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711 Old Colleague! (1)

“Hey, don’t be so agitated! We haven’t seen each other for so long. Shouldn’t we catch up? It’s not in line with hospitality for you to attack as soon as I come up.”

The Heavenly Emperor’s figure flashed and he barely dodged Lin Haoran’s violent punch. This soul clone of his in the lower realm was only at the Perfected Great Dao. It was clearly impossible for him to win in a short period of time when he encountered Lin Haoran, who was also at the Perfected Great Dao and had fused with a portion of the Will of Heaven and Earth fragments.

Moreover, his soul clone was only an ordinary clone. There was no Origin Mark inside, so the energy in his body was limited. Once it was exhausted, his soul clone would immediately disappear.

It was precisely because of this that he did not want to have any conflict with Lin Haoran. After all, his soul clone had a mission in the lower realm.

If Lin Haoran intercepted it, who could he reason with?

Furthermore, the other party had fused with a portion of the Will of Heaven and Earth of this world. It was clearly impossible for the other party to deal with him in the Four Square Regions.


The Heavenly Emperor’s eyes lit up. Unless he could use the Heaven Sealing Power to forcefully seal the Will of Heaven and Earth in the other party’s body that communicated with the world.

However… this was just his wishful thinking.

He also wanted to master the Heaven Sealing Power.

However, his talent was limited… No, it was because the teachers who taught him were not good enough that he spent an entire day without mastering them.

One of his goals in coming to the lower realm this time was to find Lin Bei and learn the authentic Heaven Sealing Power from him!

Lin Haoran ignored what the Heavenly Emperor said to him. His fists kept smas.h.i.+ng in the direction of the Heavenly Emperor, not giving him a chance at all.

As for the Heavenly Emperor, he did not want to cause trouble.

“What a huge grudge!”

The Heavenly Emperor’s power projection clone kept dodging Lin Haoran’s rain-like fists and rushed in the direction of the Four Square Regions.

On one hand, he didn’t want to waste too much energy here. After all, he had a mission. On the other hand, Lin Haoran was his old colleague. Back then, they just didn’t see eye to eye. It wasn’t like they had a deep grudge. There shouldn’t be such a huge scene.

“I don’t think there’s a need for us to fight when we meet. We just don’t see eye to eye. There’s no need to fight to the death!”

As the Heavenly Emperor dodged and hurried along, he did not forget to shout at Lin Haoran.

Lin Haoran was also very familiar with his old colleague, the East Heavenly Emperor, so he completely ignored the East Heavenly Emperor’s shouts at him.

It kept depleting his strength.

“You’re ignoring me completely. Isn’t it a little boring? I already said that it’s a private matter.”

Seeing that his shout at Lin Haoran did not seem to have any effect, the Heavenly Emperor was a little angry. This Lin Haoran had not changed at all. He was still so stubborn.

Back then, the departure of the four ministers had a lot to do with Lin Haoran’s stubborn personality.

“You don’t have to do this, right? If you continue to chase after me, don’t blame me for not giving you face as an old colleague!”

At this moment, Lin Haoran had been chasing after the Heavenly Emperor for a long time, but he had no intention of giving up. He kept chasing after the Heavenly Emperor.

The Heavenly Emperor calculated in his heart. Although he had only scratched the surface of the Heaven Sealing Power, it might still be effective to scare this stubborn old man. After all, Lin Haoran was a traditional and stubborn person.

This Heaven Sealing Power was one of the strongest ancient martial arts power in ancient times.

However, Lin Haoran was not stupid. It was good to use this method to buy himself some time to catch his breath so that he would not be chasing after him.

How could he do what he was doing if the guy kept chasing him!

“In that case, I’ll let you have a taste of my new ultimate move!”

The Heavenly Emperor’s words seemed to have made Lin Haoran react. They had not seen him for a long time. Could it be that the Heavenly Emperor had a new opportunity?

However, Lin Haoran thought about it again. Was there any opportunity here that he did not know about? He had already fused with some fragments of the Will of Heaven and Earth. If any major opportunity appeared, he would definitely sense it.

Also! This person had always liked to talk nonsense.

“Stop talking and save your strength to escape. Perhaps you can see the mystic realm before I blow you up.”

“What a stubborn old man who doesn’t listen to anything.”

The Heavenly Emperor stopped and his expression darkened.

Power condensed and a violent wind instantly blew in the void. The power of the Great Dao was constantly stirred. Countless power followed the Heavenly Emperor’s hands and seemed to be about to form a seal around Lin Haoran.

Seeing this, Lin Haoran’s expression changed drastically.

“This is! Heaven Sealing Power!”

If he was sealed by the Heavenly Emperor’s Heaven Sealing Power, without the help of the Will of Heaven and Earth, he would definitely not be a match for this soul projection. Then, all his years of hard work would be wasted.

Just as Lin Haoran’s attention was focused on the Heaven Sealing Power seal, the Heavenly Emperor seized the opportunity and tore open more than a hundred voids, disappearing from Lin Haoran’s sight.

“Lin Haoran, you were indeed intimidated by me.”

On the other side.

As the Heavenly Emperor had expected, Lin Haoran was indeed intimidated by the Heavenly Emperor’s powerful aura.

When Lin Haoran saw that the seal was about to form, he only had one thought in his heart. He could not be sealed. He did not notice that the Heavenly Emperor had escaped his sight at that moment.

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