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Chapter 529: Future Brother-in-law

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

Qin Mucheng squatted down again so Ji Yuanyuan could climb onto his back.

Ji Yuanyuan looked down and saw Qin Mucheng’s tensed jaw.

“What’s wrong?” After interacting with him for so many years, she could naturally sense Qin Mucheng’s emotions. “Why are you suddenly unhappy?”

“Big Brother just said that I’m his friend!” Qin Mucheng’s voice sounded m.u.f.fled.

“Then what should he say? A bosom friend? childhood friend?” The word ‘friend’ was indeed too distant sometimes.

Qin Mucheng tilted his head and said firmly, “Future Brother-in-law!”

The answer was that Ji Yuan had never thought of it.

She touched Qin Mucheng’s earlobe curiously, “Senior Sister Huang isn’t close to him. Does it matter how Big Brother introduced you to her?”

Qin Mucheng’s face turned red and his ears twitched unconsciously, “Yes… It’s not that important.”

“Then that’s good!” Ji Yuanyuan reached out and patted Qin Mucheng’s head. “Why are you the same as when you were young? Your emotions were written all over your face. Whenever you were unhappy, you would be like a pufferfish, puffing up in anger.”

As she spoke, she took the opportunity to stroke Qin Mucheng’s chin.

Qin Mucheng’s skin was very good. It felt smooth and nice to the touch.

“I don’t do this in front of others. Of course, I have to be more obvious when I’m angry in front of you. What if you can’t tell?”

Qin Mucheng lifted Ji Yuanyuan up.

Ji Yuanyuan was dumbfounded. For a moment, she could not tell if Qin Mucheng was telling the truth or not.

If it was true, did that mean that Qin Mucheng’s anger in front of her had been intentional all this time?

His motive was to let her find out and then coax him?

“You… Why are you like this?” Ji Yuanyuan did not know what to say.

It turned out that the clown had always been her.

“If you tell me now, I’ll know that you’re pretending to be angry. What if 1 don’t coax you?”

“Then 1’11 find a way out myself. What else can 1 do?”

Ji Yuanyuan laughed, “You’re so cute!”

“Ji Yuanyuan!” Qin Mucheng suddenly called her name in a very serious tone.

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m not a child anymore. Adjectives like cute don’t suit me.”

“Oh, I know!” Ji Yuanyuan deliberately dragged out her voice.

Just like that, Qin Mucheng carried Ji Yuanyuan on his back and walked along the road again and again, saying some meaningless words. It was only when it was almost time for dorm rounds that he sent Ji Yuanyuan back.

The next night, Qin Mucheng organized a dinner party.

At the entrance of the hotel, Qin Mucheng pushed a small box in front of Ji Yuanyuan.

“You didn’t take the things 1 sent you before, so 1 brought them back for you.” Qin Mucheng said softly.

Although she was curious, it was not the time to look at it. Ji Yuanyuan took it and thanked him in a whisper.

Other than the two of them, Qin Mucheng also invited Ji Zixuan, Ji Zi’ang, Fang Xinyi, and Yang Jingyi.

He especially found a hotel that was some distance from the school.

The military training was fast for a week. Yang Jingyi and Fang Xinyi were visible to the naked eye.

“Ji Yuanyuan, why aren’t you getting tanned at all? Don’t you have military training?” Yang Jingyi pinched Ji Yuanyuan’s face and asked enviously.

“Military training. We have military training every day.” Ji Yuanyuan said bitterly.

“Then why aren’t you tanned?”

“Tsk, if you also had a fiance who was far away from home and still wanted his mother to give his fiancee some sunblock, you probably wouldn’t have gotten tanned.”

Yang Jingyi looked at Qin Mucheng enviously, “Brother Mucheng is so good to Yuanyuan. I’m so envious.”

As she spoke, she subconsciously glanced at Ji Zixuan.

Ji Zixuan did not pay attention to their conversation. He carefully took Ji Yuanyuan’s plate and sterilize it with hot water from the kettle.

Yang Jingyi sighed and looked away.

Qin Mucheng only ordered meat dishes because he knew they would not eat well in school.

Once the food was served, Ji Zi’ang, Yang Jingyi, and Fang Xinyi felt as if they had been starving for half a year.

Ji Zixuan always ate slowly. Since he was already in his third year of university and would usually work part-time, he had quite a bit of pocket money and would go out to eat every three to five days, so he ate the most elegantly at the table.

Qin Mucheng scooped a bowl of soup for Ji Yuanyuan and looked at the others, “Eat slowly. If it’s not enough, I’ll order more.”

“Brother Mucheng, you don’t know, but the food in our canteen is very vegetarian. There were also meat dishes. Not only were they expensive, but they also did not feel like good meat. They did not taste good at all. This is the first time I’ve eaten meat since school started. I want to cry.” Ji Zi’ang mumbled.

“Where’s your money? Our Mom gave you quite a bit of pocket money, so it’s okay for you to go out for a meal occasionally, right?” Ji Zixuan frowned and asked, “School has only just started, and you already don’t have enough money. What are you going to do for the rest of your life?”

Li Xu gave Ji Zixuan and Ji Zi’ang their living expenses once a month, and on the 1st of every month, she would transfer the money to their cards.

Only Ji Yuanyuan’s living expenses were given for a semester.

Ji Zi’ang’s body stiffened and he mumbled, “It’s not that it’s not enough, it’s just that 1 can’t bear to… Haha, I think it’s too expensive…”

Ji Yuanyuan raised her head and glanced at him.

There was obviously something wrong with him, but he was unwilling to say so Ji Yuanyuan did not ask.

He was already so old. He couldn’t possibly starve himself, right?

After the meal, a few of them tactfully did not disturb Ji Yuanyuan and Qin Mucheng.

After all, it was not easy for Qin Mucheng to come back.

Ji Zixuan took out 50 yuan from his wallet and handed it to Ji Zi’ang, “Take this money…”

Ji Zi’ang quickly took the money, “It’s still Big Brother who knows how to care for me.”

He sighed and added, “I’m saying that you and Yang Jingyi are going the same way. Take this money and take a taxi to send her back to school.”

“It’s not for me…” His face instantly fell.

“Then do you want it or not?” Ji Zixuan glared at him.

“Yes, yes, yes. Taking a taxi saves us the trouble of squeezing into the bus.” Ji Zi’ang hurriedly held the money tightly.

Ji Zixuan looked at Fang Xinyi and whispered, “I’ll send you off.”

When Fang Xinyi heard this, she quickly waved her hand, “No need, Brother Zixuan. 1 know the way back, and it’s not far. There’s no need to trouble yourself. You can go straight back to school.”

Ji Zixuan picked up his bag, “Let’s go. I’ll send you off.”

Fang Xinyi hesitated for a moment, but still quickly grabbed her bag and followed.

Yang Jingyi looked enviously at Fang Xinyi’s back. Why did her school have to be on the same road as Ji Zi’ang’s?

If not for this, Zixuan could have sent her back to school.

Yang Jingyi was so angry that she raised her hand and punched Ji Zi’ang’s shoulder.

Ji Zi’ang covered his shoulder in surprise, “What’s wrong?”

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