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Chapter 830: LAN ‘er, how many months have you been pregnant?

Translator: 549690339

The next morning.

The bright sun shone through the window and scattered on the soft and luxurious bed. s.h.i.+ qinglan’s Black hair spread out on the pillow. She had been too tired because she had been busy with LAN Chu recently. She had a deep and sweet sleep last night and only woke up when the sun was high in the sky.

“You’re awake?” A deep and clear voice suddenly sounded.

s.h.i.+ qinglan opened her eyes slowly and was shocked by a pair of deep eyes.

The girl immediately turned over and sat up. why are you here! What are you doing by my bed in the middle of the day?”

She had been frightened by this pair of strange eyes the moment she woke up.

s.h.i.+ qinglan knew that she had woken up very late, and thought that Bo Yucheng should have gone to work early. Even if he had to take leave to accompany her at home, he should be dealing with work in the study now.

She did not expect to see this man’s face when she woke up …

“Get up slowly.” Bo chicheng’s brows furrowed slightly.

At the thought of the baby in s.h.i.+ qinglan’s stomach, he hurriedly reached out to support the girl, afraid that she would get up too quickly and something would happen.

s.h.i.+ qinglan looked at him with a complicated expression, what’s the difference between waking up fast and slow? ” Why are you acting so strange today?”

“I…” Bo Li Cheng suddenly choked.

He had wanted to ask s.h.i.+ qinglan directly about the child, but thinking that she had been hiding it from him, she probably had some other thoughts, so he did not ask her directly.

aren’t you going to the office today? ” s.h.i.+ qinglan asked, puzzled.

“I’m on leave.” Bo Yucheng’s voice was slightly deep, your brother contacted me yesterday and asked us to go home for a meal today.

“Oh.” s.h.i.+ qinglan nodded her head lightly.

She felt that this reason was more reasonable, but she still felt that it was a little strange to wake up and see a man by the bed …

s.h.i.+ qinglan was puzzled as she got off the bed. Bo Yucheng held her carefully, slow down, don’t be too hasty, be careful not to fall. Be good and let me hold you, okay?”

s.h.i.+ qinglan, who suddenly felt like she had become disabled:

“You’re so strange today.” The girl mumbled in a low voice,” did something happen? Or is there something you want from me?”

“No, I didn’t,” Bo chicheng’s Red lips pursed slightly.

He gently wrapped his arms around the girl’s waist and lowered his gaze to plant a kiss on her forehead, don’t I usually pamper you? ”

s.h.i.+ qinglan was even more suspicious.

Yes, but it’s not that scary!

Bo Yucheng saw that the girl seemed to be suspicious, so he raised his hand and gently patted her head, alright, go wash up. Lunch is ready. Shall we go back to the s.h.i.+ residence for dinner tonight? ”

“Alright,” he said. s.h.i.+ qinglan nodded her head twice.

She reached out to lift her nightdress, then strode towards the bathroom with her long and slender legs. However, Bo Li Cheng was still supporting her by the side, the tiles of the bathroom floor are slippery, be careful.

s.h.i.+ qinglan was speechless. I’m really not crippled.

However, he could not go against Bo Li Cheng’s insistence. He could only walk into the bathroom with his help. After he got in, she immediately locked the door, it’s so strange …

Just what kind of major event had happened?

Bo Yucheng had been taking care of her carefully the entire day. After s.h.i.+ qinglan had finished her lunch, he urged her to go back to sleep. This made s.h.i.+ qinglan feel like she had turned into a pig.

It was only after they had woken up in the afternoon that the two of them packed up and prepared to head to the s.h.i.+ family’s residence. However, on the road, Bo Li Cheng drove as slowly as a tortoise, his maximum speed was only 30 miles per hour.

di di-” the cars behind him honked their horns frantically.

s.h.i.+ qinglan’s brows furrowed slightly, can you drive faster? If you can’t, I’ll do it. Go at a hundred miles per hour.”

Upon hearing this, Bo Li Cheng’s expression did not change at all.

He was still driving at the speed of a turtle. Lan Lan, it’s better to drive slower in the current situation.

He was afraid that driving too fast would scare the baby in his stomach.

“What’s the current situation?” s.h.i.+ qinglan looked at him with a complicated expression, look at the traffic jam behind us. It’s against the traffic rules to drive so slowly.

There was a speed limit on the road. Not only was there a limit on the top speed, but there was also a limit on the bottom speed, which was 30 miles per hour … s.h.i.+ qinglan felt that she might be able to catch up even if she switched to another bicycle.

“Did I?” Bo Li Cheng’s eyes were unmoved.

He reluctantly increased the speed by five miles per hour, then I’ll drive faster. Let me know if you’re feeling uncomfortable.

s.h.i.+ qinglan was speechless. She felt the most comfortable at 100 miles per hour.

She didn’t know what was wrong with Bo Li Cheng today, but she couldn’t move him at all. The speed of the car had an absolutely strong hypnotic effect, and she was so bored that she took a nap on the road.

He saw the girl sleeping in the front pa.s.senger seat…

Pregnant women really loved to sleep.

Bo Li Cheng couldn’t help but think this way, while secretly calculating how long she had slept since last night.

The Maybach finally arrived at qinglan waterside Pavilion smoothly.

s.h.i.+ qinglan was a light sleeper. When she noticed that the car had stopped, she opened her eyes lazily.

“We’ve arrived?” She squinted her beautiful eyes and looked out of the window.

“Yes.” yes, “Bo Yicheng replied in a deep voice. He parked the Maybach in the garage, then got out of the car and walked around to the front pa.s.senger seat to help the girl open the door. He even considerately bent over and used his hand to block the door, afraid that she would hit her head.

“LAN ‘er!” Jiang yunzheng hurriedly came over to welcome him.

She had been looking out of the window the whole time. When she saw the Maybach drive in, she immediately went downstairs to pick it up personally.

s.h.i.+ qinglan’s Red lips curved into a smile, mommy.

“Good girl.” Jiang Yunxi looked at the girl with a gentle smile. She then reached out to hold her arm. mommy will support you.

s.h.i.+ qinglan could not help but ask,”..?

It seemed that it was not only Bo Li Cheng who was acting strange. Even Jiang yunhan was acting strangely today. s.h.i.+ Hongqi and s.h.i.+ Qinglong were standing on the small steps outside the main villa, waiting for her. LAN ‘er!

s.h.i.+ qingxun immediately strode over.

He held onto s.h.i.+ qinglan’s other arm and said,” be careful of the steps. Walk slowly. Don’t fall.

Seeing this, s.h.i.+ qinglan started to doubt her life.

Walking into the living room of the villa, she broke free from her mother and brother’s hands and looked at them with her arms crossed in front of her.

“Speak.” s.h.i.+ qinglan raised her eyebrows slightly.

She sized them up with her clear eyes, what are you guys up to? Both of them are very abnormal. They’re afraid that I’ll fall and they’re driving at turtle speed. What’s the matter?”

Upon seeing this, Jiang yunzhe couldn’t help but smile helplessly.

She immediately took s.h.i.+ qinglan’s hand and sat down on the sofa, baby LAN ‘er, you’re not still hiding it from us, are you? It’s already been exposed on Weibo’s hot search, so we already knew about it.”

“Know what?” s.h.i.+ qinglan’s expression was complicated.

Jiang Yunxi looked at her with a smile, of course it’s about your pregnancy! Quickly tell mom, how many months has it been?”

s.h.i.+ qinglan was speechless..

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