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Chapter 619: No Need to Partic.i.p.ate (1)


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A ferocious glint suddenly appeared in Cui Yunpeng’s eyes. The spiritual power on the surface of his body surged and bloomed. He actually used his full strength, wanting to completely unleash the Treasure Image!

The ruins of the entire Shen family mansion began to tremble. Cui Yunpeng was also a Treasure Tree Realm expert!

Lin Yan was speechless.

Without waiting for Cui Yunpeng to fully unleash the Treasure Image, Lin Yan suddenly raised his hand and slapped!


The ruins of the Shen family were suddenly pressed down by a layer!

The bricks and tiles that could originally be seen were instantly crushed into pieces by this palm!

“I’ve wanted to do this for a long time!”

If not for the Shen family’s mansion, he would have slapped them last time!

At the periphery, the onlookers, including Shen Yan and the others, widened their mouths in shock as they looked at the center of the ruins.

Cui Yunpeng and Hu Ji were both pressed to the ground by this slap!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Under the ground, terrifying sounds of struggle could be heard. The ground kept shaking, as if there was an earthquake.

This was a terrifying power from the two Treasure Tree Realm Treasure Images. If they used their Treasure Images, they could reach a huge height of 300 to 400 meters!

However, they were firmly suppressed by Lin Yan. The terrifying power could only pour towards the ground, but they could not break free.


Lin Yan frowned slightly. The air around him seemed to be annihilated, and a distorted light appeared. The spiritual energy released instantly pinched the struggling Hu Ji and Cui Yunpeng until their bodies were in pain and they spat out a small mouthful of blood.

He raised his palm slightly, and Cui Yunpeng and Hu Ji were sucked into the air by spiritual power. The Treasure Images that were half-exposed on their bodies was covered in layers of fine cracks like the silver-haired elder in the Spiritual Realm.

However, Lin Yan held back this time. After all, they were both members of the Holy Fan a.s.sociation. He wasn’t so stubborn as to insist on killing the two of them.

Thus, he stretched out his hand and casually threw the two of them to the ruins.

Cui Yunpeng had already fainted.

Hu Ji’s Treasure Image was even st.u.r.dier than Cui Yunpeng’s. At this moment, her face was pale as she half-knelt on the ground and looked at Lin Yan in horror.

She knew that Lin Yan was very strong. He had knocked her down with a slap last time. He was even stronger than those people in the preliminaries!

However, she had always felt that it was because she had underestimated her enemy last time and was not on guard at all!

She was struck by Lin Yan in an instant. Before she could even condense her Treasure Image, her vital points were restrained by him, preventing her from unleas.h.i.+ng her Treasure Image. That was why she was defeated in one move.

However, this time, she had almost failed the preliminaries and had long raised her vigilance. The moment Lin Yan attacked, she directly activated her Treasure Image!

She was like this during the preliminaries. As long as she used her Treasure Image, with her hard strength here, she could defeat her opponent even with brute strength!

She didn’t believe that Lin Yan could defeat her so easily after she used her full strength!

However, the outcome… far exceeded her expectations!

Her Treasure Image had clearly been activated!

However, it was forcefully pressed back down!

Unresistant strength!

It was clearly spiritual power, but in comparison, Lin Yan’s spiritual power was as hard as the legendary spiritual metal forged by stars!

As for her spiritual energy, it was at most wood and stone. It was directly pressed to death!

Her Treasure Image was pressed back!

It was the same suffocating and terrifying feeling as when she wanted to escape when she was young and her father grabbed her. No matter what, she could not break free!

What exactly was his strength!

Lin Yan looked at the unconscious Cui Yunpeng and shook his wrist in the air.

Cui Yunpeng immediately woke up as if he had been thrown into a was.h.i.+ng machine.

“You, you…”

Cui Yunpeng’s face was pale as he pointed at Lin Yan, unable to say a word.

“Speechless? That’s right!”

Lin Yan pointed at the house beside him. “That was a good house. What did you do to it?! What do you think we should do?!”

Cui Yunpeng gritted his teeth. In a situation like this, strength was the most important.

“The winner takes all! I have nothing to say!”

“Good. Shen, what’s the market price for this house?”

“This… is about 30 million Liu Planet coins?”

“In other words, 3,000 Spirit Coins? Brother Shen, are you satisfied with the compensation at ten times the original price?”

“Yes, of course, but Brother Lin…”

“As long as you’re satisfied.”

Lin Yan knew that he didn’t want to get into trouble.

“30,000 Spirit Coins, 15,000 each. Cui Yunpeng, you owe 15,000 Spirit Coins. Hu Ji, you owe 1,015,000 Spirit Coins. Are we clear?”

Hu Ji quickly complained, “He smashed it. It has nothing to do with me!”

“You mean, I was wrong? You didn’t instigate it?”

Hu Ji gritted her teeth again. A million Spirit Coins was not enough, and he was adding another 15,000 Spirit Coins to her debt?

Did he really think that she would repay the debt?!

After being taught a lesson by Lin Yan and being decisively rejected by Hu Ji, Cui Yunpeng’s mind cleared up a little.

15,000 Spirit Coins was not a small number, but the Cui family could still afford it.

However, he was naturally unwilling to accept this debt for no reason.

He remained silent with a dark expression.

Suddenly, a strong sonic boom came from afar and approached in an instant.

Everyone raised their heads to look at the sky.

A triangular, black metal fighter jet that looked like a huge bird tore through the air!

That’s right!

A fighter jet!

Although its appearance was different from all the planes and fighter jets Lin Yan had seen, its streamlined appearance was obvious at a glance. This was definitely an artificial aircraft!

The fighter jet flew over and actually floated above the Shen family residence. A huge shadow pressed down. It was three to four hundred meters long, like a floating aircraft carrier.

The strange thing was that there was no engine on the fighter jet. There was nothing like an engine. Other than the sonic boom, there was no engine sound..

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