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Chapter 877: Slap in the Face!

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The staff member was shocked by Zhu Yiyi’s sudden appearance. He was stunned for a moment before replying, “ah, yes, yes.”.

“It is the O.G. you’re thinking of.”

“At first, we thought it was just a rumor, but I just saw Director Long sign the contract with my own eyes. This matter has been finalized. O.G.’s gown will really appear at our press conference next week!”

Zhu Yiyi couldn’t be blamed for not being calm.

If SK gowns were already considered heavenly dishes in the eyes of actresses, then O.G. gowns were the true OG of all gowns!

This brand was not as simple as ordinary luxury goods. Every gown of the brand had a label, a story, and a history.

In the past, only a few of the most prestigious international awards ceremonies would have one or two guests who were lucky enough to be sponsored by the brand.

Every time their gowns appeared in China, they would be the focus of the media. Even SK would be pushed out of the limelight.

“We didn’t expect it either. We struck gold this time.”

“The gown on the day of the press conference will definitely be on the news.”

“I heard that it’s not an ordinary new design. It’s a joint design by O.G. and a G.o.d-level designer! This gown has been featured in several world-cla.s.s fas.h.i.+on magazines. I didn’t expect it to appear at our reception for the first time. I’m already content to be able to take a closer look at the gown!”

“Yes, yes! The gown designed by the master must be seen up close! His fabric is an exclusive patent. Even if you take a photo, you won’t be able to capture its full beauty!”

“Oh G.o.d!!” Zhu Yiyi was extremely surprised.

Who knew which lucky person would be able to wear O.G. co-branded gown at the press conference next week?

“Do you know who they gave it to?” Zhu Yiyi asked.

Unlike most production teams, in order to avoid compet.i.tion between actors, they came forward to discuss the sponsors.h.i.+p of the gowns. As for which brand of gowns would be distributed to whom, the brand itself would have the final say. Of course, the opinions of the director would also play a role in the negotiations.

As for who had received the sponsors.h.i.+p of whose gowns, they would not announce it to the public. If they wanted to know, they would have to ask in private.

Zhu Yiyi didn’t even know what brand she had been a.s.signed to. The staff would only tell her when she signed the agreement.

At this moment, when she asked the question with a gossipy expression, the staff opposite her obviously looked troubled. ‘We can’t talk about this. Please understand.”

The corner of Zhu Yiyi’s mouth sank.

She shrugged her shoulders in disappointment. Just by looking at the expressions of the staff, she knew that O.G. definitely had nothing to do with her.

Actually, she was just asking casually. She did not have much hope at first. After all…she was not the female lead of this drama.

Regardless of whether it was the brand owners or directors, the dresses were definitely distributed according to seniority.

In the production team, this referred to the weight of the role.

For a big brand like O.G., it was obvious that it would be for Nan Miaomiao.


If Nan Miaomiao got O.G., she should be able to get SK. That would be a great honor

Just as she was thinking about this, the door of the conference room was pushed open again.

A few staff members came in with the contract. Nan Miaomiao came in with them.

She was followed by a manager and three a.s.sistants, who each brought her a bag, a parasol, and drinks.

The busiest one was the a.s.sistant who was holding the drinks. There were three types of drinks in his hands, both hot and cold. There were also straws inserted into them, and each of them had been taken a few sips.

There was a healthy porridge with Chinese goji berries, a honey lemon tea, and a coconut pearl milk tea to relieve the sweetness.

Zhu Yiyi rolled her eyes and pulled out a chair to sit down.

How many mouths does she have to drink three kinds of drinks at once.

No matter when Nan Miaomiao appeared, she would always look like a diva.

She was extremely delicate and arrogant. She was afraid that others would not know that she was the female lead.

Zhu Yiyi and the others usually had their tails between their legs and were always being written about by the paparazzi. However, Nan Miaomiao was still so good even now. The netizens were really unfair.

Zhu Yiyi was unhappy, but she also knew that this was how it was in the entertainment industry. In a production team, whoever got the female lead was the authority. It was her fault that she didn’t get the female lead back then, so she deserved to be suppressed by Nan Miaomiao now. Similarly, when she was with actresses who had smaller scenes than her, she also had an advantage.

Thinking of this, she felt more at ease.

Nan Miaomiao glanced around the conference room and sat on the chair beside her.

Zhu Yiyi looked away in annoyance.

The staff members walked towards them with the prepared contracts in their hands. Zhu Yiyi followed them and looked over.

One of the staff members met her gaze. The item in that person’s hand was obviously the dress that she had received as a sponsor.

Sure enough, the person stopped in front of her and politely smiled as he placed the agreement in his hand on her desk.

“Ms. Zhu, this is your gown for this press conference. Take a look. If there are no problems, you can sign the contract. We can arrange for the staff to take your size.”

“There’s no need to look at it. There’s definitely no problem.” Zhu Yiyi curled her lips and appeared very magnanimous. “I’m not picky.”

As she spoke, she glanced at Long Dahai, who was busy making a call. She had specially asked a.s.sistant Director Long to take care of her, so it couldn’t be too bad.

She heard that SK’s early autumn gowns this year were exquisite, and they were all made of real diamonds.

Long Dahai pressed his phone to his ear and waited for the call to go through. Suddenly, he felt a sticky sensation on his back. It was a disgusting feeling.

Nan Miaomiao hated Zhu Yiyi’s pretentious act the most. She snorted and sipped her milk tea calmly.

Her agent had already contacted Long Dahai about the sponsor of the gown, so she could sign the agreement today.

The staff member smiled and said to Zhu Yiyi, “thanks for understanding.”

Then, he pushed the agreement in front of her. “But you should still take a look and go through the process.”

Zhu Yiyi replied, “alright

As she spoke, she reached out to take it.

She opened the first page of the agreement and looked at the name column.

The first letter was not “S”.

Zhu Yiyi sat up straight and pulled the agreement in front of her.

The second letter wasn’t “K”.

It wasn’t even written in English.

“Shuilan House”

Zhu Yiyi’s gown sponsors.h.i.+p this time was from Shuilan House.

It was a local brand. The quality was excellent, the style was elegant, but…. Zhu Yiyi didn’t like it!

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