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Chapter 2372: In the right eye


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There was no abnormality in the left eye, and they entered smoothly. This made many people’s eyes light up.

With the firstj there would be a second!

Then, another person walked towards the safe path in the left eye. It was an expert from the evil G.o.d tribe.

Just like the previous one, he entered the milky white vortex in his left eye and disappeared without a trace.

More and more people entered the left eye.

However, there were also some people who had doubts.

Was it really that easy?

Then what was the point of the other path?

Lu Ming and dandan had the same idea.

Hmph, only by putting yourself in death s door can you obtain a great opportunity. I’ll walk the path of death!

Someone spoke, his eyes flas.h.i.+ng with madness. He stepped forward, actually walking towards the path of death.

Many people looked at this person. They all wanted to see if the path of death would really lead to death!


The man stepped onto the path of death. His body trembled violently, and his face turned pale in an instant, as if he had suffered a heavy blow. Then, with a scream, his body flew backward and fell heavily on the ground, spitting out a large mouthful of blood.

But he didn’t die, he was still alive!

“What’s on the dead end?”

Someone immediately asked.

pressure, extremely heavy pressure, bombarding the body and soul!

The man only said one sentence before he immediately sat down cross-legged and began to heal his injuries.

“Pressure? In that case, it’s not necessarily a dead end. As long as we can withstand that pressure, a dead end is also a way to live!”

Many people’s eyes lit up.

From then on, some people headed for the path of death.

This was because many people thought that the path to survival was too simple. There might not be any benefits in entering. Perhaps, the great opportunity would be on the path to death.

Following that, more and more people continued to walk towards the path of death.

However, the right eye’s dead end gave off an astonis.h.i.+ngly strong pressure. Those who stepped on it were all sent flying, making it difficult for them to climb up.

“I’ll do it!”

A burly member of rhe evil G.o.d race bellowed in anger as he stepped forward, stepping onto the path of death.

Bang! Bang!

Every step he took caused a violent tremor. His entire body trembled. It was obvious that he was under great pressure. However, he gritted his teeth and did not stop. He slowly approached his right eye.

In the end, the man walked to the end. He took a step forward and his body entered the vortex in the statue’s right eye, disappearing.

It was a success!

Finally, someone managed to enter the right eye.

“It seems that a six star great emperor should be able to enter!”

Lu Ming muttered.

The evil G.o.d tribe member just now was a six-star great emperor.

Then, more and more people stepped onto the path of death. However, it was impossible for anyone who wasn’t a six star great emperor to step onto it. Only a six star great emperor could step onto it.

“Lu Ming, which path should we take?”

Dandan sent a voice transmission to Lu Ming.

“Naturally, it’s the right eye’s dead end!”

Lu Ming said.

“Can you do it?11

Dandan pouted.

“Try it and you’ll know!”

Lu Ming smiled.


With that, Lu Ming stepped forward, heading towards the right eye’s dead end.


&Nbsp; the moment he stepped on it, a terrifying power acted on his body, penetrating every part of his body and even his soul.

Ar this moment, Lu Ming’s physical body was trembling non-stop. At the same time, 17 types of laws covered his entire body to resist the external pressure.

Although Lu Ming’s combat strength was slightly inferior to a six star great emperor, his defense was definitely not inferior to a six star great emperor.

Although it was very difficult for him to walk, he walked forward step by step at a uniform speed. He was very determined.

Dandan followed behind Lu Ming. This guy seemed to be quite relaxed.

Although he was only a six star great emperor, his battle-power was comparable to a peak great emperor, or even suppressed one.

A moment later, Lu Ming finally approached the right eye of the statue.


Lu Ming heaved a long sigh of relief. His entire body was aching. Under that terrifying pressure, he had also suffered some injuries.

However, under the effects of the indestructible ancient scroll, his injuries were quickly recovering.


Lu Ming stepped into the black Vortex in his right eye. He felt dizzy as if he had taken a long-distance teleportation array. The next moment, Lu Ming found himself in a huge secret room.

This secret room was really huge. It was at least 10000 miles long and wide, like an entire world.

Moreover, as soon as Lu Ming entered the place, he immediately realized that the pressure on his body had disappeared without a trace. It was as easy as it was in the Tai Qi ng heavenly region.

Lu Ming felt full of energy!

Sweeping his gaze, Lu Ming discovered that the people who had entered his right eye previously were all in this secret room, flas.h.i.+ng back and forth, as if they were checking on something.

However, this secret chamber was empty. There was nothing there.

Nor even a speck of dust!

At this moment, a figure flashed nor far from Lu Ming. Dandan’s figure appeared.

As soon as dandan appeared, her eyes immediately looked around, bur she immediately revealed a disappointed expression.

there’s nothing here. We didn’t guess wrong this time, did we? we’ve come for nothing!

Dandan1 s face was bitter.

“Let’s wait and see!”

Lu Ming touched his nose. This time, he had really made a wasted trip.

Everyone waited patiently, and as time pa.s.sed, more and more people entered.

The top experts of the evil G.o.d tribe and rhe heaven realm had almost all entered this place.

Apart from Lu Ming, there were also six star great emperors and peak Seven Star great emperors. There wTere sixty to seventy of them.

A few hours later, no one else came in. Obviously, those who could come in had all come in.

“It can’t be that we can’t get out!’1

Someone suddenly spoke.

Everyone’s heart skipped a beat, and their expressions turned ugly.

Indeed, although this place was large, it was surrounded by stone walls, and no one had any way out.

They wouldn’t really be trapped here forever, would they?

Everyone looked at each other, and some people’s faces turned pale.

A dead end!

They thought that the right eye was the path to death. Could it be true?


Just as everyone was feeling a little uneasy, the void trembled slightly and lines appeared. These lines then formed a figure.

It was a young and beautiful woman. What was strange was that this woman also had a pair of beautiful snow-white wings on her back.

It was extremely similar to the statue!

Everyone’s eyes turned to this woman, revealing a curious expression.

“I’m the formation spirit of this place!11

The young woman said.

“Formation spirit!”

Lu Ming’s eyes flickered. He thought of the huge tower that had also given birth to an array spirit.

It seemed that the formation in this area was too advanced. After so many years, it had developed intelligence.

1 was created by my master back then. My master is the original body of this statue. He was an unrivaled figure. This is the eye of my master’s statue!

The formation spirit explained.

“Senior, where is your master now?”

Someone from the heaven realm asked.

The owner of this statue was an unparalleled expert, even stronger than the celestial Thearch. If he were still alive, he would definitely have a huge impact on the war between rhe heaven realm and the evil G.o.d tribe.

Whichever side he stood on, that side would definitely win..

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