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1021 How Much Do You Want To Spend To Buy Your Life?

Crazy Leopard grinned hideously at Liu Tianci. “Since your cousin has chosen to break a leg, the rest is yours.”

As he spoke, he took a machete from a subordinate and slowly walked forward.

“No, no, no. Don’t…”

Liu Tianci immediately retreated in fear.

At this moment, two of Crazy Leopard’s subordinates walked out and held him down.

“Cousin, save me…”

Liu Tianci couldn’t break free from the two men and hurriedly asked his cousin Tang Huarong for help.

Tang Huarong couldn’t even protect himself now, so how could he care about him? He hurriedly turned his head to the side.

Liu Tianci was furious. “Tang Huarong, f*ck your ancestors! If anything happens to me, my dad will definitely not let you off!”

Crazy Leopard walked over unsteadily. “Alright, stop shouting. If you want to blame someone, blame yourself for not having eyes. You actually b.u.mped into Mr. Ye. Don’t worry, it’ll be over soon.”

As he spoke, he grabbed Liu Tianci’s ankle and slowly raised the machete.

“Wait a minute!” Liu Tianci shouted with a sobbing tone, “I… I have money. I can spend money to save my life…”

Crazy Leopard stopped and turned to look at Ye Feng.

Ye Feng walked over slowly and looked down at Liu Tianci. “How much do you want to spend to buy your life?”

Liu Tianci looked at him with trepidation. “I… I’ll pay 1… 1 million…”

Ye Feng could not help but laugh. “Are you treating me like a country b.u.mpkin who has never seen money before?”

“Since your life is only worth 1 million, I’ll buy it. I’ll transfer 1 million to your family after this.”

After saying that, he turned his head to Crazy Leopard.

Crazy Leopard understood and raised his machete again.

“Stop! I… I’ll spend 5 million… 5 million…”

Tianci Liu, who was 1.8 meters tall, was so scared that he started crying. He was a spoiled rich kid who had never experienced such a scene.

However, Ye Feng was still expressionless. He was clearly not moved.

Crazy Leopard continued to swing his machete.

“Ah… 10 million, I’ll pay 10 million…” Liu Tianci hurriedly shouted. His crotch was already wet, and a stench was coming out.

Crazy Leopard’s machete stopped at the base of his thigh. If he was a second slower, he would have slashed.

Everyone present was silent out of fear as they watched this scene.

Although some people expressed sympathy, most people felt that he deserved it.

Mr. Ye had already let him off before. He was the one who courted death and insisted on finding trouble again. Who could he blame?

Ye Feng pinched his nose as he stared at Liu Tianci. “Let me name the price, If you think it’s suitable, just nod.”

“For such a precious young master like you, it shouldn’t be too much to ask you for 10 million yuan for one hand, right?”

Liu Tianci was stunned. 10 million for one hand? Wasn’t this too expensive?

But he could tell that Ye Feng was not joking. If he did not agree, the other party would not hesitate to chop off one of his hands.

“Not too much, not too much.” He hurriedly nodded in agreement.

“20 million for one leg. That’s not too much, right?” Ye Feng continued to ask.

“No, no, no. It’s not too much.” Liu Tianci nodded again.

“Then your head… Is it too much to ask you for 50 million?” Ye Feng continued to ask.

“Ah?” Liu Tianci hesitated for a moment.

The two hands added up to 20 million, the two legs added up to 40 million, and if the head was included, it would be over 100 million.

Although their family was considered rich compared to ordinary people, it was still quite difficult to take out hundreds of millions of yuan in one go.

Ye Feng saw his hesitation and sneered: “Since you think that your head is not worth 50 million, then just chop it off…”

“Don’t… It’s worth it. It’s worth 50 million…” Liu Tianci shouted hurriedly. Although money was important, his life was more important.

Ye Feng immediately gave Crazy Leopard a look. “Chop off one of his hands.”


Crazy Leopard did not hesitate this time. He immediately raised his knife and chopped off Liu Tianci’s right hand.

“Ah…” Liu Tianci screamed and almost fainted.

He didn’t understand why the other party would still make a move when he had already agreed to pay.

Everyone was shocked by this b.l.o.o.d.y scene, and many timid people screamed.

Cheng Fei’er couldn’t help but frown. She slowly turned her head away, not wanting to look anymore.

Xiao Changqing’s eyes were filled with admiration. Those who could achieve great things had to be decisive in killing and could not have any soft-heartedness.

Although Mr. Ye was young, he was not inferior to him in this aspect.

The younger generation was truly formidable!

“I let you off previously. Before I left, I told you that if you into me again, it won’t be so easy. You’re the one who ignored me…”

Ye Feng squatted beside Liu Tianci and said coldly: “I broke your hand because I wanted to tell you that you can’t do whatever you want just because you have money.”

“There are many things that you can’t buy with money, such as medicine for regret.”

Beads of sweat rolled down Liu Tianci’s forehead. He looked at Ye Feng with fear in his eyes.

He was indeed regretting it. The other party had let him off back then. He should have just obediently scram. Why didn’t he give up? Why did he find someone to take revenge?

Now, not only did he not succeed in his revenge, he even lost a hand.

Ye Feng took out his phone from his pocket. “Call your family and transfer the rest of the money over.”

“You have ten minutes. If the money isn’t here yet, I’ll chop off your hand.”

Liu Tianci did not dare to delay. He hurriedly dialed his father’s number with his remaining left hand.

“Tianci, did you have fun at Gambling City? Where did your cousin take you to play…”

When the call connected, the other party was still nagging.

Liu Tianci interrupted with a heavy sobbing tone, “Dad, I… I’ve caused trouble. The other party wants you to quickly transfer 100 million yuan over. Otherwise, they’ll chop off my head and limbs. One of my hands has already been chopped off…”

His words were too shocking. The other party was silent for a long time before the phone suddenly hung up.

Immediately after, he received a video call. The other party probably thought that his son was joking.

Liu Tianci did not dare to act on his own. He quickly turned to look at Ye Feng.

“Answer it.” Ye Feng did not stop him.

Liu Tianci was relieved and hurriedly picked up the video call.


When the middle-aged man saw his son’s b.l.o.o.d.y face and broken hand in the video, he was immediately shocked.

“Tianci, this… What’s going on? You… Who did you offend? Aren’t they too ruthless?”

“Hurry up and call the Office…”

“Dad, you… Stop talking nonsense. If you don’t want to see your son’s head chopped off, you… Hurry up and transfer the money.” Liu Tianci was shocked when he heard his father’s words.

His father was really smart. Did he think that this was the mainland?

Since the other party dared to chop off his hands and feet on the street, he was naturally not afraid that he would inform the officials.

The middle-aged man calmed down a little. “Where’s your cousin? Didn’t he come to save you?”

Liu Tianci pointed the video at Tang Huarong. “Cousin is here too. He… He can’t even protect himself.”

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