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Chapter 604: Alignment Change (2)

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

It was as if it had swept through the air. However, he clearly felt that the other party was standing behind him. The young man quickly turned around. He clearly saw a figure covered in a black cloak standing silently behind him like a ghost.

This made his pupils constrict. His spiritual sense was actually unable to investigate this person. He had never encountered this situation before! Usually, only when he encountered someone with a higher cultivation realm than him would his spiritual sense be ineffective.

However, the other party was clearly at the first stage of the Martial Soul Realm like him, but his spiritual sense was completely ineffective against the other party.

This shocked the young man! If he used his spiritual sense to sense the enemy behind him immediately, he could immediately react. But now, he had to turn around to see the other party. This caused him to be completely pa.s.sive.

The moment he turned around, it was enough for Xiao s.h.i.+ to complete an attack!


The moment the young man turned around, a blurry black saber beam had already flashed past his side. It directly cut off the young man’s right hand and the dark blue vine in his hand.

Xiao s.h.i.+’s thoughts were very clear. He knew that the best way to deal with this young man was to not give him a chance to use his exclusive item. The only thing that could threaten him was the exclusive item in his hand. Therefore, Xiao s.h.i.+ chose to cut off his arm the moment he arrived.

Before that, he first used the domain formed by the Imperial Wors.h.i.+p Robe to hide himself and his guards. Apart from isolating power, this wors.h.i.+p domain could also hide the people inside. Under the effect of concealment, the people outside the field would not be able to sense the existence of the domain with their naked eyes and spiritual senses. Only after stepping into the domain could one see the hidden person in the domain.

Xiao s.h.i.+ had long predicted that after the other party stepped into this domain, he would most likely choose to use his exclusive item. Thus, from the moment the other party stepped into the domain, he had already focused his gaze on the other party’s hand.

No matter what the other party had in his hand, he would cut it down immediately. He did not give the other party a chance to use it. In this domain, Xiao s.h.i.+ had the absolute initiative.

The pain of his broken arm made the muscles on the young man’s face twitch. However, compared to this pain, the anxiety in his heart was even stronger. This exclusive item was his greatest reliance here. He could not afford to lose! He had to get it back!

Accompanied by the young man’s low roar, a shocking crack suddenly appeared on his glabella. Scarlet blood flowed down the crack, forming a line of blood on his face. His eyes turned red. He directly used his powerful killing move to detonate a soul mark buried in his soul.

The detonation of this soul seal caused its soul power to burn crazily and increase at this moment, instantly reaching the limit of the Martial Demon Realm. It condensed into a blood-colored soul hand that grabbed at the arm that had been sent flying at an astonis.h.i.+ng speed.

During this process, walls kept forming within the domain in an attempt to block this blood-colored soul hand. However, this blood-colored soul hand had already reached the limit of the Martial Demon Realm. It was completely not something these walls could stop.

In less than a second, this blood-colored soul hand had already pierced through many walls and arrived in front of the broken hand. It grabbed the broken hand on the ground.

However, the moment the blood-colored soul hand touched the broken hand, a transparent and illusory saber suddenly trembled and slashed at the entire blood-colored soul hand. Under the high frequency vibration of the saber, this blood-colored soul hand could not withstand it at all even with its level. It directly shattered and exploded in such a high-frequency trembling.

The young man’s eyes widened. Disbelief was written all over his face. “How… How is this possible!!” He had clearly pushed his soul power to the limit of the Martial Demon Realm. Logically speaking, this blood-colored soul hand should have an unstoppable power. In the end, it was shattered by the other party’s saber. “Could it be that the saber he slashed out… is also an exclusive item at the Sage level?”

The young man felt that there was only one possibility. That was why his soul power, which had reached the peak of the Martial Demon Realm, was so easily shattered by the other party’s saber.

As the blood-colored soul hand shattered, the soul in the young man’s body began to become unstable. After all, the killing move he used had a huge hidden danger. Once he used it, his soul would be severely injured and become unstable. His head was dizzy, and his vision was blurry.

In this state, Xiao s.h.i.+ did not even need to use the Soul Shocking Saber to slash a second time. Xiao s.h.i.+’s figure flashed. Through the teleportation of the Kui Tiger Vajra Bloodline, he teleported behind the young man.


He punched through the young man’s body. He successfully killed him. With his current strength, it was basically not difficult for him to kill a first-stage Martial Soul Realm expert. The only thing he had to pay attention to was to not give the other party a chance to use his exclusive items.

Other than that, Xiao s.h.i.+ also realized that there was still a certain difference between the Martial Demon Realm martial artists in this area and the ordinary first-stage Martial Demon Realm martial artists outside.

After all, the Martial Demon Realm martial artists here had fallen from the second stage. Even though they no longer had the power of their demon avatars, they also had some powerful killing moves. He could not be too careless. Otherwise, there was still a possibility of failure.

The reason why it was so easy this time was mainly because the strongest killing move the other party used happened to be the power of the soul. It was perfectly countered by Xiao s.h.i.+’s Soul Shocking Saber.

Now, with the young man’s death, an item fell from his corpse. After Xiao s.h.i.+ picked it up, he was not in a hurry to investigate. Instead, he focused his gaze on the guards that belonged to the young man not far away. Killing intent flashed in his eyes. He could not kill his guards. However, he could casually kill the guards that belonged to this young man.


Xiao s.h.i.+’s figure flashed. He appeared in front of one of the guards. He raised his hand and grabbed his neck. With the strength of these guards, he could easily crush them to death with one hand.

However, the moment his palm touched the guard, his palm actually pa.s.sed through the guard’s neck. It was as if it pierced through the air.

“Hmm?” Xiao s.h.i.+ frowned. He then tried to grab the other guards. The result was the same. His palm could not touch these guards at all. Then, he tried to kill them with his soul power. However, even if it was soul power, there was no change. It was still unable to touch these guards. “In other words, be it my own guards or the guards of others, I can’t kill them.”

Xiao s.h.i.+ frowned deeply. He originally thought that by killing these guards, he would be able to obtain many exclusive items. Unexpectedly, these guards could not be killed at all. Apart from clearing the level, he could only kill other Martial Demon Realm experts if he wanted to obtain exclusive items here.

But he was lucky this time. He happened to encounter Martial Demon Realm cultivators from the three major domains, not the Great Wu Empire. If he encountered a Martial Demon Realm expert from the Great Martial Empire, he would not be able to kill it.

“In that case, it’s very difficult for me to obtain many exclusive items here at once.” Xiao s.h.i.+ originally thought that as long as he killed a Martial Demon Realm expert and the many guards around him, he would naturally be able to obtain a large number of exclusive items.

Unexpectedly, the guards could not be killed. This way, he would not be able to collect exclusive items quickly.

Xiao s.h.i.+ suddenly realized that the armor on these guards who originally belonged to the other party began to transform, constantly transforming into… armor that belonged to him. The gazes of these guards gradually changed from fear to reverence and fanaticism. They seemed to have turned into guards for his side..

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