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Chapter 555: First Level of Body Forging w.a.n.g Lufei (Part 1)

“Yan Mo, the judge’s pen!!!” Yan Canghai waved his hand, and the black phantom behind him slowly took out a pitch-black strange pen that exuded the aura of ancient times.

“Erase his cultivation level of Heavenly Pill Realm!” Yan Canghai pointed at w.a.n.g Lufei in the air and said lightly.


The next moment, this judge’s pen slammed into the void and pointed towards w.a.n.g Lufei!


w.a.n.g Lufei spat a mouthful of blood instantly, staggered back a few steps, and then was suddenly shocked!

The second gear was actually erased!

w.a.n.g Lufei’s cultivation was directly knocked back from the early Heavenly Pill Realm, and fell back to the peak of the Sea Wheel Realm!

Zi Zi Zi!

At the same time, on w.a.n.g Lufei’s chest, a blood hole appeared!

“Two o’clock, erase your peak Sea Wheel!

“Three o’clock, erase your late Sea Wheel!

“Four o’clock, erase your middle Sea Wheel!

” Five o’clock, erase your Sea Wheel Realm!

“Six o’clock, erase your Foundation Establishment Realm!

“Seven o’clock, erase your… Spirit Vein Realm!”

Amidst Yan Canghai’s flowing voice, the black judge pen tapped seven times

in a row!

On w.a.n.g Lufei’s chest, seven blood holes were directly spotted!


w.a.n.g Lufei’s cultivation was completely shattered from the peak of the Sea Wheel Realm and fell to the early stage of the Sea Wheel Realm, and then fell back to the early stage of the Foundation Establishment Realm. Then fell back to the early stage of the Spirit Vein Realm, and finally…

It fell back to the first level of Body Forging!

It was the cultivation level when first logging into the game.

“Feeling hopeless?”

This scene instantly caused an uproar in the audience!

What kind of power is this?

How could you erase a cultivator’s cultivation?

Oh my goodness!

“Three thousand years after stepping into Heavenly Pill, I can’t even understand this Martial Intent Yan Mo! Is this the power bestowed by the power of a Deity Transformation Realm expert?” The audience present were all shocked.

They were all shocked by the power of Deity Transformation. Fear pervaded once again.

The power of Deity Transformation is so terrifying!

The descendants of the G.o.ds shall not be offended!

Look at how amazing w.a.n.g Lufei was. Look at how terrifying he! How powerful! He created hundreds of Heavenly Fire clones, and beat all the Tianlong Island’s Heavenly Pill masters in a horrible way.


Divine Guard Yan Canghai beat w.a.n.g Lufei into a dead dog as soon as he took a breath. At this moment, w.a.n.g Lufei’s cultivation was directly erased, causing him to fall back to the first level of Body Forging and become a mortal again!

This scene also stunned the players.

“Hold the gra.s.s, Brother Lufei… the cultivation base has been erased?”

“Oh my G.o.d, this NPC can downgrade the player level? Is this temporary or permanent?”

“Are you stupid? Look at Brother Lufei, it looks like it’s permanent!”

“Hold the gra.s.s, then what a fart! He was directly pushed from Heavenly Pill to the first stage of Body Forging!”

“The first stage of Body Refining, this is so frightening. It’s no different from deleting the account and starting all over again!”

“It’s over, Brother Lufei is really over now!”

All the players looked horrified.

“What are you panicking about? If Brother Lufei committed suicide. After being resurrected, wouldn’t he be back to the peak of Sea Wheel Realm?” At this moment, a player stood up wittily and said loudly.

However, He Yiming’s words directly interrupted the player.

“w.a.n.g Lufei’s cultivation has been permanently erased, and he can’t get back! Even if he is reborn, he will still be in the first level of Body Forging! To recover, he has to cultivate again!” He Yiming watched the live broadcast, and after asking about the system, he was also a little shocked, and then he opened his mouth to explain.

“Hold the gra.s.s!”

“Hold the gra.s.s!”

“Hold the gra.s.s!”

Now, all the players were really stupefied.


This NPC, Yan Canghai, is so outrageous?

He can directly and permanently erase our level cultivation base?

“Is the power of Deity Transformation so terrifying?” He Yiming was also full of shock in his heart.

To be honest, He Yiming really couldn’t understand how this Martial Intent Yan Mo did it.

The power of this Martial Intent Yan Mo was beyond He Yiming’s comprehension.

Maybe one day, he could understand it after he stepped into the Deity Transformation Realm!

“w.a.n.g Lufei, you are wronged! You have the Heavenly Fire, and the other party also has the power of a Deity Transformation Realm!” He Yiming secretly thought.

“Hey, Brother Lufei, if you don’t save those slaves, it wouldn’t be like this!”

“That’s right, to put it bluntly, those slaves are just some NPCs after all!”

“I don’t understand. Brother Lufei was clearly going to negotiate, so why did he made a riot to save slaves?”

At this time, a few players also began to discuss.

Most of these players were older adults. From the perspective of these players, the task given by Brother Ming was to negotiate, so just complete the task of negotiating first, and then it’s okay to make a fuss later.

As a result, the task was messed up now, and the cultivation base and level were gone.

Few players blamed w.a.n.g Lufei, and more so ridiculed w.a.n.g Lufei. Everyone just felt sorry for w.a.n.g Lufei, and felt that w.a.n.g Lufei’s tactic was an operation error.

But what happened next shocked all the players, the Earth friends who watched the live broadcast, and even the audience on Tianlong Island.

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All My Disciples Suck! Chapter 555: First Level of Body Forging Wang Lufei (Part 1) summary

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