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Elder brother?

So this was the Second Master Jing who stopped the young master of the Nangong Family from a.s.saulting people in the street this morning?

Gu Jiao thought for a moment, "Are you here to pay the consultation fee?"

Second Master Jing choked.

"Five hundred taels," Gu Jiao said, "Non-negotiable."

Second Master Jing: "..."

As Second Master Jing walked out of the alley and got into his carriage, he felt a bit dazed.

"Huh—did I just make a mistake? I came to arrest someone, but not only did I fail to arrest him, I also lost five hundred taels of silver?"

The coachman walked over, looked behind Second Master Jing, and asked, "Second Master, where’s the person you were supposed to arrest?"

Second Master Jing kicked him on the b.u.t.t!

Why bring up such a sore subject!

"Come to think of it, why did I think of my brother-in-law when I saw him? Is it time to burn some paper money for my brother-in-law?"


Gu Jiao was unaware of Second Master Jing's complex confusion. She took the five hundred taels of silver banknotes and went back into the courtyard.

Gu Xiaoshun had returned from buying groceries, and Lady Nan and Master Lu were dealing with their respective issues—one with poisoning, the other with a limp leg. Thus, Gu Jiao was responsible for cooking dinner.

She planned to stew a pot of ribs and was chopping the bones when Old Master Meng walked in.

Gu Jiao glanced at him, "Awake?"

She was speaking in the language of the State of Zhao.

Old Master Meng looked at her strangely. After a while, he opened his mouth and also spoke in the State of Zhao language, "Girl? Is it really you?"

When he first opened his eyes, he wasn't fully conscious. He saw that Gu Jiao resembled the little girl who used to play chess with him in the streets of the State of Zhao, but he wasn't entirely sure.

After being in the sun all afternoon, he was drenched in sweat, and the effects of the drug dissipated quite a bit.

"Yes, it's me." Gu Jiao nodded.

The day after she washed his face clean, Gu Jiao recognized him as well. He was indeed the old beggar who used to set up chess games near the chess clubs.

After returning from the borderlands, Gu Jiao had gone looking for him. Unable to find him, she thought he had pa.s.sed away.

Gu Jiao spoke to him in her own voice.

Old Master Meng looked at Gu Jiao with a face full of confusion, "How come you’re here in the State of Yan?"

"Studying?" Gu Jiao asked, "How come you’re here in the State of Yan?"

"Begging?" Old Master Meng replied.

Gu Jiao: "..."

Old Master Meng: "..."

Both were at a loss for words.

Lady Nan and the others didn't know that Old Master Meng and Gu Jiao were old acquaintances from the State of Zhao. They just a.s.sumed Old Master Meng was an ordinary old man from Shengdu.

After dinner, Old Master Meng asked Gu Jiao to come to the front yard for a game of chess.

"Ten taels per game." Gu Jiao said.

Old Master Meng was dumbfounded, "Why is it still ten taels per game?"

Gu Jiao hesitated for a moment, "Then... Twenty taels per game?" Maybe beggars in the State of Yan earned more?

Old Master Meng was choked by her words. Was that what he meant? With their current relations.h.i.+p, did they still need to talk about money?

Old Master Meng gritted his teeth, "I, I'll owe you for now!"

He had lost his money pouch that night and had no silver on him.

Gu Jiao said, "Small business, no credit."

Old Master Meng: "..."

This is a small business? It’s more like a no-cost business! And girl, do you know who I am? Do you know how many people are willing to spend a fortune to play chess with me, and yet I didn't agree?

Gu Jiao added, "If you don't have money, you can use something else of value. What do you have on you that's worth anything?"

Why did her tone sound so much like a robber's?

Old Master Meng had already changed his clothes. Right now, he was wearing Gu Xiaoshun's old clothes, but Master Lu hadn’t thrown away his original belongings. Among a pile of cleaned clothes, he found a brocade pouch.

He took out a token from the pouch and handed it to Gu Jiao, "Here."

Gu Jiao took it and looked at it, "How much is an iron token worth?"

Old Master Meng said, "This is not an ordinary iron token. It can be used as an inner city tally! Aren't you always sneaking into the inner city?"

He had been in a state of grogginess for two days here and had heard some things. He knew the girl’s brother was seriously ill, and she had been seeking medical help for him everywhere..

"Oh." Gu Jiao reluctantly accepted it, "Then I'll play one game with you."

Old Master Meng nearly coughed up blood.

The token of the Chess Saint of the Six States was only worth one game!


After Second Master Jing returned to the Duke Estate from Gu Jiao's place, the first thing he did was ask Second Madame to prepare paper money for burning.

Second Madame was puzzled, "Who are you burning paper money for all of a sudden?"

Second Master Jing replied, "For my elder brother-in-law!"

Second Madame choked for a moment, "Who are you cursing!?" She paused, then thought of something and said, "Wait, that's not right. You only have a younger brother-in-law. Since when do you have an elder brother-in-law?"

She was the eldest daughter in her family and had no older brother, only a younger brother.

Second Master Jing straightened his back and said, "My elder brother's brother-in-law is my elder brother-in-law!"

Second Madame: "..."

Yes, Second Madame remembered now. When Second Master Jing was young, he was quite the rascal and often got beaten up by the eldest son of the Xuanyuan Family. Later, when he found out that Xuanyuan Hao was his elder brother’s brother-in-law, he started calling him “elder brother-in-law” to avoid more beatings.

In fact, among all the sons of the Xuanyuan Family, Xuanyuan Hao beat Second Master Jing the most, but he also protected him the most. So, Second Master Jing both feared and respected Xuanyuan Hao.

"Why did you suddenly think of burning paper for him?" Second Madame asked.

Second Master Jing frowned and asked, "That young man from the State of Zhao... Don’t you think his eyes look a lot like elder brother-in-law's?"

Second Madame asked strangely, "You mean Mu Qingchen's cla.s.smate? That swindler of a quack?"

Second Master Jing nodded. Indeed, wasn’t he a swindler? Today, he swindled five hundred taels out of him.

"I don't think so." Second Madame shook her head. "How could someone from a lower state possibly resemble a direct descendant of the Xuanyuan Family?"

"It's not about the looks, it's the eyes, that fierce, murderous look!" Second Master Jing tried to explain, but Second Madame remained puzzled, clearly not understanding the similarity in the look he described.

Second Master Jing waved his hand dismissively. "Forget it. You’ve never been beaten by my elder brother-in-law, so you wouldn’t understand."

Second Madame certainly didn't understand. As a woman, she had only met Xuanyuan Hao a few times and wouldn’t have paid attention to his eyes.

Second Madame glared at her husband, "I think you've been possessed! Does that kid have some kind of sorcery? Did he cast a spell on you?"

To say that young man’s eyes were like Xuanyuan Hao's?

How could that be possible?

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In the suspenseful supernatural novel “Records of Mortals,” Jiang Baiyan, once a solitary and impoverished youth, finds refuge in the s.h.i.+ family of Chang’an due to his extraordinary bloodline. With his clear and captivating peach blossom eyes, this seemingly innocent young man conceals a fanatical and malevolent lunatic within. Destined to succ.u.mb to darkness amidst hards.h.i.+p and degradation, he becomes a harbinger of chaos.

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Jiang Baiyan had never encountered someone like s.h.i.+ Dai.

After he had slaughtered all the evil creatures in the garden, the blood-stained young man, exuding a murderous aura, approached her step by step, his lips curling into a malicious smile, "Scared?"

s.h.i.+ Dai responded, “You’re really amazing! I applaud you until I spin like a spiral and fly around the moon three hundred times! And also——you have dimples when you smile!"

Jiang Baiyan: ...?

After seeing her at a lantern festival with another man, Jiang Baiyan lowered his eyes, his fingers twirling her hair. He said in a mocking and sinister tone, "The mansion in the western suburbs...if I hide you there, no one will find you, right?"

s.h.i.+ Dai replied, "Does it come with meals and lodging? Can I sleep in everyday? Oh, and your cooking is the best!"

Jiang Baiyan: ...?

Jiang Baiyan was supposed to dislike her, even hate her, but as their separation drew near, his eyes turned red and he grabbed her sleeve, pleading, "Don't abandon me, alri—”

s.h.i.+ Dai responded, "Alright, alright, I’ll only have you. Mwah."

Jiang Baiyan: ...?

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