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Chapter 2082: Danger in the fire domain (8)


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he couldn’t let the water dragon face the enemies alone, he couldn’t let someone else die in his place.

Therefore, he had to go back!

“Di Cang!”

Seeing that Tianyan was about to leave, Bai Yan’s expression changed again as she hurriedly said,” “Go and help my father. I’ll be back in a bit.”

Before Bai Yan could finish speaking, di Cang had already chased after Tianyan and disappeared under the dark cloud-shrouded sky in a daze.

Under the gloomy sky, the huge water dragon was already covered in wounds, and the blood was very glaring.

However, his huge body still blocked everyone’s path, not allowing them to take a step forward.

Some people wanted to pa.s.s through the void, but the spirit abyss seemed to have sensed their intentions. Its long Dragon Tail swept across and forcibly stopped those people.

The expressions of all the domain Realm Masters changed, and their gazes towards Ling Yuan were filled with killing intent.

It was as if he was the traitor among them!

I’ve said it before. The spirit abyss is here. Don’t even think about leaving!

Nessie’s gentle voice was filled with unquestionable determination. His huge body trembled for a moment before he finally lay on the ground powerlessly.

Blood stained his body and the ground.

He was lying in a pool of blood, the wounds on his body were exposed, looking very ferocious.

“Lingyuan, do you think you can stop us?” The white-robed man’s eyes turned cold,” let’s quickly deal with this water dragon. Otherwise, if we let Tianyan leave, it will be a disaster for us when he regains his strength.

Right now, they still had the confidence to fight against Tian Yan. When he really recovered to the peak of his strength in his previous life, perhaps the courage that Jian Jia and the others had worked so hard to muster would be lost again.

Back then, they were very afraid of sky flame. As long as he didn’t attack other domains, they didn’t dare to offend him.

Of course, as long as Tian Yan dared to kill any of the overlords, they would join forces to deal with him no matter how afraid they were.


after he killed all the overlords one by one, it would be their death!

This point, the Lords were still relatively clear.


Lingyuan let out a roar. He propped up his huge body and straightened his back, his azure blue eyes looking at these people in front of him.

Before he came, he had made full preparations. As long as he could let Bai ning escape, he was not afraid to die.


Another long sword slashed at Ling Yuan’s body.

Lingyuan no longer had the strength he had at the start. His life force was gradually fading away and he no longer had the ability to resist. He could only allow those people’s attacks to land on his body.

Even so, he did not back down, his blue eyes filled with a cold smile.

“Lingyuan, you can still laugh at a time like this?” The white-robed man looked at Ling Yuan in confusion,” furthermore, what did that woman do to make you throw away your life?”

Lingyuan slowly closed his eyes. After a while, he opened his eyes and laughed coldly,” “You will never understand. There are some things that you will never understand! If I, Ling Yuan, die Here today, my corpse will also turn into a huge mountain and block you all at the other end. I will definitely not give you any chance to chase after her.”

Originally, when the Lord had sent someone to discuss with him in public and asked him to deal with the fire domain together, he had been stunned.

He didn’t refuse, but he also didn’t accept.

It wasn’t until he sent someone to inquire about the flame domain that he found out that the Grand Lord’s wife was actually her.

How could he hurt her? She had saved him when he was at his most desperate time and had been by his side when he was at his loneliest..

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World Dominating Empress Physician Chapter 2082: Danger in the fire domain (8) summary

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