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Chapter 616: Fear and Excitement


Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

In Cui Yunpeng’s eyes, Hu Ji was just a weak little flower.

Although he knew that she had also practiced a little martial arts, he had never asked how strong she was. He only felt that she was only at the Tough Realm or maybe n.o.ble Realm.

Therefore, he didn’t dare to act rashly at this moment. He was worried that Lin Yan would get angry and crush Hu Ji to death.

“Hu Ji, even he doesn’t know your background?”

Hu Ji’s expression changed slightly.

Naturally, she deliberately hid her strength in front of Cui Yunpeng.

As for the reason, of course, it was because men liked pitiful little white flowers!

If she turned from a little white flower to a domineering flower that was even more powerful than a man, 99% of the men would be scared away!

For the sake of her fish pond, she had always been careful to create an illusion.

“Mr. Lin, 1 don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Her eyes were pleading pitifully, hoping that Lin Yan wouldn’t blow up her fish pond.

Fortunately, Lin Yan didn’t want to harp on these details. “I’ll let Hu Ji go for 1 million Spirit Coins. This is what the Hu family owes the Shen family. It’s only right for them to admit defeat. Why, Young Master Cui, do you have any objections?”

“You recognize me?”

“Although we don’t know each other, I’ve heard of your name.”

“Since you know me, you should know that you killed my biological brother! Aren’t you afraid that I’ll kill you?!”

Lin Yan reached out and squeezed.

Hu Ji groaned slightly.


Cui Yunpeng panicked. He could no longer maintain the threat on his face.

“Stop! Stop! As long as you let Hu Ji go, 1 promise… I can let bygones be bygones!”

Lin Yan:”…?”

He could even tolerate someone who had killed his own brother?

Cui Yunpeng had been by Hu Ji’s side for too long. He was probably obsessed with Hu Ji!

It was a little terrifying.

Lin Yan didn’t want to make a move. Cui Yunpeng didn’t look weak either. Moreover, he wasn’t as easy to deal with as Hu Ji. Once they fought, the Shen family, which was already a little unstable, would probably collapse.

He clenched his fists again, and Hu Ji let out a mellow cry of pain.

“If you don’t have a million Spirit Coins, don’t come over. Stop! If you come over again, I guarantee you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.”

Cui Yunpeng stood rooted to the ground, trembling with anger. “You, you…”

“Aren’t you leaving?”

Lin Yan raised his hand slightly and Hu Ji was lifted into the air.

“Wait! I’m leaving! Just you wait!”

“For a million spirit coins?”

Hu Ji tightened her grip and cried out in pain again.

“No! 1 million Spirit Coins it is!”

Cui Yunpeng was so anxious that his eyes turned red. Seeing this scene, Hu Ji was really a little touched—of course, just a little. It was impossible for the fish pond owner to have feelings for fish. She would only think that fish were very stupid.

However, her acting skills could not fall to the ground.

“Let’s go, Yunpeng, let’s go…”

Hu Ji’s eyes were filled with tears as she bid farewell, as if she was parting with the love of her life.

“Hu Ji…”

Cui Yunpeng was the same. With a determined expression, he finally turned around and flew away.

“Wait for me, Hu Ji!”

Only after Cui Yunpeng flew away did Shen Yan and Shen Yelin dare to come in.

The two of them looked at Lin Yan strangely, as if they were blaming him.

Hu Ji’s strange physique had already begun to affect the two of them.

Lin Yan looked at Hu Ji, who was still there with tears in her eyes.

Lin Yan let go and threw her to the ground. “Stop pretending!”

Hu Ji paused. “Mr. Lin, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“I only used a little strength to grab you just now, but you were shouting so loudly. Wasn’t it just for him to see?”

Hu Ji gritted her teeth in anger and slowly stood up.

“Mr. Lin, why do you have to make things difficult for me?”

When Lin Yan heard this, he felt ridiculous and speechless.

“Don’t make a mistake!”

He looked at Hu Ji coldly and seriously. There was even a hint of impatience in his eyes. “It’s your Hu family who schemed to harm the Shen family! It’s you who can’t fulfill the bet! In the end, you’re saying that I’m making things difficult for you?”

His eyelids sank, and a strong killing intent faintly surfaced on his face. “Or do you think 1 won’t kill you?”

To be honest, if not for the fact that he was worried that killing Hu Ji would cause her potential fans to rebound and make big trouble, affecting the Shen family and his business, Lin Yan really wanted to kill such a dangerous woman.

Looking into Lin Yan’s eyes, she felt the killing intent that was about to be released.

Hu Ji’s heart almost stopped for a moment. He would really kill her!

A man!

He really wanted to kill her!

An unprecedented sense of horror and strange excitement appeared at the same time, making her unable to breathe. Her face was red and white, and it was unknown if she was afraid or excited.

“Shall I invite you in?”

Hu Ji subconsciously reached out to cross her arms and rubbed her round shoulders. She lowered her head and entered the room without saying a word.

“Hu Ji knows a lot of people. Through the Holy Fan a.s.sociation’s initial screening, I can deter most people. However, if there are extremely crazy people who capture Shen Yan and his sister and threaten me, it will be troublesome…”

Hence, he told Shen Yan and Shen Yelin not to go out for the time being.

As long as he proved his ident.i.ty in the Holy Fan a.s.sociation’s preliminary selection, no one would dare to make things difficult for the Shen family.

What happened next was simple.

There were many people coming and going, but after Lin Yan attacked once and directly knocked down a Treasure Realm cultivator with a slap, those who dared to cause trouble were gone.

Then, he asked Shen Yan and Shen Yelin to receive everyone who wanted to see Hu Ji, find Hu Ji, and save her. Lin Yan only needed to keep an eye on Hu Ji and didn’t care about anything else.

In any case, under the pressure of absolute strength, Hu Ji had no chance of escaping.

It was just that one million Spirit Coins might be a little too high. Until now, no one had been able to gather one million Spirit Coins.

They were very stubborn and refused to come together. They probably wanted to monopolize the glory of saving the G.o.ddess.

On this day, Lin Yan was cultivating when he suddenly felt an abnormal energy fluctuation in Hu Ji’s room.

“What’s going on now?”

Lin Yan hurriedly went to the room beside him.

Hu Ji was standing in the middle of the room. A strange energy was spreading around her body.

That was…

A similar energy when landing in the Spiritual Realm!

“Mr. Lin, why don’t you have a login mark on you?”

Hu Ji narrowed her eyes and carefully sized up Lin Yan. There was indeed nothing on him.

Lin Yan only paused for a moment before immediately reacting. “You also pa.s.sed the initial screening of the Holy Fan a.s.sociation?”

“It’s really a lie…”

Hu Ji immediately had mixed feelings. She suddenly felt that she wasn’t so afraid of Lin Yan anymore.

The gaze she used to look at Lin Yan gradually turned pitying and disdainful.. “You actually dare to talk nonsense under the Holy Fan a.s.sociation’s tiger skin? Really…”

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