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Chapter 608: Money or Life


Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Lin Yan stretched out his thumb and pinky and squeezed gently. Spiritual power surged out, and the gla.s.s wine gla.s.s that flew over and the wine that rolled out instantly froze in midair.


There was a piercing sound of something hard being crushed.

As Lin Yan closed his fingers, the gla.s.s cup instantly shattered into crystalline powder in the air. It mixed with the wine and melted into a ball.

Lin Yan flicked his fingers again.

The wine mixed with the gla.s.s shards instantly turned into a cannonball that shot out and drowned the bald man!


The bald man was naturally not weak. He was at the Treasure Realm.

However, the spiritual energy he released was like a layer of paper. It could not withstand the gla.s.s shards and wine at all and was directly torn through!

Large amounts of gla.s.s shards scattered all over his body and embedded themselves into his flesh. Infinite blood spurted out from his body, and in the blink of an eye, his entire body was covered in blood. It was extremely terrifying.

Lin Yan held back. The man looked miserable, but it was actually just a superficial wound. Every piece of gla.s.s only pierced through the skin and didn’t go deep.

The bald man clearly sensed this as well.

His spiritual power was about to explode and break free from the gla.s.s shards!

“Don’t move.”

Lin Yan pointed his finger forward slightly.

The gla.s.s shards embedded in the bald man’s body immediately moved again, wanting to burrow deeper into his body!

His spiritual power did not let go of his control over these gla.s.s shards at all!

In front of his spiritual power, the bald man’s spiritual power resistance was like a weak and pet.i.te girl facing a dozen burly men. He couldn’t fight back at all!


The bald man screamed miserably and didn’t dare to use his spiritual power again.

The women who were originally dancing and flirting at the side was naturally screaming non-stop at this moment. She was so frightened that she hid to the side.

Of the remaining three men, one was pale and fled with his hands behind his head.

The expressions of the other two people holding wine and the middle-aged man changed drastically as they stared at Lin Yan in horror and disbelief.

In just a short moment of confrontation, they already understood that they had invited back a demon that they could not provoke at all!

“All of you, go out first.”

After chasing all the women out, Lin Yan hooked his finger and the bald man immediately screamed as he was pulled over. It was definitely an extremely painful feeling to be dragged away by gla.s.s shards.

“Stop screaming.”

The Treasure Realm was not that fragile. Even if he was injured all over, he could still recover to his original state with the recovery ability of the Treasure Realm.

In other words, the injuries that the burly man suffered at this moment were nothing at all. He could not even be considered disfigured.

“Big Brother! 1 was wrong! Let me go!”

The bald man admitted defeat without hesitation.

“Tell me what’s going on.”

After a while.

“Are you telling the truth?”

“Every word is true!”

Lin Yan was speechless.

No matter how he thought about it, he could not figure out who was instigating these people.

It wasn’t Cui Yunpeng, Hu Laosi, or the Fan Martial Club, but… Tang Chen?!

Tang Chen, the disciple of the Holy Jade Sect whom they had only met once on that planet?!

Speaking of which, Lin Yan didn’t see Tang Chen at all in order not to expose his flaws.

After coming here, he had completely forgotten about Tang Chen!

However, he did not expect Tang Chen to be so “deeply in love” with him. They had only met once, but the man still remembered him until now!

However, what the man remembered was not how good he was, but how he had disguised himself as a member of the Holy Fan a.s.sociation to intimidate him!

And now, knowing that Lin Yan was not a disciple of the Holy Fan a.s.sociation, the man actually contacted the Azure Dragon Gang and brought him over.

The office worker who had been trembling in fear was also captured by the Azure Dragon Gang to inquire about him. It was said that he had business dealings with the Shen family.

“If he were to focus on cultivation, I don’t know what kind of expert he would become…”

“Where is Tang Chen?”

The bald man did not dare to remain silent. “Old Tang… Tang Chen is not in Shanhe Province, and the Holy Jade Sect itself is not in Shanhe Province.” “Then how did he contact you?”

There was no such thing as a cell phone or radio here.

“Spiritual Realm. He contacted me in the Spiritual Realm.”

“Take me to him.”


“Go to the Spiritual Realm and look for him!”

The Azure Dragon Gang was just an impolite local gang. It could not be compared to the Cui family at all. At most, it was only slightly stronger than Shen Yan’s Shen family.

However, the leader of the Azure Dragon Gang, the bald man, was very good at enjoying himself. He spent a large sum of money to set up a Spiritual Realm login point in his gang’s base.

Therefore, there was no need to go through the trouble of looking for a login point outside. He directly brought the bald man to the Spiritual Realm login point in the bas.e.m.e.nt.

The handsome and middle-aged man behind them had been silent since just now and followed closely behind.

However, the two of them clearly did not give up. Their eyes flickered as they calculated the plans.

Lin Yan could tell that they were dishonest. They probably wanted to find an opportunity to find external help.

When they arrived at the Spiritual Realm login point.

Only then did he turn around and say to the two of them, “I advise you not to have any crooked thoughts. 1 don’t like to kill people. If you still want the Azure Dragon Gang to exist, then stay obediently.”

He raised his foot and lightly stepped on the ground.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

The ground suddenly trembled slightly, and the entire building shook three times!

Their expressions changed again.

Treasure Realm cultivators could naturally shake buildings. They could just activate their Treasure Image and create miracles.

However, this person tapped the ground lightly with his feet. There was not even any huge force that burst out, causing the entire ground to emit such a terrifying roar!

What kind of strength and ability was this!

“Don’t give me an excuse to start a ma.s.sacre. Otherwise, your Azure Dragon Gang will cease to exist.”

After releasing some of the power of the Black Tortoise Swimming the Mountains and Seas, Lin Yan pushed the bald man into the Spiritual Realm login point.

Time and s.p.a.ce changed again. After reality and virtual interchanged, Lin Yan and the bald man had already logged into the Spiritual Realm.

There was no need to worry about the bald man suddenly going offline and escaping. The spirituality of the Treasure Realm could already completely support the actions of the real world and the Spiritual Realm at the same time.

“Take me to Tang Chen.”

Lin Yan was afraid of trouble since he couldn’t fight a real person in the Spiritual Realm. The best way was to show off his strength and scare Tang Chen to death to avoid trouble in the future.

“B-Brother, Tang Chen is in another oasis now.”

“Then let’s go.”

“Well, well…”

The bald man squirmed. “Brother, he and I have always contacted each other online. We’ve never met. To travel between two oases… This, this…”

“I know.” Lin Yan nodded. He was no longer a noob. “Teleportation is the fastest choice between two oases. The approximate price is hundreds of Spirit Coins or more…

“You’re not going to throw your life away for a little money, are you?”

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