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Chapter 625

Chapter 625: The Commander-in-Chief across the street is one of our own? Steady.

Inside the Myriad Demons Realm.

“Quickly, the demon beast tide is coming over!”



A group of Third-Test Demon players gave a low roar.


Hundreds of Illusory Demon third-test Demon players joined forces in unison to cast huge spells!

Countless amounts of demon qi rose up into the air, and it transformed into a ma.s.sive palm that was a thousand meters in size!

“Cataclysmic Demon Seal!” With the low roars of these hundreds of Third Test Demon players, the ma.s.sive palm came down with a roar!


Instantly, the thousands of Demon Beasts that were attracted over were all directly slapped to death!

“Hahaha, picking up demon cores!”

“Fast hands, slow hands!”

“What the h.e.l.l, are your hands so fast?”

Then nearly a hundred players started picking up corpses in a beautiful manner.

“Let’s continue luring monsters!” The remaining dozen or so demon players quickly dispersed and continued to lure the magical beasts over.

Within the Myriad Demons Realm, the third-test Demon Race players scattered, each hogging a piece of territory, and just swept the Demon Beasts!

Brother Lose Half is ready to break the twenty-nine demon marks, and I haven’t reached the twenty-four magic marks yet. Can I do it without grinding?

“Everyone, are you almost ready? It’s time to go!” On Star’s side, he had also gathered the first and second test players and was ready to set off, heading to the Fire Domain first, then spreading out and attacking the Fire Domain, the Ten Thousand Mountains Domain, and the Tianyuan Domain respectively.

“A crus.h.i.+ng game, tasteless!” Indomitable Bear was a bit helpless, feeling that it would be better to go sweeping through the enemy’s empty rear than to continue on to the h.e.l.l Desert to challenge them.

He was only missing the ninth place, pa.s.sing through, and he would be able to arrive at the location where the Demon Prison Heart Flame was previously located, which also represented his h.e.l.l Desert complete clearance!


“Before, when I was at the peak of the Sea Wheel Realm, I was never able to defeat a full-bodied Morissa! But now, I’ve stepped into the Heavenly Pill Realm! Maybe it’s possible to defeat it!” Indomitable Bear couldn’t help but think.

However, soon after, under Star’s command, the first and second test players quickly broke into the air and left the sect, heading to the Fire Domain.

For his part, Magical Itachi, with the Akatsuki, had already taken the first step to the Hundred Thousand Mountains.

At this moment, on the square of the Yan Huang Sect, a full four thousand or so third-test human players had already a.s.sembled.

“Everyone! This battle, we are sure to win! Don’t worry everyone, with my, Pig Wolong, perfect tactical command! Coupled with the fact that our cultivation fully suppresses the other party, there’s also the secret support from the squad of fifth-ranked Demon Race experts brought along by the Magical Itachi!

“The most crucial thing is that I’ve already gotten in touch with the insider! The supreme commander of the other party is our person! Come on, everyone tell me, this battle, how do we lose?”

This wave of pre-war mobilization from Brother Pig Wolong was simply clear as day.

“Hold the gra.s.s, the opposite side’s chief commander is Brother Ming’s inside man? This is an easy fight!”

“Hold the gra.s.s, isn’t this an easy win game?”

“Laughing my a.s.s off, the opposite side’s commander-in-chief is one of our own?!”

“Hahaha, how can we still lose? Impossible!”

“I get it, this is a crus.h.i.+ng game. The insider will let us easily harvest blood!”

“Steady, this wave is definitely steady!”

The third-test human players didn’t understand anything else, but the words that the opposite side’s supreme commander was one of their own really rang true.

Is this still not a sure win?

“Laying down a winning game was too meaningless, let’s just continue to h.e.l.l Desert!”

“Well, I agree!”

“Not bad, Morissa’s third form is so strong, it is said that Brother Bear lost without dealing injury, the three of us can hold on for at most a dozen breaths, we’re all stuck here dead. We can’t go over, we must seize the time and work hard!”

The three ident.i.ties whispered, so they turned around and left. It was clearly the three blade trio who had defeated the War Hunchback Beast by strength in the arena.

“Since it’s a sure win game, I’ll leave it for now, just so I can study my previous idea…” G.o.d King Enel thought darkly, so he turned around and left to continue his research.

“Everyone, this is the tactic I set up, absolutely perfect!” Brother Pig Wolong waved his big hand and directly spread out a huge map.

It was clearly a topographical map of the northern Hundred Thousand Mountains.

“Everyone, please look!” With a quick point of the map, Brother Pig Wolong began to skillfully point.

“Here, we set up guard posts. Here, prepare to bury traps. Here, set up powerful battle formations. These are a few points that the enemy will definitely cross, and if we set up our manpower in advance to sneak in, we’ll definitely win steadily!

“This time, what I set up, is a one long snake formation, more than 4,000 brothers spread out, each stationed at key positions. We can both support each other and quickly adjust their positions, absolutely invincible!” Pig Wolong quickly said.

“Wonderful!” The crowd of third-test human players spoke up.

“Moreover, I’ve already discussed with the other party’s general commander. Our people will use the most foolishly r.e.t.a.r.ded and brainless charging tactics to scatter their army and push directly across!”

“Wonderful!” The crowd of third-test human players nodded their heads once again.

“In this way, the enemy will use their worst formation against our most perfect battle formation! It will be caught in a situation of being surrounded by our multiple strongholds, with various key paths being sneak attacked, creating a situation where the enemy is weak and we are strong!”

“Wonderful!” A group of third-test human players skillfully replied.


“And then…

“After that…

“And then…

“And finally…

“In this way, we win!” Pig Wolong spilled out a full half hour’s worth of tactics and plans that were not only subtle to the extreme, but also interlocked perfectly.

“Wonderful!” The crowd of third-test human players replied.

“I’ll take a drink!”


“You guys?”


Pig Wolong almost spat out a mouthful of old blood.

Hold the gra.s.s, I was speaking for half a day and these guys aren’t even listening!

This f.u.c.king…


“However, as long as you follow my formation, plus the tactics are in place and readily accessible, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem! Well, this wave is a solid win!” Pig Wolong didn’t think too much about it and quickly started arranging positions for a group of players.

After it was almost done, Pig Wolong waved his big hand!

“Brothers, follow me on my journey! During this sect war, we must fight the most wonderful battle!”

“Wonderful… ah shucks! Charge, fight, kill, charge!”

More than four thousand third-test players then followed Pig Wolong’s fervent rush to the northern 100,000 mountains.

At the same time…

In the north of the Hundred Thousand Mountains, inside a huge camp.

At this time, tens of thousands of cultivator armies from the Fire Domain and Tianyuan Domain, as well as the Ten Thousand Mountains Domain had already gathered here.

And considering that the enemy was powerful, this time, they didn’t bring those Spirit Vein Realm weak chickens.

The weakest cultivators that came were at the Foundation Establishment Realm, and most of them were at the peak of the Foundation Establishment Realm and at the half-step Sea Wheel Realm.

Even the Sea Wheel Realm powerhouses exceeded as many as three thousand!

It could be said that the high-end battle power of the three major domains had basically come out in full force.

“Old me absolutely disagrees!!!! What the h.e.l.l kind of r.e.t.a.r.ded and stupid tactic is this?” At this time, within the high-level tents of the three domains’ allied forces, Hu Yanzhuo, the Sect Leader of the Flame Sect, roared as he spat out blood in anger.

“This tactic…” The other higher ups were also dumbfounded one by one.

What the h.e.l.l!

Do you dare to be a bit more stupid?

Although cultivators don’t study tactics much, after all, high cultivation pushes everything across!


We can’t be this r.e.t.a.r.ded either!

“Bulls.h.i.+t! This Northern Spirit Realm is the property of the Holy Prison Land! The powerful people under the banner of my Holy Prison Land are all invincible! Fighting a mere group of ants, and you want to play tactics? That’s an insult to this Holy Prison Land!” Ling Tianyu opened his mouth, and as soon as he did, he took on a posture of arrogance that knew no bounds.

With that, Ling Tianyu pointed at the map.

“There is no need to ask more questions! First dispatch most of the cultivators, spread out along the Hundred Thousand Mountains, one hundred people to a regiment, push straight across, and when you encounter the enemy, each of you will spread out and fight!

“My large army under the banner of the Holy Prison Land will be able to slaughter those sc.u.m by charging over there brainlessly!”

Ling Tianyu spoke in a domineering manner.

As soon as this brainless dispersal X great charge tactic was said, everyone in the entire tent, looked at Ling Tianyu with the eyes of a r.e.t.a.r.d.


This is a horizontal push?

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