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Chapter 1830: This Sword Has the Aura of a Hero (1)


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“My sword is called Fall and Forward!” Seeing that he could not stop Gu Ji, Chi Jing, and Shui Zhi, Shang Long suddenly laughed loudly. The two flying swords that were dancing outside suddenly dissipated. Almost at the same time, an extremely sharp sword intent suddenly soared into the sky from his body.

Shang Long had become a sword in the eyes of Gu Ji, Shui Zhi, and Chi Jing.

Shang Long was more like a sword than a person. However, be it Gu Ji, Shui Zhi, or Chi Jing, they would naturally not stop attacking because of Shang Long’s words and the change in his aura.

Shang Long was nailed to the ground like a nail. While Shui Zhi and Chi Jing were attacking Shang Long from both sides, Gu Ji once again turned into a stream of light. He wanted to circle around Shang Long and charge towards the Southern Heavenly Gate City Pa.s.s.

Gu Ji could be said to have sinister intentions.

Shang Long must have discovered something and was trying his best to stop him. His charge was equivalent to attacking the enemy. Shang Long would definitely stop him. Once Shang Long stopped him, he would not be able to retreat. Then, attacking Shang Long at this moment would be a success.

If Shang Long did not stop him, he could take the opportunity to attack Shang Long from behind. The three of them would be in a siege. Shang Long would definitely die under the enemy’s attacks.

However, just as Gu Ji was about to charge over sinisterly, Shang Long’s right arm suddenly disintegrated inch by inch. The flesh and blood essence instantly turned into three blood swords.

The three blood swords slashed at Gu Ji, Shui Zhi, and Chi Jing.

Shui Zhi and Chi Jing were fine. Due to their fear of Shang Long, they maintained a certain distance from him. When the sword slashed over, they were forced back. Chi Jing, who had taken the sword head-on, vomited blood on the spot.

After all, in essence, Chi Jing was only at the peak of the Eight Satellites Planetary realm.

As Gu Ji was flying at high speed, he was directly behind Shang Long. Therefore, this blood sword slashed quickly.

One strike.

Gu Ji’s defense was broken by Shang Long’s blood sword. An inch-deep incision was made from his forehead to his abdomen. The blood-red sword energy lingered there for a long time. The energy in Gu Ji’s body surged over. He wanted to recover from his injuries, but he could not eliminate the sword energy in an instant.

This blood-colored sword energy was extremely stubborn and sharp. He had to use a large amount of energy to surround and melt it before he could melt Shang Long’s blood-colored sword energy.

Not only did this prevent Gu Ji’s injuries from recovering quickly, but it also restrained a portion of the power in his body, causing his aura to decrease.

Gu Ji was once again stopped in front of the Southern Heavenly Gate City Pa.s.s by Shang Long. Although he was stopped and injured, Gu Ji was not angry at


This was because Shang Long had paid a much greater price than him. In order to stop him, Shang Long had to pay the price of an arm. Although Gu Ji did not know what secret technique Shang Long was using, he knew very well that Shang Long only had two arms.

If he had the ability, he would destroy both arms.

Although the top Planetary realm powerhouses on the Blue Star could use technology to regenerate severed limbs, that also required time. Furthermore, it would take a long time for them to reach their previous level after regenerating the severed limbs.

Therefore, Gu Ji felt that Shang Long had paid a huge price and could not continue. It was impossible for Shang Long to sacrifice both possibilities.

Shui Zhi felt that Shang Long might have used a secret technique similar to a sacrifice. However, in the next moment, Gu Ji, Shui Zhi, and Chi Jing exclaimed at the same time.

Shang Long’s remaining left arm exploded into a large cloud of blood mist with a bang. It instantly condensed into three ferocious blood swords that slashed at Gu Ji, Shui Zhi, and Chi Jing.

The sword light was extremely fierce and sudden.

Shui Zhi and Chi Jing retreated in a panic. Chi Jing crazily activated the Flame Mirror in his hand and defended with all his might.

Chi Jing felt that he would probably be killed if Shang Long slashed him three to five times. He did not want to die here.

Gu Ji was still the unluckiest. He was injured previously. Coupled with the fact that Shang Long’s blood sword aura could not circle away, it affected his strength. At this moment, his sword struck the center.

Gu Ji, who was in shock, defended with all his might. However, this blood sword had fused with Shang Long’s physical strength. It was abnormally sharp and once again cut through Gu Ji’s defense. It also left a two-inch-deep and one-foot-long wound on Shang Long’s body. It stopped in his body and could not be melted in a short period of time.

“Brother Shui, Brother Chi, Shang Long is already an arrow at the end of its flight. Don’t be afraid. I’ll restrain him in front. The three of us will work together to kill him.”

Gu Ji’s words made Shui Zhi and Chi Jing agree. Shang Long was indeed at the end of his rope now that he had used such a desperate method. It was very likely that they would work together to kill him.

However, just as Gu Ji finished speaking, Shang Long’s left leg suddenly exploded into a b.l.o.o.d.y mist that emitted powerful energy fluctuations. It turned into four blood swords that instan tly soared into the sky and slashed out.

The four blood swords made Gu Ji, Shui Zhi, and Chi Jing tremble in fear. If he slashed at anyone, they would definitely be severely injured or even on the verge of death if he hit them. The four blood swords split into three and slashed at Gu Ji, Shui Zhi, and Chi Jing respectively. However, two of them slashed at the weakest Chi Jing. Chi Jing’s soul would dissipate if it hit..

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