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Chapter 512

Gaara glared at him. “There are no such birds in this desert!”

“Heh, I originally wanted to launch a sneak attack, but it looks like I can’t hide it anymore. However, it saves me the trouble of looking for you.”

With a malicious smile on his face, he pinched another handful of clay and threw many birds at him.


When Gaara saw this, he created a few sand walls. The white bird bomb hit it, causing the sand walls to collapse.

Gaara didn’t want him to continue being arrogant in the sky. So, Gaara crossed his arms, and then two large hands rose from the ground and grabbed at the white bird.

These two large hands were the claws of a crane that had gathered the sand.

The two large hands formed a circle, wanting to crush the great bird to death.


Deidara threw out some clay bombs, wanting to blow up this mutated claw in an attempt to break out of the encirclement. However, he did not expect that its hardness was not comparable to ordinary sand walls. Such a large amount of bombs were basically ineffective against it.

“Sand Binding Prison!”

Under the control of Gaara two large hands had wrapped around Deidara.

“No, not good!”

Deidara was shocked, but he still found a gap to escape and flew out.

However, Gaara was not a pushover. The moment he charged out, Gaara used sand to wrap around his left arm.

“Sand Binding Coffin!”

Gaara cast a spell, and the sand wrapped around his left arm instantly tightened, bringing with it a rain of blood.

Deidara who had lost an arm, did not feel sad for this. Instead, he sighed and said, “As expected of a JInchuriki. I don’t have much clay left. It’s only enough for one attack.”

Deidara also remembered the information about Gaara. The information also mentioned that there was a certain amount of sand in the gourd behind his back. In other words, there was only that pile of sand that he had injected a large amount of chakra, which was the sand he made up

Deidara thought about the next countermeasures. The two confronted each other in the air. The sand castle below, Baki (Gaara’s teacher), and the group of elite ninjas looked up and could not help but worry for Gaara.

The expression of Kankuro was obviously a little anxious. Baki, as the person who fought with Kazekage-sama and seemed to be the member of the team, ordered the ninjas, “Go and prepare for the battle. The medical team open the barrier and cover Kazekage-sama!”


After the ninja set up a line of defense according to his orders, Baki said, “Kankuro.”

“What is it?”

“We will consider the situation of Gaara going out of control and think of a way to deal with it in advance.”

Unexpectedly, after listening to these words, Kankuro said firmly, “No need, Gaara will never do anything to harm the village.”

As he said this, Kankuro remembered the words Gaara said to him alone after the exam.

The current Gaara is different from before, he had becoming less gloomy and bloodthirsty.

Moreover, at that time, he had spoken his thoughts from the bottom of his heart. He could also feel that he was sincere.

Therefore, when Baki-sensei said these words, he still felt a little unhappy and felt that there was no need at all.

In the battle circle in the sky, Gaara used sand to make a huge platform of sand and wrapped myself in it. Gaara left a hole in his head to look at Diedara, ready to attack at any time.

In the air, Diedara pinched out an even larger clay bird and looked down with a sinister smile. “Why not just destroy this rotten village with this mixed clay and chakra formed by my palm? This is my killer, mixed with the highest degree of C3, the explosive power of the excellent art!”

After muttering to himself for a long time, Deidara directly threw that lump of clay downwards.

“Then what is that?”

When the ninjas below looked up, a white ma.s.s of foreign matter was falling rapidly.

“Not good! Everyone, get out of the way!”

“It’s too late!”

“Rumble!” There was a huge thunder on the ground, and it was like an atomic bomb exploding. The bomb scattered in all directions like a shockwave the moment it landed.

Some ninjas could not bear to see their village destroyed and blocked their eyes. Some of the ninjas felt a sharp pain in their hearts because their families were still below.

The shock wave caused by the sudden explosion spread in all directions, and the energy of the explosion was so strong that they could not open their eyes.

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