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Chapter 1095: Mysterious Email!


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Jiang Chu had left his meeting partner hanging for nearly an hour, but when he anxiously pushed open the door, the fat and bald man didn’t seem to be angry.

He glanced at him, then with his cheeks flushed, he asked him to sit back down.

Jiang Chu should have been secretly happy with his att.i.tude, but he soon realized that there was a reason why he was in a good mood. There was a woman in the room that he didn’t know.

She was wearing a s.e.xy dress with a low neckline and a high fork. Her hair was wavy, and she was tall and had long black hair. Her makeup was thicker than his.

“Aiya.” The woman took the opportunity to throw herself into the arms of the man.

He laughed heartily as he helped her up and moved his hands up and down a few times.

The woman deliberately glanced at Jiang Chu with the pride of a victor.

He didn’t know which opposing company sent them to steal Jiang Chu’s position.

Obviously, this woman had successfully changed the client’s mind in the hour when Jiang Chu wasn’t around.

The reason why he asked Jiang Chu to sit across from him was to show him the consequences of offending him.

Jiang Chu was furious at first, but it didn’t last long.

Since he asked him to sit, he would not stand on ceremony.

He crossed his legs and lifted his chopsticks to eat the dishes on the table.

He realized that he was not as angry as he had imagined.

He just suddenly felt that it was boring.

The things he had been pursuing were all very interesting.

The client glanced at him from time to time, wanting to see his angry expression, but he could not see it.

Jiang Chu didn’t care that his behavior would infuriate him. He even leisurely took out his phone and immediately saw the message from Ms. Lan.

Jiang Chu:

The last time they met, Ms. Lan had already expressed her intentions clearly.

She wanted Jiang Chu to…help her!

Jiang Chu still remembered clearly how Ms. Lan had looked when she said those words on the day they met.

“Jiang Chu, you don’t have to do anything difficult. You’re her junior, and you went to the same school as her. You know her better than we do.”

“I don’t like to do mediocre programs. If an interview can become a cla.s.sic, it must be able to dig out things that other media outlets can’t.”

“Unveil the real Su Ji to the audience and reveal her unknown side. Our show will be exciting, and when the show airs, your popularity will be different from before.”

Su Ji’s image on the internet was too good, but the more it was like this, the more people wanted to break it.

Previously, Ji Xi, Sonya, and Zhou Xuefang had partic.i.p.ated in the interview. Later, because the three of them had collapsed one after another, netizens joked that that episode was the biggest stain on Ms. Lan’s career milestone.

However, the jokes that the netizens talked about with relish sounded like being stabbed by a needle or cut by a knife.

That’s right.

This was the biggest stain on her life!

She would never allow herself to make such a mistake again!

After that, she carefully reviewed the situation and a.n.a.lyzed the specific situation of the three people.

Among the three of them, Zhou Xuefang, a third-rate idol, could be ignored. As for the other two, they had both died in the hands of the Pei family!

One was the second master of the Pei family, and the other was the former CEO of the Pei family.

As the saying goes, a crooked beam will lead to a crooked peak. It seemed that the men of the Pei family were born to clash with the female celebrities in the entertainment industry.

The only person who had not been crushed was the newlywed wife of the third master of the Pei family, Su Ji.

Ms. Lan’s sixth sense had always been very accurate. She dared to say that Su Ji would fail sooner or later!

Because Jiang Chu stood Ms. Lan up last time, he clearly felt that he was being bullied by Ms. Lan and her manager in a cold and violent way.

Therefore, he was wary of Ms. Lan’s true character.

When Ms. Lan saw that he didn’t answer immediately, she reminded him.

“Jiang Chu, you can only stand on my side now. About selling information to the paparazzi to deal with the Pei family…if I found out, so can the Pei family.”

“Don’t be surprised. You should be able to predict that a profession that sells other people’s privacy for profit will not really keep your secrets. They don’t have the so-called professional ethics. It depends on whether the other party’s offer can satisfy them.”

“Before the Pei family kills you, you need to find someone to rely on as soon as possible. You don’t want to end your career in the entertainment industry right after you get your ticket, right?”

“I can let bygones be bygones for standing me up last time. Everyone has an emergency. In short, you will definitely not lose out if you cooperate with me…”

That day, Jiang Chu knew that Ms. Lan might look low-key, but she was actually a very conceited person.

Especially in front of a newbie like him, she didn’t bother to hide at all.

Jiang Chu would rather offend a gentleman than a villain.

Moreover, he had just gotten a ticket to the entertainment industry. His father’s bank loan was still being paid off by him.

As long as Ms. Lan asked him to deal with someone else, even if it was a movie king or queen, Jiang Chu would agree.

However, Su Ji…

Su Ji again.

And today, Ms. Lan sent a new message with the words Young Master Jiang, which was a clear threat.

As a veteran in the entertainment industry, her connections were not something that ordinary people could compare to. In just a few moments, he had been investigated.

This time, she had all the dirt on Jiang Chu…

How would he choose?

On Su Ji’s side.

She was satisfied with her first meal after returning to China.

Although it was still western food, there was still a difference between the western food in China and the authentic western food in Golden Town. This was obviously more in line with her taste.

Xu Mingzhi said that Su Cunyi shouldn’t have booked this Western restaurant. “My daughter has been eating Western food there for almost a month.”

Su Cunyi listened quietly to her scolding.

He did not dare to make a sound.

As Su Ji watched, she suddenly recalled the time when she first transmigrated.

Back then, she had lived with the Su family and had seen Su Cunyi’s state when Ning Lihua was at home.

At that time, Su Cunyi was very unyielding and could even be said to be somewhat chauvinistic.

Ning Lihua must obey him.

But now that he was with Madam Xu, the roles were completely reversed.

Su Ji did not know how the two of them would develop in the future, but no matter what, she had no right to influence them.

Because that was Madam Xu’s life.

Su Ji came back to her senses when she touched the porcelain plate.

Lowering her eyes, she saw Pei Huai pus.h.i.+ng over a freshly cut steak.

Each piece was very neat, and what was seen along with this steak was a new email notification that popped up on Su Ji’s phone.

Usually, if there were any endors.e.m.e.nts that were interested in her, she would directly contact Pei Xi or her a.s.sistant.

She had only left her email address in one place recently.

Su Ji’s fingertips paused slightly as she swiped open the email. It was a T-text message…

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