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Chapter 1131 - 1131 Repairing The Shadow Canopy! Zhou Zhou's Request

“Your Excellency Orofa, you don’t have to be so polite.”

“Jick and Celie are two good children. They’re also very hardworking in what they like to do. I actually didn’t take care of them much.”

“Your Excellency, you’re too kind.” Orofa sighed.

“He” was about to achieve “His” 1,000-year goal. Wasn’t this considered taking care of “Him”? “He” wasn’t stupid.

After that, “He” didn’t talk much about this matter and changed the topic. “I heard that Your Majesty invited me here to repair a pseudo-racial divine artifact?”


Zhou Zhou nodded. Then, with a flip of his right hand, he saw the somewhat tattered Shadow Canopy appear in “His” hand.

“Your Majesty, please let me take a look.”

When Orofa saw this pseudo-racial divine artifact, his expression immediately turned serious as he said seriously,

Zhou Zhou did not say much. With a thought, he saw the Shadow Canopy instantly appear in front of Orofa.

Orofa placed it in his hand and observed it carefully. Then, he nodded.

“It’s indeed a good pseudo-race divine artifact.”

“In time, it might be possible to advance to a true race divine artifact in the future.”

“Can it be repaired?”

Zhou Zhou asked directly.

“Does Your Majesty have a blueprint to create this pseudo-racial divine artifact?” Orofa asked.


Zhou Zhou immediately said.

Then, he directly took out the blueprint for the creation of the race’s divine artifact from his King’s Treasure Box and teleported in front of Orofa.

Orofa watched for a while before a smile appeared on his face.

Then, “He” looked at Zhou Zhou.

“Before I obtain this blueprint, I’m only 30% confident in repairing this pseudo-racial divine artifact.”

“But now that I have this blueprint, I’m 100% confident that I can repair it.” Orofa smiled.

“That’s good.”

“Your Excellency Orofa, let’s go down and talk.”

Zhou Zhou pointed at the Blazing Sun Kingdom below.

He couldn’t keep chatting in the sky.

“Thank you for your kindness, Your Majesty.”

“But I won’t go for the time being.”

“I plan to return to the Sun Star with this pseudo-race divine artifact and the manufacturing blueprint now.”

“My forging tools and repair tools are all in the Divine Kingdom of the Sun Star.”

“After I return, I can immediately start repairing this pseudo-race divine artifact.”

Orofa shook his head.

Zhou Zhou was a little surprised.

He did not expect the other party to have such a swift and decisive personality.

In that case, Zhou Zhou didn’t say anything else and directly asked,

“Your Excellency, what price do I have to pay to repair this pseudo-racial divine artifact?”

“It’s just a pseudo-race divine artifact. It’s not difficult for me to repair it.”

“Moreover, His Majesty has nurtured my disciple and granddaughter so well. I can’t thank him enough. How can I still ask for your salary?”

“Repair this pseudo-racial divine artifact. Take it as a small token of my appreciation to Your Majesty.”

Orofa shook his head.

Orofa was very happy to see that his disciple and granddaughter had improved so much under Zhou Zhou’s command. His impression of Zhou Zhou had also improved greatly.

Therefore, “He” did not want the reward for repairing the pseudo-racial divine artifact.

“How can I do that!?”

Zhou Zhou immediately refused.

In the end, after “He” repeatedly persuaded him, Orofa still insisted on not accepting any remuneration. He even said that if “He” were to continue persuading “Him” to accept remuneration, it would be looking down on “Him.” Only then did Zhou Zhou give up on the idea and not mention this matter again.

“Your Excellency, I have another request.”

“My disciple and my granddaughter have already arrived at the barrier of advancement. I want to temporarily bring them back and accept my teachings until they become true divine artifact forgers. I wonder if that’s possible?”

Orofa looked at Jick and Celie and said lovingly.

Of course, “He” could also take Jick and Celie away.

However, they were now officials of the Blazing Sun Kingdom and had responsibilities and authority, so it was better to tell Zhou Zhou about this.


“You are their teacher and grandfather, and you are also a master-level divine artifact forger. This King agrees to this request.”

Zhou Zhou said without hesitation.

“Thank you, Your Majesty.”

A grin appeared on Orofa’s face.

Then, Orofa was about to leave with Jick and Celie when Zhou Zhou suddenly said,

“Your Excellency Orofa.”

“Is there anything else, Your Majesty?”The origin of this chapter's debut can be traced to N0v3l-B1n.

Orofa was surprised.

“My territory is currently short of a mature master-level divine artifact forger.”

“I wonder if Your Excellency Orofa is interested in coming to my kingdom and becoming our country’s chief divine relic forgers?”

“In terms of treatment, I can give Your Excellency a price that will definitely satisfy you.” Zhou Zhou said.

“His” current territory really lacked a divine relic forgers.

“He” already had countless ordinary divine artifacts after all.

Even the number of True G.o.d-Tier Divine Artifacts could be stated to be unimaginable.

Even for the legendary Master G.o.d-Tier Divine Artifacts, Zhou Zhou already had 10 of them.

However, “He” did not have any divine relic forgers, even if they were the lowest-level divine artifact forgers.

“He” could only watch helplessly as some low-level ordinary divine artifacts were damaged or even sc.r.a.pped due to overuse or intense battles.

Even though “He” didn’t lack race divine artifacts, “He” couldn’t waste them favor this.

Therefore, “He” really wanted to ask Orofa to stay in “His” territory.

Even if “He” knew that Regal Great Solar and Regal Great Lunar had already given the order not to allow the G.o.d Spirits under “Him” to partic.i.p.ate in the current Lord of All Races compet.i.tion, “He” still wanted to give it a try.

“There is currently no divine relic forgers in my territory.”

“As long as Your Excellency is willing to join my kingdom, it will be very meaningful to me and my Lord’s faction!”

“I will never forget Your Excellency’s decision to join our country in the future.” Zhou Zhou stated seriously.

When Orofa heard this, he could not help but be tempted.

Of course, “He” understood what Zhou Zhou meant.

As the saying went, adding icing on the cake was not as good as providing charcoal in time of need.

Joining a powerful faction when they were in the limelight was a completely different concept from joining a weak faction.

If “He” joined the Blazing Sun Kingdom now, “He” would definitely be the most dazzling existence in this desert without any divine relic forgers. Zhou Zhou would also rely on “Him” greatly.

When the Blazing Sun Kingdom became an empire, a Divine Kingdom, or even a more powerful Lord faction in the future, even if stronger divine relic forgers appeared, “He” would undoubtedly be a subject of the dragon!

His status, ident.i.ty, and the level of trust the leader of the faction had in him were not something that the later generations could compare to.

Most importantly, the Common People’s Regal and the Blazing Sun Kingdom were publicly acknowledged as the most popular candidates for the Lord of All Races!

There might not even be one!

After joining the Blazing Sun Kingdom and becoming a subordinate of the Common People’s Regal, as long as the Blazing Sun Kingdom could continue to grow with its current momentum, all the living beings following “He” would definitely have a bright future.

Orofa pondered.

From the looks of it, coming to help the Common People’s Regal was indeed a good choice.

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