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Chapter 1450 Great Sun Golden Crow Heaven Breaking Fist, True Spirit Bone (3)

This nominal Elder, who held a prominent position in the clan, had cultivated to the peak of the sixth level of the Essence Spirit Realm.

However, Lu Changshan awakened the Black Panther bloodline, and his strength surpa.s.sed what Gu Ji could compare..

Lu Changshan, who was also at the sixth level of the Essence Spirit Realm and had awakened his bloodline power, could defeat the ancient era without needing a hundred moves.

"It's been thousands of years since the awakening of the Golden Crow bloodline, right?" Lu Changshan's eyes flickered as he clenched his fists, a cruel smile on his face.

"I've been stuck at the peak of the sixth level of the Essence Spirit Realm for hundreds of years. If I can nourish my essence spirit with the bloodline awakened by the Golden Crow, I am confident I can break through the bottleneck."

Nourish the essence spirit with the Golden Crow bloodline?

Gu Ji trembled and looked up at Lu Changshan.

In the Great Desolate, using such a method to nourish the essence spirit with the power of superior bloodlines was indeed a cultivation technique. It could enhance one's bloodline power while breaking through realms.

However, such methods were prohibited by the various clans of the Great Desolate and even those divine beasts.

Those who broke through using such means would be hunted down from all directions.

"Don't worry, I'll quietly go and kill that young patriarch of the Golden Crow Clan." Lu Changshan seemed to have seen through what Gu Ji was thinking. He lowered his head slightly and looked at him with a smile.

Go quietly?

Gu Ji looked troubled. "Elder Changshan, we have to report this to the Patriarch—"

Lu Changshan raised his hand and interrupted Gu Ji. He stared at Gu Ji, his eyes flickering with silver light. "Elder Gu Ji, do me a favor. Report this to the Patriarch in three days."

Reaching out, he patted Gu Ji's shoulder. "If I break through and awaken my bloodline power, even Patriarch won't be my match."

Lu Changshan stared into Gu Ji's eyes.

Gu Ji trembled and lowered his head in silence.

Although Lu Changshan's words were treasonous, they were the truth.

Once he broke through to the seventh level of the Essence Spirit Realm, he could really suppress Patriarch Lu Changlin.

"Alright, three days…"

Looking up, Lu Changshan was already carrying an eight-foot-long black spear as he ran.

Lu Changshan brought no one and went straight to Han Mountain.

With his combat strength, he could completely crush the entire Han Mountain Clan. It would not be difficult for him to kill all 400 of them.

When they arrived at the foot of Han Mountain, they saw the elder of the Han Mountain Clan, Han Chaohu, and a few young men from afar. They were surrounding a young man in a linen robe with his hair tied up with a blue-black hairpin.

The group headed into the forest.

It was obvious that they were going hunting.

This was good too. It saved a lot of effort in the province.

If he had directly fought against the young patriarch in the Han Mountain Clan, it would take some time and effort.

He quietly followed behind Han Muye and the others. With the unique concealment method of the Black Panther Clan's bloodline power, he slowly approached.

He was just waiting for the right time to strike.

The hunting team consisted of 13 people.

Apart from Han Muye and Han Chaohu, there were also Han Dingyi, Han Jin, and the other young juniors.

They were all experts among the younger generation of the clan.

Four of them held long wooden swords given by Han Muye.

They were the fastest to master the Heaven Breaking Fist on the square today, selected by Han Muye to accompany him on the hunt.

Although it was called a hunt, Han Muye was not in a hurry.

He occasionally bent down to gather some spirit herbs and put them in the bamboo baskets carried by Han Jin and two other young people.

These well-aged spirit herbs could be used to refine pills.

Unfortunately, the remaining medicinal field in the clan only grew herbs for trading for cultivation resources and had little use for the Golden Crow Clan.

80,000 miles away in the Tiger Leap Range, there was a trading place for various tribes, and merchant groups came to purchase spirit herbs. Many tribes planted herbs according to the requirements of those merchant groups.

200 years ago, the Han Mountain Clan exchanged the spirit herbs from the medicinal field for a spear and some bath potion medicine for the clan members to temper their bodies.

However, the battle spear broke in the hands of Patriarch Han Qi when he fought with human experts.


A beast roar came from the forest ahead.

Han Jin and the others looked happy and hurriedly rushed over with their long swords.

Han Chaohu, who was at the front, was the fastest. He crossed the mountain in a few steps.

Looking at the crowd running out like a swarm of bees, Han Muye couldn't help but shake his head.

When he arrived at the mountain ridge, he saw everyone surrounding an eight-foot-long black antelope. It was advanced ten feet tall, had four feet in the snow, and had two sharp horns. It was brandis.h.i.+ng its weapons.

This antelope was extremely fast. With a kick, it could make the Golden Crow clansmen who were brandis.h.i.+ng their weapons retreat.

The three-foot-long horn collided with the wooden staff in Han Chaohu's hand.


The wooden staff in Han Chaohu's hands shattered into two pieces.

Such a hard antler!

In the wilderness, the true strength of these beasts was formidable.

Han Muye could see that this black deer had already condensed the power of essence spirit, with strength not inferior to the fourth level of essence spirit.

Using the strength of the body and the characteristics of the bloodline, even if surrounded by the Golden Crow clan members, this black deer could still charge and move around.

"Han Zhengyang, retreat 30 feet and let Han Chi take action to suppress the deer and create s.p.a.ce for retreat."

Han Muye shouted.

A young man named Han Zhengyang, holding a spear with a blue stone blade tied to it, quickly stepped back.

The young man next to him, holding a long wooden sword, took a step forward, raising the wooden sword.


The black deer happened to leap, and its front hoof collided with the long wooden sword.

Han Chi lost control of his body and retreated, while the black deer shook all over, slowing down.

"Han Jin, step forward 10 feet and block the left side."

"Han Dingyi, take action to prevent it from retreating."

Han Muye's voice came again.

Without hesitation, Han Jin, who admired Han Muye greatly, took a step forward and fiercely stabbed with the long wooden sword in his hand.


The black deer's front leg, which was preparing to break through from the left side, was cut open.

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