The Great Genetic Era Chapter 1700: The Reappearance of the Tunnel and the Plan of Two Clans (2)

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Chapter 1700: The Reappearance of the Tunnel and the Plan of Two Clans (2)


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For example, the Five Mountains Divine Hall, the 12 Zodiacs Divine Hall, and so on. These palaces that were flickering with a trace of light were also absorbing energy from the outside world to restore the state of the small universe of the Heavenly Court.

However, these Divine Halls combined were not as much energy as the Ji Shui Star Lord Hall.

The other Star Officials were only low-level Star Officials.

But Star Lord Ji Shui was one of the top 28 Star Lords in the Heavenly Court. Right now, Star Lord Ji Shui has returned to normal. The benefits it brought to the small universe of the Heavenly Court were naturally extraordinary.

It could even be said that the effect was immediate.

At the same time, on Ceres Star.

Shang Long, who was cultivating, suddenly received an urgent notice from

Fang You. “Mr. Shang, the pa.s.sageway to the small universe of the Heavenly Court has appeared again!”

“What?” Shang Long suddenly stood up. “The pa.s.sageway to the small universe of the Heavenly Court has appeared again? Can one enter and leave?”

After asking the questions, Shang Long realized that he had asked for nothing. He had to take a look himself. In an instant, he turned into a sword light and flew out of the Wood Origin Palace. In the void above Ceres Star, a faint vortex had already appeared where the small cosmic tunnel of the Heavenly Court had previously appeared.

Not far away, the Spiritual Race’s Chi Jing and Shui Zhi appeared above the Fire Origin Palace at the same time.

A month and a half ago, Shui Zhi, who had disappeared into the universe after being injured, silently returned to the Fire Origin Palace. Although he had not obtained any huge results from his battle with Shang Long, Shui Zhi had used that battle to prove that he was the real him in the solar system.

The Shui Zhi. who had appeared in the Milky Wav. should be an illusion. He

was just the enemy’s loot. Such a simple plan made the Spiritual Race’s Sanctuary suspect the loyalty of an elder. It was mainly because the performance of the Solar System Expeditionary Force was too lousy.

Not only did they allow the Blue Star troops to charge into the Spiritual Race’s territory, but they also destroyed the quantum teleportation channel. Especially since this intergalactic quantum teleportation channel had been destroyed, Shui Zhi would definitely be the one to take the blame.

The main elder, Shui Zhi, was incompetent!

That was probably the evaluation.

Therefore, even if Shui Zhi returned to the Fire Origin Palace again, he did not obtain the command. The command still belonged to Chi Jing because the Sanctuary thought that he was incompetent.

Of course, there was also the internal struggle of the Sanctuary itself.

Shui Zhi was already trapped in the solar system. He could only wait for an opportunity. With how powerful the Nine Satellites Planetary realm was, as long as there was a chance, he would eventually have a chance to take back his command.

Shui Zhi no longer dared to kill another wave alone. In the previous battle, Shang Long had severely injured him even though he was only at the peak of the Eight Satellites.

But now, Shang Long had broken through to the Nine Satellites. Most importantly, Shang Long really dared to risk his life at the critical moment. However, in Shui Zhi’s opinion, there was no point in exchanging lives with Shang Long. It was not worth it.

If he exchanged his life for Shang Long’s, the benefits would all belong to Chi Jing who had obtained the command. It had nothing to do with him. At that time, Chi Jing would at most pretend to be sad in front of his tomb when he returned to the Sanctuary. He would even curse him for being stupid before he left.

Therefore, Shui Zhi also cowered. He would wait for the right time. The vortex tunnel in the small universe of the Heavenly Court had opened again. This made Shui Zhi feel that his chance had come.

The last time the Small Universe Vortex Tunnel was opened, the four races were all there. In order to balance and restrain each other, the four races only allowed Seven Satellites and below to enter.

But now, there were only the Blue Star humans and the Spiritual Race. If it was opened, Shui Zhi planned to personally kill his way into the small universe of the Heavenly Court to obtain opportunities. As for balance, he was no longer a commander. What was there to consider?

It would be even better if Shang Long was angry and poured out his anger to Chi Jing. If Shang Long could kill Chi Jing, it would be a huge help to him. He might have to secretly thank Shang Long!

Shang Long, Chi Jing, and Shui Zhi were all staring at the vortex tunnel of the Heavenly Court’s small universe. They were using their respective powers to explore and sense the vortex tunnel.

This was because after experiencing the vortex tunnel of the Heavenly Court’s small universe last time, they quickly came to a conclusion—the vortex tunnel of the Heavenly Court’s small universe had not been completely opened, but it was not far from being completely opened.

Perhaps in three to five days, or ten to eight days, or at most a month or two, the vortex tunnel of the small universe of the Heavenly Court would be completely opened.

Once the pa.s.sageway to the small universe of the Heavenly Court was completely activated, the Blue Star Humans and the Spiritual Race’s Solar System Expeditionary Force would face another problem.

They had to send someone into the small universe of the Heavenly Court. How could the two families enter?

These points were extremely important.

This was because Xu Tui had gained a lot after returning from the small universe of the Heavenly Court last time. It could even be said that he had increased the strength of the Blue Star humans by a large amount and brought out a main battle army.

He had to take this seriously. Not only did they have to send people in, but they also had to send experts in. If the Spiritual Race obtained those benefits, the consequences would be…

“Qingping, you and Mei Sen keep an eye on this place. Inform me immediately if there are any changes to the vortex tunnel in the small universe of the Heavenly Court.” With that, Shang Long left. He had to make preparations early. He had to gather the candidates who would enter the small universe of the Heavenly Court as soon as possible.

To be honest, there were many experts on the Blue Star who had broken through to the Planetary realm during this period of time. However, there were not many Five Satellites Planetary realm experts who could fight.

“Fang You, contact Shaochu and ask him how long he will be back!” After Shang Long finished speaking, he immediately contacted Wei Bin.

What happened next was very important.

In the distant Milky Way, an unreal vortex door of light suddenly appeared above a star called the Mulberry Star at the edge of the Star Field ruled by the Great Xi Clan. Its style and light fluctuations were exactly the same as above Ceres Star.

Less than a minute after they appeared, the Planetary realm powerhouses of the Great Xi Clan who had been guarding here suddenly became excited.

“It has appeared. It has really appeared.”

“Quick, contact the chief executive. The tunnel has appeared. The tunnel has really appeared.”

Ten minutes later, on Planet Atlan of the Great Xi Clan, the chief executive, Lu Qi, received a report from his subordinate in the Holy Temple of Revelation, the center of power of the Great Xi Clan.

“Did the tunnel really appear? You guys are awesome. I need a clear video of the tunnel now. Do you have any problems?” Lu Qi said.

“As you wish, honorable chief executive.”

Five minutes later, the chief executive of the Great Xi Clan, who had received the video of the pa.s.sageway, took the initiative to contact the Pope of the Muyas, Qiao An. Due to the distance, it took a full 30 minutes to connect to the ultra -long-range communication.

“Dear Lord Qiao An, I have a small surprise. Please admire it first.” With that, Lu Qi sent the video of the tunnel to Qiao An.

After Qiao An finished reading, the corners of her quiet face curled up. “It’s already appeared? Can people enter?”

“Not yet, but it should be soon. In two to three months at most, this tunnel will definitely be completely opened.”

“That’s good news.”

“Yes, it’s indeed good news. So, dear Lord Qiao An, are you ready?” Lu Qi asked.

“The army is ready. As long as our vanguard arrives and establishes a holy power teleportation channel, the army will be able to reach Mulberry Star continuously,” Qiao An said.

“I’m praising you, the wise Lord Qiao An.” Lu Qi smiled. “Our Great Xi Clan’s army is already prepared. We’re just waiting for the pa.s.sageway to open and kill our way through the small universe of the Heavenly Court and enter the solar system.”

Qiao An nodded gently, but she hesitated and said, “The Spiritual Race will definitely know about such a huge commotion.

“We are definitely unwilling to have a conflict with the Spiritual Race at this moment. What if the Spiritual Race wants to partic.i.p.ate?”

“If the Spiritual Race wants to partic.i.p.ate, they will definitely have to pay more than us! For example, the vanguard will definitely be theirs,” Lu Qi said.

“That’s good.”

In the suddenly dazzling Star Field in the Milky Way, the Holy Ancestor of the Spiritual Race directed his divine light at the intrinsic star that corresponded to the seal of the Star Lord of Ji Shui. He had wanted to find out the location of

the seal and head over along the way.

However, after searching with his senses for a long time, he lost all traces. “Tras.h.!.+” With a cold grunt, the Spiritual Race’s Holy Ancestor phantom disappeared.

In the Sanctuary, Great Elder Xu Yi, who was cultivating with his eyes closed, was suddenly shocked..

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