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The States of Chen and Zhao had longstanding grievances. Mu Ruxin hated all the people of the State of Zhao, especially this guy who had once slapped her.

Mu Ruxin narrowed her eyes and asked, "Young Master Xiao, since you are a cla.s.smate of Young Master Qingchen, you must also be studying at Tianqiong Academy. May I ask why you are here in the inner city? Do you have an entry permit?"

Su Xue's expression changed as she remembered that Xiao Liulang did not have an inner city tally. She turned her head and glared fiercely at Mu Ruxin, "What business is it of yours! You're too nosy, why don't you just go catch mice instead of being a physician!"

As the saying went, "A dog catching mice is meddling in idle business." Was she calling her a dog?

Mu Ruxin was infuriated and staggered backward!

Third Young Miss Su had always been indifferent to her but never this rude. It was all because of this Xiao Liulang, who opposed her at every turn, making her look bad in front of everyone!

Mu Ruxin glared coldly at Gu Jiao.

Gu Jiao didn't care about Mu Ruxin at all, nor did she care about Mu Ruxin's hostility. She said to Su Xue, "I have something to attend to, I'll leave first, you should hurry back too."

Su Xue hesitated, glanced back at her sister and Mu Ruxin, and realized it wasn’t the place to talk.

She cleared her throat and said, "I'll visit the academy when my fourth brother returns."

And also see you.

"Get on the carriage." Gu Jiao said.

Su Xue smiled and waved at Gu Jiao, intending to turn and leave.

However, Mu Ruxin subtly moved her fingertips, picking up a broad bean from the table, and flicked it with her fingertip. The broad bean shot towards Su Xue's knee.

If hit, Su Xue would have fallen straight into Gu Jiao’s arms.

If Gu Jiao saved her, it would be seen as taking advantage of Su Xue; if she didn’t, it would be seen as ignoring her plight.

Either way, Su Xue would feel hurt, and Second Young Miss Su would be angry.

Regardless of whether Gu Jiao helped or not, it was a lose-lose situation.

Mu Ruxin waited to see Gu Jiao's downfall, but she didn’t expect Gu Jiao to be faster. Just as the bean shot out, Gu Jiao’s silver needle moved too.

The silver needle struck the bean, deflecting it back at Mu Ruxin!

Mu Ruxin’s right shoulder was. .h.i.t, and she fell heavily onto the carriage floor.

Second Young Miss Su, not being a martial artist, naturally didn't see the hidden currents. She only saw Mu Ruxin suddenly clutching her shoulder and falling down, so she anxiously asked, "Divine Healer Mu! What's wrong?"

"Young miss!"

Mu Ruxin’s servant girl climbed into the carriage and helped her up from the carriage floor.

Clutching her painful shoulder, Mu Ruxin looked at Gu Jiao with cold sweat dripping down her face, "Young Master Xiao, attacking me without provocation, is this the courtesy of you Zhao people?"

"You attacked Divine Healer Mu?"

"Impossible! Second sister! Xiao Liulang wouldn't attack her!"

Gu Jiao picked up the broad bean that had hit Mu Ruxin and then fallen to the ground. In the center of the broad bean was embedded a silver needle.

Holding the needle, Gu Jiao said, "Mu Ruxin, remember to wash your hands first before plotting against others."

Su Xue wrapped the silver needle and the broad bean in a handkerchief. There were several snacks on Mu Ruxin's carriage, and Gu Jiao had never touched anything in Mu Ruxin's carriage. However, this broad bean clearly had powder from pineapple pastry and chestnut cake on it.

Even the servant girl had left the carriage.

The only one who could have touched this broad bean was Mu Ruxin herself.

Su Xue suddenly realized and looked at Mu Ruxin, saying, "I understand now! You were the one who schemed against Xiao Liulang first!"

Of course, Su Xue didn't realize that Mu Ruxin's target was actually her.

But she wasn't entirely wrong in her a.s.sumption. Mu Ruxin indeed wanted to scheme against Xiao Liulang, and Su Xue was just a tool she used.

Gu Jiao approached Mu Ruxin's carriage and looked at her indifferently, "Just now, I merely used your own method against you."

A sense of foreboding instinctively surged within Mu Ruxin. She tried to evade, but it was too late. With a crisp sound, Gu Jiao dislocated her arm.

"This is a real sneak attack."

Gu Jiao nonchalantly withdrew her hand and turned to leave.

Mu Ruxin was originally invited by Second Young Miss Su to treat Old Master Meng's eldest disciple for his cough. But after this incident, she didn't want to treat anyone anymore.

"I'm not feeling well, I’ll take my leave! Lu Yao, let's go!"

"Yes, young miss!"

Mu Ruxin's carriage sped away.

Su Xue sat back beside her sister, snorted, "Serves her right!"

Second Young Miss Su frowned slightly.


Ever since Duke An’s condition had improved, Mu Ruxin’s status in the Duke Estate had elevated significantly. She now wore the most fas.h.i.+onable and expensive silk, ate the finest and most sumptuous delicacies, and lived in the most s.p.a.cious and bright courtyard.

Even the daughters of the Duke Estate didn’t receive such treatment.

Recalling what happened during the day, she was furious.

She had long regarded herself as a person of the upper country, so how could she tolerate being humiliated repeatedly by someone from a lower state?

Lu Yao entered the room and whispered, "Young miss, someone from Second Madame's side came to inquire when Lord Duke's medicine will be ready."

Mu Ruxin sat coldly in her chair, glanced at her aching arm, and gritted her teeth, "Go tell Second Madame that I'm injured. I'm afraid I won't be able to treat Lord Duke for the next few days!"

Lu Yao reported this to Second Madame, who immediately put down her tasks and brought a thousand-year-old ginseng to visit Mu Ruxin.

Mu Ruxin sat on the bed, her arm bandaged, and said in a lofty tone, "Second Madame is very considerate, but as you can see, my arm needs to recover for a while. I can’t perform acupuncture or prepare medicine."

Your left arm is injured, not your right. Why can't you perform acupuncture or prepare medicine?

Second Madame maintained her patience and said gently, "How about you give me the prescription, and I'll have someone else prepare it."

Mu Ruxin replied, "That's my master’s secret prescription, it cannot be easily given to others."

Second Madame wasn’t foolish; it was clear Mu Ruxin was capable of treating Lord Duke. She was just making demands.

Second Madame smiled and said, "Divine Healer Mu, let’s be straightforward. What conditions do you have to continue treating Lord Duke?"


"What did she say? She wants to move to Tingyin Pavilion?"

"Yes, she said Tingyin Pavilion is suitable for recovery."

In the study, Second Master Jing slammed the brush he held onto the table, "The Tingyin Pavilion is Yinyin's courtyard! Even though Yinyin is gone, everything she used is still there. Not to mention moving in, she shouldn't even step a foot inside!"

Second Madame sighed, "I knew you wouldn’t agree, so I refused her."

Yinyin was his elder brother’s only flesh and blood, and her belongings were his lifeline.

Second Master Jing frowned, "What did she say then?"

Second Madame replied, "She said if she can’t move to Tingyin Pavilion, she shouldn’t be bullied in vain. She wants us to bring the person who hurt her here to be dealt with."

Second Master Jing asked, "Who?"

Second Madame said, "Mu Qingchen’s cla.s.smate, a person from the State of Zhao. He came to the Duke Estate last time to treat Lord Duke, but he seems to be a quack with no real skills."

Second Master Jing hesitated for a moment and said, "Alright, I’ll bring him here."

To ensure his elder brother’s treatment, he would bring anyone, even if they were from an upper state.

To show his commitment to Mu Ruxin, he decided to go personally.

Second Master Jing acted swiftly, and within an hour, he was at Tianqiong Academy.

With the Duke Estate’s influence, finding a student’s address was easy. Soon, Second Master Jing arrived outside the residence where Gu Jiao was temporarily staying.

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Jiang Baiyan: ...?

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