't expect Jianli's master to be such an unreliable person…"

Recalling the friction between the two, he couldn't help but cover his face.

"How are you going to tell Jianli about this?" Seeing his helpless expression, Li Wuqiang hesitated for a long time before taking out a dragon-shaped jade pendant and handing it to him.

Li Ran was puzzled. "What is this?"

Li Wuqiang said indifferently, "This is my Spirit Channeling Jade. I can immediately sense it no matter how far it is."

"Although this old man has never interacted with Chu Lingchuan before, I know that this person holds a grudge. This matter might not end well."

"If she really comes to seek revenge, you can crush this jade pendant…"

Li Ran added, "Then you will run?"

Li Wuqiang said unhappily," Then this old man will save you!"

Li Ran was stunned.

So righteous?

This didn't seem like Old Li's personality.

Li Wuqiang sighed and said, "Amongst all the Li family's descendants, your talent is the most outstanding, and you're also in the hope of bringing the Li family back to its glory. If I watched you die, I would be shamed by the Li family's ancestors."

"Old Li…" Li Ran rarely saw him be so serious.

"Although my strength isn't as strong as hers, it's not easy for her to take me down!" Li Wuqiang stood with his hands behind his back, his clothes fluttering in the air. He truly had an immortal demeanor.

To be able to become an Emperor, how could he be a weakling?

Li Wuqiang had fought with Yi Qinglan before and had been chased down by Leng Wuyan. After offending so many top existences, he was still alive and well.

This was a manifestation of strength.

Right at this moment, Li Ran's voice rang out.  Ancestor, you truly moved me, but…

He raised the jade pendant. "Can you explain to me why the divine dragon was tied up?"

Jade pendant was in the shape of a dragon, but the dragon's body was wrapped in ropes, bound into a strange shape.

He felt a bit ashamed.

Li Wuqiang blushed and said awkwardly, "What do you know? This is called Prison Lock Mad Dragon!"

Li Ran took a closer look. "If I'm not mistaken, this should be a female dragon, right?"

"Scram!" Li Wuqiang kicked him out.

Then, he casually threw Xiao Qingge out.

Secret ground's door slowly closed, and Li Wuqiang's angry voice rang out, "You should be more careful. There are only a few Emperor-level people in the vast land. You've almost offended them all!"

After saying that, he looked helpless.

Sheng Ye, Yi Qinglan, Chu Lingchuan, Chen Yundao, Ji Chenyuan… It had to be said that this kid's ability to cause trouble was truly first-rate.

"I hope the Li family won't perish in my hands, right…" Li Wuqiang sighed.

He returned to the pavilion with his hands behind his back and leisurely drank tea.


Li Ran looked at the closed door and couldn't help but smile.

"Old Li is quite loyal! Furthermore, he's stronger than I imagined. Looks like he has some strength."

At this moment, Xiao Qingge said worriedly, "Husband, will that sword really come to take revenge on you?"

Li Ran shook his head. "Probably not."

If Chu Lingchuan really wanted to kill him, she would have already made a move in the Imperial Palace. She definitely wouldn't let him out.

Recalling the other party's gaze, compared to the words "killing intent", it seemed to be more "curious"?

"Don't worry. Your husband has strong backing. If she dares to cause trouble for me, I'll let Master chop her up."

"Oh…" Xiao Qingge nodded. But her expression was still somewhat worried.

After all, she was an Emperor-realm mighty figure. Furthermore, she was the strongest among them. What if she secretly attacked Li Ran?

Li Ran saw through her thoughts, pursed his lips into a smile, and directly picked her up.

Xiao Qingge exclaimed, "Husband?"

Ji Ran said with a righteous expression, "Wife has just broken through the pill and becomes a baby. Her cultivation is not stable enough. This husband will help you consolidate your cultivation."

Xiao Qingge's pretty face instantly turned red.

"There's no need to thank your husband. This is what I should do."

"I hate you…" Her pretty face was buried on Li Ran's shoulder, so shy that she couldn't raise her head.


In the next few days, Li Ran worked tirelessly to help Xiao Qingge consolidate her cultivation.

At the same time, he also purified his blood energy.

The Nascent Soul realm's Rakshasa Technique was even more powerful than the Golden Core realm.

Li Ran's bloodline was now pure. After awakening the power of the blood demon, his eyes were as clear as amber.

This made him cultivate even harder.

Four days later.

Early in the morning, two deacons of the Youluo Temple were waiting outside the gate.

Immortal Ascension a.s.sembly was about to begin.

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