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Chapter 622

Chapter 622: Treasure of 100,000 Years of Age

What He Yiming stepped into was a huge hall!

This hall was, quite literally, a place where treasures were stored.

Although this hall was mostly empty nowadays, it was unknown if it was originally empty or if it was taken away by the Sea Race ancestors.

But there were still a few heaven-defying level treasures remaining, and, they were all great treasures that had been stored for more than 100,000 years!

The first thing He Yiming saw was a several square meter sized piece of dirt suspended in the void.

Yes, it was dirt.

However, this dirt was even deathly sealed by a huge sealing formation!

He Yiming could feel an extremely majestic aura!

An aura that gave rise to all things!

But more importantly, He Yiming actually sensed that his Azure Emperor Immortal Body was stirring, and it could have been said that the Azure Emperor immortal Body, which was already at the Heavenly Pill Realm Major Achievement Realm!

Surprisingly, it had once again begun to rise by a tiny bit!

His own Azure Emperor Immortal Body had already reached the ultimate Heavenly Pill Realm, Major Achievement Realm!

But this brown clay in front of him, across the sealing formation, gave off a trace of breath that was able to raise his own Azure Emperor Immortal Body!

What kind of heaven-defying existence is this?

Could it be…

Is it the… recorded in the jade slip given by Master w.a.n.g Yue?

Resting Soil?

He Yiming was not sure, but this brown soil must be inextricably linked to the resting soil!

For the time being, let’s just call it Pseudo Resting Soil.

“Break!!!” He Yiming raised his hand, the Major Achievement Formation Intent flowed steeply, and with a single strike of his raised hand, he directly struck the only weak point of this sealing formation.


This defensive formation, which was at least a sixth-rank or higher, collapsed steeply!

He Yiming didn’t know which great power had set up this defensive formation back then, but this defensive formation had existed for at least 100,000 years, and even so, it still maintained a might that was almost close to that of a sixth-grade defensive formation!

If not for the fact that He Yiming possessed the formation book, controlled the origin of the formation dao, and had a Major Achievement level formation intent himself, coupled with the fact that this defensive formation was really tattered beyond recognition, he wouldn’t have been able to break it so easily!

As soon as the sealing formation was broken, He Yiming raised his hand and took this large chunk of Pseudo Resting Soil, and included it within the Five Elements Small World.

“Woah!” Seeing this scene, Jin Chacha was directly dumbfounded.

This soil was definitely a treasure, but countless ancestors of the Sea Race throughout the generations had used every means possible to break this sealing formation!

I did not expect this human to directly break it in seconds?

This human, who is he?

Jin Chacha was too scared and simply did not dare to think again.

“This pseudo Resting Soil is absolutely heaven-defying treasure! It’s even so useful to me, taking out a portion of it, as long as it’s properly arranged, it will allow players to constantly absorb its breath and quickly raise the realm of the Azure Emperor Immortal Body!” He Yiming secretly thought.

He Yiming then turned his gaze to the second treasure.

It was clearly a fist-sized ice crystal.

It was just suspended in the void and didn’t have any defense formations or sealing formations!

However, a breath of extreme coldness was constantly diffusing!

“Ten thousand years of cold ice!” He Yiming’s mind moved!

With a single step, He Yiming stepped in front of this Ten Thousand Years of Cold Ice, and with a single reach of his hand, he grabbed this piece of Ten Thousand Years of Cold Ice.


The next moment, in an instant, He Yiming was frozen into an ice sculpture!

The chilling aura of Ten Thousand Years of Cold Ice was simply heaven-defying!



He Yiming shattered all of the cold aura with a single tremor of his body!

“It seems that it is indeed Ten Thousand Years of Cold Ice!” He Yiming slowly spoke as he held this piece of it n his palm.

An ordinary Heavenly Pill Realm human cultivator indeed couldn’t carry the power of this Ten Thousand Years of Cold Ice! Because when it was said to be Ten Thousand Years of Cold Ice, it was actually just an imaginary number.

This Ten Thousand Years of Cold Ice was feared to have existed for ten thousand years, tens of thousands of years, or even hundreds of thousands of years before it was placed into this hall!

The cold qi acc.u.mulated on it was absolutely terrifying!

Only someone like He Yiming, who had a terrifyingly deep cultivation of his own, as well as the Azure Emperor Immortal Body, would be able to steadily suppress it.

“I can draw out the Ten Thousand Years of Cold Ice Origin Breath from this Ten Thousand Years of Cold Ice, and refine it into a power that belongs to myself! Well, I can refine most of it, and the remaining small portion, I can empower the players!” He Yiming secretly thought and couldn’t help but praise how nice it was!

So after receiving this Ten Thousand Years of Cold Ice, he walked towards the third treasure.

“This is…” He Yiming’s expression changed.

In front of him was a black iron block that was a full seven meters tall.

A thick and untouchable aura greeted him.

Underworld Basalt Iron.

It was not a thing of the Three Thousand Worlds, but a thing of the world from other foreign races.

The st.u.r.diness of the Underworld Basalt Iron was claimed to be ranked in the top ten of the Three Thousand Worlds!

How st.u.r.dy is it?

The flames below the Heavenly Flame couldn’t even refine a single point!

In other words, even if there was a powerhouse, they couldn’t do anything with the Underworld Basalt Iron. They could only blearily hold it in your hand as a collector’s item, but they couldn’t refine it at all.

However, if you have a Heavenly Fire level flame, you could melt and refine it to create extremely amazing implements!

That was…

Heaven Weapon!

What was a Heaven Artifacts?

Unlike Earth Artifacts, Heaven Artifacts did not have the so-called difference in grade, nor did they have the so-called disparity to speak of.

Because every Heaven Artifact had a spirit!

As the owner becomes stronger, and as he or she gains various chances, a Heaven Artifact could grow!

Just like the Heavenly Fire!

A Heaven Artifact could always be upgraded as the holder continued to use it!

When a Heaven Artifact truly derived an Artifact Spirit and becomes united with its owner’s mind and spirit, then with great fortune, it could evolve into a completely new existence!

An Imperial Artifact!

A power comparable to that of a great emperor!

But Heaven Weapons were too difficult to refine!

Just the materials alone were too many people stuck!

The Underworld Basalt Iron, which was known as a Heavenly Grade Spirit Material, was the only thing that could be refined into a Heaven Artifact!

Regardless of how high the grade of ordinary metal spiritual materials were, even with heavenly flames, no matter how much they were built and refined, they could not produce spirituality!

Even if these metal spirit materials were harder and more powerful, if they could not give birth to spirituality, it would be impossible to produce a weapon spirit! Naturally, it would be impossible to grow along with its owner!

Even more so, it would be impossible to compare to a true Heaven Artifact!


Don’t think that a Heaven Weapon is really invincible!

There was no strongest Heaven Weapon, only the most suitable Heaven Weapon!

Heaven Weapons could evolve, but only in the hands of the right master could they grow along with the master!

If it was not compatible, the Heaven Weapon would not be able to grow, and no matter how many years pa.s.s, there would always be no enhancement whatsoever.

“Not bad! Good stuff!” With a wave of his hand, He Yiming accepted this Underworld Basalt Iron.

With so much Underworld Basalt Iron, after refining it himself, he could also refine a few Heaven Weapons for the player as well!

As for whether or not the player could be compatible with a Heaven Weapon, that would depend on the player’s destiny!

Because maybe at that time, it wasn’t the player who chose the Heaven Weapon!

Rather, it was the Heaven Weapon that chose the player!

“What is this thing?” With a turn of his gaze, He Yiming looked at the fourth thing.

It was clearly a square, on which, vaguely, a powerful formation aura slowly radiated out.

“Major Achievement Formation Intent? No, it’s far too powerful than my Major Achievement Formation Intent!” He Yiming’s mind moved.


He Yiming raised his hand, and he held this square.

“!” In the next moment, He Yiming felt that this square body began to absorb his cultivation, and at the same time, various different colored squares unexpectedly surfaced on the square body.

It was clearly a 3X3 Rubik’s Cube on one side.

“Magic cube?” He Yiming was a bit surprised.

This was actually a Rubik’s Cube?

He Yiming’s mind moved, and within a breath, he put together this Rubik’s Cube.

“!” But the next moment, this Rubik’s Cube trembled, and one side actually turned into a 4X4!

He Yiming instantly understood a bit, and after spending three seconds, he quickly put it together with the power of his cultivation.

But the Rubik’s Cube changed and transformed into a 5X5!

There were a full 25 small cubes on one side.

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