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Chapter 1231 - 1231 Killed In One Strike!

“Master G.o.d-Tier… Terrence…”

“How could it be ‘Him’?!”

All the Master G.o.d-Tier looked at this sacred and mighty figure bathed in the sunlight. For a moment, many Master G.o.d-Tier actually revealed looks of fear. Some Master G.o.d-Tier even wanted to turn around and escape.

This was not their fault.

This seemingly divine and holy Master G.o.d-Tier was really too famous!

Most of the other nine Master G.o.d-Tiers of the 10 Master G.o.ds kept a low profile and rarely appeared in front of the life forms of the myriad worlds.

However, this Master G.o.d-Tier was different.

Not only did he frequently appear in the myriad worlds, he even directly or indirectly led many inter-universe wars that covered many universes!

And it wasn’t just one or two, but dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of universes starting a war together.

There were even many Master G.o.d-Tiers who had once been famous. Because they had angered this unpredictable Master G.o.d-Tier, this Master G.o.d-Tier had mobilized his troops in anger. After that, not only had he killed the Master G.o.d-Tier, but even the races and worlds under their command had been tragically exterminated!

Many top-notch bloodline races that were once prominent for a period of time were eliminated from the top-notch bloodline races because they had provoked the Master G.o.d-Tier Terrence.

Among the 10 Master G.o.d-Tiers, in terms of combat strength ranking and ferocious might ranking, this Master G.o.d-Tier was definitely at the top!

Even a race like the Original Spirit Race was unwilling to easily form enmity with the Master G.o.d-Tier.

“Your Excellency Terrence…”

Olosius looked at Terrence, who had a cold expression on his face. For a moment, he felt his throat dry up. The madness and ambition from before instantly disappeared as if they had been blown away by the wind.

If the 30-odd Master G.o.d-Tiers were to combine their attacks, they might be able to suppress the Machina G.o.d-Tier and the G.o.ddess of Life, two of the 10 Master G.o.d-Tier existences.

However, if there was also a Master G.o.d-Tier…


Even if there was only this Master G.o.d-Tier, it would be very difficult for them to deal with him if they joined forces.

This was the terrifying deterrence of the Master G.o.d-Tier!

The main G.o.d-Tier G.o.d Spirit that used war as its name and nomological path could be said to be the strongest among the 10 Master G.o.d-Tiers!

“Could this be the end of my fate?”

“He” muttered to himself.

Terrence shook his head when he saw Olosius’ expression. Then, he pulled out a pair of Yellow Gold axes from his back and raised them high behind him before throwing them out forcefully.

The golden one-handed axe turned into a golden divine light that cut through the s.p.a.ce along the way, forcefully cutting out a spatial pa.s.sageway. It charged towards Olosius with a shocking aura that seemed to tear the sky apart.

Olosius broke out in cold sweat when “He” saw this. An extremely terrifying sense of danger instantly swept through “His” body and mind, causing “Him” to immediately retreat from his trance.

If he couldn’t dodge this axe, he would die!

Almost instinctively, “He” immediately activated his life-saving Law Skill. His entire body turned into 99 golden Lights of Fate that shot in all directions.

These 99 Lights of Fate illuminated the endless s.p.a.cetime. Wherever they pa.s.sed, it was as if they had pa.s.sed through s.p.a.cetime, making it impossible to know where they were going.

This was Olosius’s most important life-saving Law Skill—Light of Fate!

Lights are often symbolic, representing time, burning, light, and hope.

These 99 Lights of Fate also represented Olosius’s 99 chances of survival.

As long as one of the 99 Lights of Fate that could travel through time and s.p.a.ce could not be extinguished, “He” could use it to be reborn.

Even though using such a Law Skill would also greatly exhaust “His” origin, that didn’t matter.

The name of the Master G.o.d-Tier was too famous.

“He” was worried that any hesitation or reluctance from “Him” would result in death!

However, Terrence sneered when he saw this scene.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh, swoosh, swoosh…

The axe that “He” had thrown out suddenly split into 99 pieces and instantly flew towards the 99 Lights of Fate, destroying them all.

Olosius died before he could react!

The Master G.o.d-Tiers were instantly stunned when they saw this.

Olosius was the strongest among them, a genuine Master G.o.d-Tier Advance Grade G.o.d Spirit.

This Master G.o.d-Tier had actually killed an Advance Grade Master G.o.d with just one strike?

Then wouldn’t killing them be as easy as killing rats?

All the Master G.o.d-Tier were terrified.

This Master G.o.d-Tier was indeed the most terrifying Master G.o.d among the ten Master G.o.ds.

At the same time, Zhou Zhou was also stunned when he saw this scene.

Killing a Master G.o.d-Tier in one strike?!

Was this the combat power of the top ten Master G.o.d-Tiers who were infinitely close to the Supreme G.o.d Realm?

“His” gaze landed on Terrence’s pair of Yellow Gold axes. “His” gaze focused slightly, sensing the aura on them.

Master G.o.d-Tier Divine Artifact!

Furthermore, it was a Master G.o.d divine artifact that was extremely compatible with Terrence’s laws of war!

Then, “He” roughly sized up the other divine artifacts on Terrence.

He discovered that although the other divine artifacts didn’t have Master G.o.d-Tier Divine Artifacts, they were still a set of top-notch True G.o.d-Tier Divine Artifacts.

Zhou Zhou nodded inwardly.

No wonder.

Master G.o.d-Tier Terrence’s strength was already ranked among the top ten Master G.o.d-Tiers!

Coupled with an offensive Master G.o.d-Tier Divine Artifact that could make “He” even more powerful, “He” had such terrifying combat power. It was indeed not a problem for “Him” to be ranked first among the ten Master G.o.d-Tiers.

Then, “He” became happy.

The stronger the Master G.o.d-Tier, the safer “He” would be. There was no reason for “Him” to be unhappy.

At this moment, Terrence suddenly looked at His Excellency Zero and His Excellency Tritis, and a rough smile appeared on his face.

“Your Excellency Zero, Your Excellency Tritis.”

“Are you interested in charging into this group of Master G.o.d-

Tiers with me?”

The G.o.ddess of Life looked at Terrence in surprise.

This group of Master G.o.d-Tier no longer had any fighting spirit. Even if they did not fight, they could only flee in a sorry state. Why did Terrence have to chase after them and kill them again?

Others said that Terrence was very cruel to his enemies. Sometimes, he would even kill his enemies just because of some thoughtless words.

However, as one of the ten Master G.o.d-Tiers, the G.o.ddess of Life still had a certain understanding of this guy.

Other G.o.d Spirits felt that “He” possessed been a boorish man who only knew how to fight and kill. However, “He” knew that the Master G.o.d-Tier’s motives were extremely strong. No matter what “He” did, “He” definitely had his reasons.

Then what was Terrence doing this time?


At this moment, Zero’s voice sounded.

The G.o.ddess of Life glanced at Zero and nodded after a few seconds of silence. She smiled and said, “We really should teach them a lesson.”

“Otherwise, we might have to appear for the Lord of The Blazing Sun many times in the future.”

Terrence nodded.

Then, the three of them turned into three streams of light and charged towards the 32 Master G.o.d-Tiers without asking Zhou Zhou.

When these Master G.o.d-Tiers observed that these three people were in fact flying towards them, looking like they wished to kill them all, they promptly panicked.


“Why are you chasing after us?!”

“Master G.o.d-Tiers, we were wrong. Please let us go!”

The Master G.o.d-Tiers begged for mercy as they fled.

“If I don’t kill you, the Lord of The Blazing Sun will have endless troubles in the future.”

“Don’t blame us for being ruthless.”

“If you want to blame someone, blame yourselves for choosing the wrong time to provoke someone you shouldn’t have.”

Terrence stated with a sinister smile.

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