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Chapter 562: Chapter 562. Feng Qing Will Win

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

Xiao Zeyu decided not to worry about it anymore. No matter what, he would fight, so he would just ignore everything and fight directly. If everything was prepared, and he didn’t do anything, it would be a missed opportunity.

“Big brother, Martial Uncle asked me to give this to you.”

Xiao Ying suddenly remembered a secret letter that her uncle’s master had given her before she left and hurriedly took it to her big brother.

Xiao Zeyu opened it and saw only one sentence on the paper: “Feng Qing will win; Feng San will attack.”

Xiao Zeyu counted with his fingers. Tomorrow was the third day of the third month. It was great that the east wind had already arrived. He immediately stood up in high spirits and waved his hand in the air.

“Attack the city tomorrow.”

Su Qing was curious about what Uncle Master had written for Xiao Zeyu. Why did he make such a confident decision?

She picked up the letter and glanced at it. Feng Qing must win?

Was this Qing talking about her?

She understood the last sentence. To attack the city on the third day meant to attack the city on the third day. Tomorrow was the third day of the third month, so Shuisheng decided to attack the city immediately.

Since he had decided to attack the city, Xiao Zeyu had a lot of things to do. He had to prepare for war, prepare an attack plan, and mobilize the soldiers’ enthusiasm for war. In short, there were too many things to do.

Everyone had to hurry up and eat. The soldiers brought the medium-well-roasted sheep into the tent, and the men cut them with knives to eat. However, the meat was not as popular as the vegetables that Su Qing had prepared for everyone. They did not want to eat until there was nothing left.

Su Qing didn’t even eat a single bite of meat. She only ate some vegetables and steamed buns. The steaming hot steamed buns shocked everyone once again. Xiao Zeyu was already used to it.

The immortal sect could naturally take out anything. It was customary for the steamed buns to be steaming.

Yelu Chun was dumbfounded. He even suspected that the steamed bun in his hand was fake. He first put it under his nose to smell it and confirmed that it was a steamed bun before breaking off a small piece and putting it into his mouth.

The noodles were rich in fragrance and had a hint of sweetness. It was delicious. He cut a piece of mutton, put a piece of vegetable leaf, and cut a piece of tomato into the broken mantou to eat. He had opened a new way to eat mantou. It was simply too fragrant.

Su Qingpi looked at the hamburger made by Yelu Chun. The ancients were wise. Perhaps the hamburger was invented at this time. Perhaps the Third Prince was the creator.

After eating and drinking to their fill, the cups and plates on the table were removed. The men gathered together to discuss the attack plan for the next day, how to cooperate, who would take the lead, who would be the guard, and how to attack the city…

Su Qing was pregnant and sleepy. She was travel-worn and wanted to shower well and sleep to rest and fight tomorrow.

Xiao Lanxin only learned about her sister-in-law’s pregnancy after her brother told her about it. She was scared out of her wits. She followed behind her, taking care of her like a child who had just learned how to walk.

“Sister-in-law, why didn’t you say so earlier?”

If she had known that her sister-in-law was pregnant, she would never have let her fight in the war.

“I told you that you guys were my biggest obstacle.”

Su Qing glanced at her sister-in-law and saw fear and worry in her eyes. If she knew that she was pregnant, she, her grandfather, and her parents would never let her out.

Xiao Zeyu only came back to sleep very late at night. Su Qing had already slept the entire afternoon and was energetic at night. When she saw Xiao Zeyu return, she asked when they would attack the next day.

“The attack tomorrow is at dawn. Split into four groups and attack the four gates together. I’ll take the main gate, Zhong Yong and Zhang Jinglin will be in charge of the left and right side gates, and Yelu Chun will be in charge of the back gate.”

Xiao Zeyu took off his military uniform. There was no need to be so particular being a soldier in battle. He did not need to bathe. He just got some water to soak his feet and rested.

He told Su Qing about the attack plan he had discussed today while soaking his feet. After fighting for over a month, tomorrow was the most critical moment. He was in high spirits, and his eyes were s.h.i.+ning with the light of victory.

He would be able to avenge his father and mother very soon. He had waited very hard for this day.

“I’ll be your commander.”

Su Qing knew she couldn’t charge into the enemy’s formation. Xiao Zeyu would not agree to it. Then, she would be the commander, watching the formation from the back, boosting the army’s morale, and rescuing the injured.

“You just have to wait for the news of my triumphant return in the big tent. You don’t have to worry about the war.”

Xiao Zeyu understood Su Qing’s character too well. If she saw that the situation was unfavorable, she would mount her horse and charge into the enemy’s formation, so she was firmly not allowed to go to the battlefield.

“Don’t forget that Feng Qing will win. I’ll be watching you from behind.”

Su Qing only said one sentence, and Xiao Zeyu was speechless. The ancients were superst.i.tious, not to mention the words of his uncle’s master. Su Qing was the only one who solved the problems of his adventures.

The following day, the war drums beat loudly. The rumbling of the drums shook the sky and the ground. Early in the morning, the gang leader had already steamed the buns.

Xiao Lanxin and Jiang Yuyan got up at midnight to help the gang leader cook. They didn’t just say that they would help; they did it.

They made a pot of corn porridge with the tender corn brought by Su Qing. This method was taught to them by Su Qing. There were vitamins in the corn, so they sprinkled a little salt to ensure that the soldiers did not lack nutrition. They should eat and drink enough to win the battle.

When the war drums sounded, the soldiers ran to the military field in high spirits. They were going to attack the capital. Everyone was very excited, and their eyes were filled with confidence.

If they followed the Young Master to conquer the world, they would be able to make contributions.

Xiao Zeyu started the Lion Awakening a.s.sembly to boost morale and ordered his troops.

Su Qing followed beside Xiao Zeyu, looking at the confident expression on her man’s face. His every move carried the domineering aura of a king, and his voice was penetrating, boosting morale.

“Victory, victory, victory for the Xiao Family Army!”

After Xiao Zeyu had finished encouraging the soldiers, everyone’s morale was lifted. The three armies shouted together, shaking the sky and earth, echoing through the clouds.

The attack was carried out simultaneously. Yelu Chun led the Tartan soldiers straight to the back door of the capital, cutting off Wan Yulin’s retreat and supplies.

Zhang Jinglin and Zhong Yong went to the city gates on the left and right. Their role was to serve as a link between the past and the future. They would go wherever they needed to go. When they were not needed, they would attack the side gates of the capital city and make the Wan family soldiers unable to care about their heads and tails, creating chaos.

Xiao Zeyu led his troops to attack the main gate. Zhang Jinglin and Zhong Yong each brought a mortar, Yelu Chun brought two mortars, and the remaining eight mortars were with Xiao Zeyu.

He wanted to enter the capital from the main entrance. Wan Yulin did not expect Xiao Zeyu to attack the city so quickly. He did not even say that he would take a good rest. Fortunately, his side was well prepared.

He had put on his armor early in the morning, looking as awe-inspiring as he had been on the battlefield before. To be energetic for today’s battle, he had eaten two portions of pills. At this moment, he was in a state of excitement.

He had regained the domineering aura he had when he was young. He felt invincible.

Wan Yulin stood on the city wall and looked down from above. He saw the Xiao Family Army’s flag fluttering in the wind. Xiao Zeyu was riding on a warhorse, wearing silver armor and a spear. He was like a G.o.d who had descended from the heavens.

Wan Yulin frowned. He didn’t want to see Xiao Zeyu like this. How could the Xiao family’s child be so imposing?

“Men, bring me my bow and arrow. I want to shoot the Xiao family’s child to death..”

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