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Chapter 1570 - 1570: The Vast Heaven’s Grand Summit (2)

Translator: Atlas Studios    Editor: Atlas Studios

Perhaps only the Puppet Fighter Army of the Immortal Burial City could have such powerful combat strength.

With his saber in hand, the golden-armored general calmly spoke, “I’ve said before that all of you have to submit and come to my Luyang Immortal Dynasty to be my slaves.”


“Hmph, even if you kill me, I won’t submit.” Below, someone shouted.

“l won’t submit!”

“Let’s fight it out with them!”

Shouts sounded everywhere.

“If my Fuyu Immortal World can be so united today, why can’t we win?” Han Muye said softly, his voice spreading to everyone’s ears.

As his words fell, he took a step forward.

He hadn’t made a move yet because he wanted to see how the elites of the Fuyu Immortal World were like. From the looks of it, it was alright.


With one step, he crossed s.p.a.ce and triggered the power of heaven and earth to transform into a strong wind.

It was too fast, so fast that even the Heaven and Earth powers could not withstand it!

With this step, the golden-armored warrior’s expression changed.

“Kill!” The long saber in his hand slashed down.

But just as he raised the knife, Han Muye was already in front of him.

A punch arrived!

Heaven Breaking Fist!

The fist shadow turned into a Golden Crow and enveloped the golden-armored warrior.

The Golden Crow Divine Flames condensed and roared into the sky.


Three breaths later, the golden light exploded!

A piece of golden armor shattered, scattering in all directions.

A long saber was broken into three pieces, and the blade was broken.

There was nothing else. “General!”

“How is that possible?”

“The General is an expert among the Immortal Lords. How can he not be able to withstand a single strike…”

Countless exclamations sounded.

The golden flames burned fiercely, but in the hearts of everyone in Zhaoyang Immortal World, they were bone-chilling.

That was an invincible Immortal Lord in the world. He was an Immortal Lord that only Immortal Venerables could suppress!

That was an invincible Immortal Lord in the world. He was an Immortal Lord that only Immortal Venerables could suppress!

Han Muye did not expect the Heaven-Breaking Fist to be so powerful in the Immortal World.

He thought that it would be good enough if he could injure this general of the Luyang Immortal Dynasty.

After all, this attack did not use much strength.

“Do you think the divine flames of the Golden Crow race are a joke?”

“You think this is the Grand Desolate Plateau?”

The noisy chirping of birds came again.

“If you activate the divine flames with all your might, these Immortal Worlds will be burned through one by one.”

Han Muye ignored the proud golden bird and turned to look at the confused army.

He raised his hand and the golden divine flames dissipated. They landed in his hand and condensed into a glove.

He looked at the Immortal Lord from the Zhaoyang Immortal World and smiled.

“If any of you can return alive, remember to pa.s.s a message to Sun Ji for me.”

“Zhaoyang Immortal World, Luyang Immortal Dynasty, destroyed because of him!”


His voice and fist shadows rushed out together.

Golden flames condensed and transformed into a Golden Crow again.

The Golden Crow spread its wings, and blazing flames instantly enveloped a radius of 500 meters.

No one could avoid the Golden Crow Divine Flame.

The 300,000-strong army was reduced to ashes!

Among the 15 Immortal Lords, three of them were surrounded by flames.

The five of them were surrounded by flames and could not move at all.

Only the seven Immortal Lords turned around and fled.

Han Muye did not chase after him.

He only raised his hand, and the flames in his hand gathered to form a spear that he threw out.


The spear caught up with the two Immortal Lords, then exploded, incinerating both.

In the end, the five Immortal Lords escaped from this world.

Han Muye reached out and put away the flames that burned everything.

The strength of blood and energy within the golden flames was absorbed and refined.

Of course, it was only the power of 30,000 troops and a few Immortal Lords, which did not elevate the flames at all.

Now, if he wanted to enhance his Golden Crow divine flame, the required power was beyond imagination.

After all, his Golden Crow divine flame had been upgraded several times, and its quality was only slightly inferior to the divine flame of the Great Sun Golden Crow.

“Let’s go.” Han Muye turned and looked down at the silence.

Whether it was the nine Immortal Lords or those elite powerhouses, they all had bewildered expressions at this moment.

Was this still an Immortal Lord?

Could Immortal Lords be so powerful?

It had to be said that even though Fuyu Immortal World had been in many battles recently, it still couldn’t compare to the continuous struggles of the Great Desolate Ruins Realm.

Not to mention Kunwu, with its pure slaughter.

In general, the Immortal Realm was relatively peaceful.

“There’s really such an expert in the world…” Beside Sword Immortal Shu Ming, Daoist Hong Mu, who was from the Dao Sect, muttered.

The others nodded lightly.

The power displayed by Han Muye was simply not on the same level as them.

The elite disciples of the Fuyu Immortal World’s various sects, be it within the top 100 or outside, all had looks of reverence on their faces.

In the world of cultivation, strength had always been respected.

Han Muye’s strength was recognized by everyone.

“Today’s selection is complete. In three years, the top hundred prodigies will represent our Fuyu Immortal Realm in the summit gathering for the dominance of the myriad realms.”

“This is your honor.

“It’s also the future of our Fuyu Immortal World.”

Looking at Han Muye, the old man in charge of the abbot’s elite meeting spoke loudly.

Although there were twists and turns today, it gave everyone hope for the summit gathering.

It was a compet.i.tion among the myriad realms, and Fuyu Immortal World had never obtained a good ranking.

If they could enter the top hundred, get a spot for an Immortal Venerable, then for the next thousand years, Fuyu Immortal World would be a world with an Immortal Venerable.

Even though an Immortal Venerable would eventually leave this realm, a thousand years was enough.

With an Immortal Venerable presiding for a thousand years, the development of the Fuyu Immortal World was beyond imagination.

“Yunlan Sword Immortal, I’ll leave them to you.” With that, the old man bowed to Han Muye.

Others also bowed to Han Muye.

Three years.

In the past three years, 100 elites of the Fuyu Immortal World had been in seclusion in the Immortal Burial City..

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