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Chapter 1015 Good Life

"This music reminds me of the feeling of mountains and rivers. This woman is really amazing!"

"I also think that this woman is not an ordinary person. She's ridiculously strong!"

"To be able to play such a beautiful tune, she's really too powerful!"

At that moment, more and more people began to praise Ye Fei.

Every one of them was staring ahead, drunk and even a little excited.

Soon, Ye Fei finished playing the song.

As her fingers moved gently.

The beautiful music seemed to have traveled far away, extending for a long time.

Everyone burst into applause and shouted.

Even the woman at the side could not help but clap and praise.

"That's great. It's really too good!"

She walked up to Ye Fei's side.

However, when she saw Ye Fei's side, she saw her side profile.

The young woman let out a puzzled sound and frowned.

"Huh? You look so familiar! Are… Are you Ye Fei?"

Everyone present could not help but be surprised by this woman's question.

They were all stunned on the spot and were in an uproar.

After all, all of them had heard Ye Fei's new song not long ago and were now fans.

Therefore, everyone stared at Ye Fei and started to discuss this matter.

"Yeah, she really looks like Ye Fei!"

"She really looks like Ye Fei. Look at her side profile, her temperament, and her figure!"

"That's right. I've seen those eyes too many times. This is definitely Ye Fei!"

"Oh my G.o.d, she actually came to such a place to play. We're really too lucky!"

"Miss Ye Fei, can you take off your mask?"

At this moment, more and more people became exceptionally excited and kept greeting Ye Fei.

They all wanted to know if the person under the mask was Ye Fei.

They wanted to witness it with their own eyes!

Ye Fei was also stunned.

She kept shaking her head and said, "No, I'm not, I'm not. It's a misunderstanding!"

And yet.

When she opened her mouth, this voice was quickly recognized by everyone.

Everyone present could not help but be a little excited.

They were all pleasantly surprised because this voice was too familiar!

They had heard it countless times!

"It's Ye Fei! This is Ye Fei! It's really Ye Fei!"

"That's great. I can finally see her in person. I'm so happy!"

"Haha, it's indeed Ye Fei. I knew it. Only Ye Fei can play such a beautiful piece!"

For a moment, everyone shouted excitedly and crowded over.

They all went up one after another, wanting to take a photo with Ye Fei and get an autograph.

Hence, they shouted very enthusiastically.

"Miss Ye Fei, can you give me your autograph? I really like you!"

"Me too. I've been listening to your songs so much that I can recite them backwards!"

"I'm really honored. Miss Ye Fei, please take a photo with me."

More and more people surrounded Ye Fei.

This made Ye Fei helpless.

This happened so suddenly that Ye Xuan and his sisters didn't react.

However, when they reacted, they had no choice.

Ye Fei had already been recognized!

"What should we do? Will something happen to our Fifth Sister?"

Ye Xue spoke worriedly.

Ye Xuan shook his head helplessly and said, "Nothing will happen. These people are all her fans, but I'm afraid it'll take a lot of time to sign and take photos."

"Shall we go up and help her?"

Ye Xue continued to ask.

However, Ye Chan, who was at the side, hurriedly shook her head and said, "Stop joking. If we go up too, they will definitely want to ask us for autographs and photos. At that time, we'll waste even more time!"

Ye Xuan nodded and said, "That's right. There's indeed a possibility. Let's wait and see!"

Hearing this, everyone could only continue to look ahead and wait.

At this moment, many people were already surrounding Ye Fei and asking for her autograph.

Ye Fei had no choice.

"Everyone, don't squeeze. Don't be anxious. Let's take it slow. If you want an autograph, I'll sign it. If it's a photo, please wait a moment. Don't squeeze!"

"Also, there are children here. Everyone, don't be too anxious. It won't be good if you into the children!"

"Everyone, you must follow the order here. Don't waste time! There are still many opportunities!"

At this moment, Ye Fei kept shouting, wanting the people around her to calm down and follow the order.

After all…

All of them were affected by this. The entire scenic area was in chaos.

Ye Fei didn't want this to happen.


Ye Fei started to get busy for everyone.

She signed and took photos enthusiastically.

This also made many people around them even more excited.

They happily posted on Weibo.

On the photo was Ye Fei's autograph and the caption below it.

"I've finally met my idol, Miss Ye Fei! I'll keep this autograph for the rest of my life!"

When this news appeared on Weibo, more and more people became excited.

They all began to comment below.

"Where is this place? Is it far from us?"

"I want an autograph too. Hurry up and send me the location. I'll go over now!"

"F*ck! This is Miss Ye Fei's autograph. How much is it? I want to buy it. I don't care how much it is. Just name the price!"

"Oh my G.o.d, is this really Miss Ye Fei's autograph? I'm so jealous. Why don't I have this fate!"

For a moment, more and more people started to be envious and asked.

All of them were fans of Ye Fei and were very curious about this.

However, how could the person who posted on Weibo expose Ye Fei's whereabouts?!

After all, he was not very familiar with these people online!

There were also some people who started posting on their WeChat Moments.

They posted a photo of themselves and Ye Fei.

When these photos were posted on their social media accounts, it immediately caused an uproar.

Everyone liked it and was extremely envious.

These were their family and friends. After seeing Ye Fei, they all wanted to meet her.

"What is this place? Can I go over too?"

"Send the location quickly. I'll go there immediately!"

"I'm envious. Why are you so lucky?!"

As these people flaunted crazily on the Internet, everyone around the Lute Platform received this news.

When they found out that Ye Fei was playing the zither on the Lute Platform, they were extremely excited.

There were also many people who were very envious of the people on the Lute Platform.

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