Farming in the Mountains: Max Level Jiaojiao Is Three Years Old Chapter 790 - Chapter 790: Birthmark

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Chapter 790 - Chapter 790: Birthmark

Chapter 790: Birthmark

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation   Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

She would put on the cotton-padded jacket when she went home.

After she was done, she came out of the s.p.a.ce.

Seeing that Xue Yan was still wearing the thick layer of clothes, she a.s.sumed he wanted to keep it on and didn’t offer to keep it for him.

Xue Yan’s physique wasn’t as good as hers, so it was a good idea to wear clothes that could keep him warm.

As they walked out of the alley, Jiang Yue and Xue Yan’s current location was the closest to the place where the Wei family used to live in the county, so they went to that place first. Their first agenda was to inquire about it from that place today.

Apparently, the Wei family’s house in the county had long been sold to someone else. It was sold to someone else the year they moved to the town. Now, that house was occupied by people they did not know.

Jiang Yue and Xue Yan did not go to that house either, but instead inquired around this house.

The residents around this house were not living well, but they were not entirely suffering either. The price of living in this place was actually considered relatively cheap in this county. Jiang Yue and Xue Yan could just easily a.s.sume that Master Wei must have thought that this place was cheap, so he bought a house there.

At the entrance of a small house not far away, an old man was staggering and playing with his grandson. The grandson was about a year old and was very happy to be coaxed. He kept giggling.

Jiang Yue and Xue Yan walked over.

“h.e.l.lo.” Jiang Yue and Xue Yan greeted the old man politely.

Xue Yan also cupped his hands and bowed.

“h.e.l.lo there.” The old man responded very kindly. He bent down and held his grandson’s hand, looking at Jiang Yue and Xue Yan with kind faces. “What’s the matter?”

The old man had pale and thinning skin. To him, whether it was Jiang Yue or

Xue Yan, in his eyes, they were both little kids.

“We wish to ask you something.” Jiang Yue said.

“What is it?”

“It’s about the Wei family who used to live there.” Jiang Yue pointed at the house that was no longer the Wei family’s. “Do you know who they are?” “The Wei family… Are they the hypocritical family that moved away five years ago?”

“Yes.” Jiang Yue nodded. “Do you remember if that family had a child called Wei Zizhan?”

“l do. That child is a killer. Everyone in our area knows that.” A killer?

Hearing this, Jiang Yue and Xue Yan looked at each other.

“What do you mean by that?”Xue Yan asked. They really didn’t understand what he meant. Even if Wei Zizhan’s mother died during childbirth, it also wouldn’t go to the extent of saying that it was a lifetaker, right?

Jiang Yue also looked at the old man questionably.

The old man said with a G.o.dly look, “When he was just born, he took his mother’s life. At that time, Master Wei was afraid that he would take his life again. A fortune teller said that he had already taken his mother’s life and would not take anyone else’s. Only then did Master Wei feel more at ease.”

Jiang Yue and Xue Yan were even more confused now. Didn’t Wei Zizhan’s mother die from birthing him? Wei Zizhan’s mother was not the only person in this world who had died from childbirth.

Logically speaking, Master Wei should not be afraid of losing his life to Wei Zizhan.

Could it be that the fortune-teller first told Master Wei that Wei Zizhan wanted to take his life, and Master Wei believed this, so he started to become paranoid?

Just as he was about to ask again, the old man said to himself, “We didn’t believe it at first, but when we saw the birthmark on the bottom of the child’s foot that looked like an iron chain, we believed it. That child is the reincarnation of a reaper.”

It turned out that Wei Zizhan had a birthmark on the soles of his feet!

Jiang Yue and Xue Yan immediately looked at each other.

“Do you know which of his soles has a birthmark?” Jiang Yue asked. The old man thought for a while and said, “I can’t remember..”

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Farming in the Mountains: Max Level Jiaojiao Is Three Years Old Chapter 790 - Chapter 790: Birthmark summary

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