Global Lord: 100% Drop Rate Chapter 964  Epic-Tier Lord Talent—Light Of Black  Technology! War Summary! (1)

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Chapter 964  Epic-Tier Lord Talent—Light Of Black Technology! War Summary! (1)

Zhou Zhou looked at the summary.

In order to protect the human race and retreat to the Primordial World, Bai Yun and the other soldiers and G.o.d Spirits had fought a total of 22 billion people of foreign races!

The war resources left behind by these enemies and their combat items were enhanced by the t.i.tle of King of Loots and the strongest Lord.

They obtained a total of:

More than 820 million Legendary-Tier Mist Cores, more than 5.836 billion Epic-Tier Mist Cores, more than 82.077 billion Extraordinary-Tier Mist Cores, more than 126.07 billion Diamond-Tier Mist Cores, 185.085 billion White Platinum-Tier Mist Cores, more than 259.055 billion Yellow Gold-Tier Mist Cores, more than 756 billion White Silver-Tier Mist Cores, and 1.1 trillion Green Bronze-Tier Mist Cores.

9,100,060 million skill books! 3,100,08 million pieces of equipment!

The basic materials were about 220,000 trillion units!

More than 8,230,000,000 units of basic elemental gemstones!

More than 450 million units of Thunder Element Gems!

300 million units of life elemental gems! 370 million units of death elemental gems!

6,040,000,000 Origin Crystals!

112.5 million 8,800 Green Bronze-Tier Lord Talent Crystal Fragments!

One Epic-Tier Lord Talent Sphere! Six Epic-Tier Lord Talent Crystal Fragments!

156,528 Holy Spirit-Tier Scarlet Divine Crystals!

More than 260 million units of Divine Crystals at the Low-Tier Deity Level!

There was also a total of about five million Divine Spark Fragments, G.o.d-Tier medicinal herbs, G.o.d-Tier ingredients, G.o.d-Tier ores, G.o.d-Tier blueprints, and other treasures!

Zhou Zhou nodded in satisfaction after reading this part of the summary.

Needless to say, there were still ridiculous amounts of Mist Cores and basic materials.

The number of skill books and equipment added up to 13 trillion!

That was a total of 13 trillion skill books and equipment!

If not for the fact that Zhou Zhou did not have so many soldiers under him, with so many equipment and skill books, he would have been able to arm trillions of soldiers!

If he sold it, who knew how many Legendary-Tier Mist Cores he would have to sell.

However, Zhou Zhou had no intention of selling it.

There were more and more soldiers under "His" command, and the number was increasing in the tens of billions. Zhou Zhou still wanted to keep these equipment and skill books for his soldiers to use.

However, what satisfied Zhou Zhou the most were the life elemental gems and the death elemental gems.

"300 million life elemental gems and 370 million death elemental gems…"

A smile appeared on "His" face. "One-third of the upgrade requirements have been met."

"In that case, as long as I obtain this amount twice more, I'll be able to gather the gemstone requirements to upgrade my territory."

As for the Epic-Tier Lord Talent Sphere, Zhou Zhou planned on taking a good look at it later.

Then, Zhou Zhou looked at the Incite Defection list and the military strength list.

This morning, "He" had personally taken down 13 G.o.d Spirits of the Vopolius Pantheon Group.

Then, he used two Incite Defections to take down eight Forbidden Archmage Scarlet G.o.d Spirits and five Devil Race Scarlet G.o.d Spirits.

Moreover, after today's battle, eight Legendary-Tier soldiers had advanced to Low-Tier Deity Level Elementary Grade G.o.d Spirits!

Then, some of the Lords of the Star Alliance instigated Incite Defection to imprison the 53 Scarlet G.o.d Spirits trapped in the Nine Netherworld Fiendcelestial Prison.

And now, there were only 10 scarlet G.o.d Spirits imprisoned in the Nine Nether Fiendcelestial Prison.

He could instigate the Incite Defection tomorrow.

When the time comes…

Zhou Zhou had a total of 170 G.o.d Spirits under his command!

When "He" saw this result, "He" nodded in satisfaction.

This number was twice as fast as yesterday!

"170 G.o.d Spirits are comparable to the total number of G.o.d Spirits in some small races."

Zhou Zhou thought to himself.

As for the other group of Star Alliance Masters who did not obtain the quota for the Incite Defection, they had also given Zhou Zhou 1,056,008,602 people of foreign race soldiers after following the army to partic.i.p.ate in the war with the foreign races today!

Zhou Zhou now had a total of 34,263,379,704 soldiers under his command!

Including the Star Alliance's current total military strength of 7.412 billion, Zhou Zhou's total military strength had already reached an astonis.h.i.+ng 41.8 billion soldiers!

Among the troops under his command (excluding the Star Alliance):

There were 1,040,977,120 Black Iron-Tier soldiers!

There were 4,895,626,520 Green Bronze-Tier soldiers!

There were 15,613,568,720 White Silver-Tier soldiers!

There were 6,032,125,752 Yellow Gold-Tier soldiers!

There were 3,536,500,000 White Platinum-Tier soldiers!

There were 1,789,202,626 Diamond-Tier soldiers!

There were 965.2 million Extraordinary-Tier soldiers!

There were 387.3 million Epic-Tier soldiers!

There were 2,862,330 Legendary-Tier soldiers!

As for the G.o.d Spirits under him, after today's battle, their strength had also increased astonis.h.i.+ngly.

Among them, Guo Qiao, Chi Xuantian, and Yuan Cong had advanced to Mid-Tier Deity-level Advance Grade!

Vicky, Bai Yun, Wu Xin, Feng Luo, Xu An, and Luo Sheng had all advanced to Mid-Tier Deity-level Elementary Grade!

The strength of the other G.o.d Spirits had also increased to a certain extent.

Zhou Zhou nodded slightly.

The strength of the G.o.d Spirits under "Him" was steadily improving.

However, "He" didn't have the main G.o.d-Tier "Book of The G.o.d Spirit" that was suitable for their nomological path.

There were quite a few True G.o.d-Tier "Book of The G.o.d Spirit".

When they were about to advance to True G.o.d-Tier, he could give them the True G.o.d-level Book of The G.o.d Spirit to help them complete their final breakthrough.

As for the Master G.o.d-Tier Book of The G.o.d Spirit, he would definitely encounter it in the future as the level of his enemies kept increasing.

When the time came, he would reward them.

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