My Husband and I Brought Hundreds of Millions of Supplies to Farm Chapter 781 The Retired Emperor's Death

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Chapter 781: Chapter 781 The Retired Emperor’s Death


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“I’m afraid not. Besides, he went to study smallpox. He can’t come over for everyone’s safety, even if he returns. If there’s anything, just look for me.” “Chengrui has done great things that will last for thousands of years. If he can’t come back, then so be it. Don’t we have Chengzhi, Chengye, and Chengxi?” Second Uncle Gu said.

“It’s just a little regretful.” Mr. Gu replied dejectedly.

To put it bluntly, he wanted to take this opportunity to have a good gathering with everyone, as he did not know when everyone would be able to get together again.

Zhou Ying then asked if they had prepared enough, and they returned after ordering everything.

The next day, she brought Guoguo to help for a day.

Three days later, in the early morning, Zhou Ying was still in a daze when she suddenly heard a series of bells ringing in the direction of the palace.

She immediately woke up and spread out her divine sense to take a look. Only then did she know that it was the death bell signalling that the retired Emperor had not survived and had pa.s.sed away.

The entire palace was in tears.

The Empress Dowager had also fainted, and now the imperial physicians were about to treat her.

“Ya, gaa.” At this moment, Guoguo was also woken up by the noise. She kept hitting the railing of the small bed at her, looking anxious.

Zhou Ying quickly got up and carried her up. After letting her relieve herself, she carried her to the big bed.

A moment later, Guoguo fell asleep after she had milk.

As for Zhou Ying, she couldn’t fall asleep. According to the original owner’s memory, the last time the Empress Dowager died, she was buried after seven days.

At that time, everyone in the capital maintained seven days of mourning, and every family hung white lanterns.

Moreover, Gu Chengrui was registered under Princess Ping Yang’s registry. Their family would definitely not be able to escape the mourning period.

The key was that she had to eat vegetarian food for 49 days. Her restaurant…

After Guoguo fell asleep, she immediately woke Niu Fugui up. She quickly asked him to prepare some white lanterns and cloth for mourning.

At the same time, she sent someone to inform the manor that from today onward, no meat, including eggs, would be sent to the restaurant.

In addition, the amount of tofu produced should be doubled.

When they were all ready, the imperial edict from the palace had already been sent out.

As expected, it was according to the standard of the last Empress Dowager’s death. However, due to the weather this time, the funeral was changed to last for three days, and the mourning period was changed to 100 days.

After the meal, the young eunuch who reported the funeral also came over to pa.s.s on the imperial edict, asking her to enter the palace as soon as possible to attend the funeral.

Seeing this, Zhou Ying instructed the people in the manor to look after Guoguo. She changed into a silver-white dress and blue shoes and followed the young eunuch to the Imperial Palace.

On the way, Zhou Ying gave the young eunuch a hundred taels of silver. “If there are any taboos or rules, please enlighten me.”

“No problem. Don’t worry, Madam.” The eunuch took it and nodded.

Then, he began to tell her.

Zhou Ying didn’t think much of it after hearing. She followed him, picked up the mourning clothes, and found her seat.

After entering the palace, Zhou Ying followed him all the way to the palace where the retired Emperor lived. It was also the place where the funeral was held. She went in and mourned with everyone.

After that, Consort An took her to the side and gave her a white silk to tie around her head. She gave her a linen robe and asked the palace maid to sew two pieces of white cloth onto her shoes quickly. “In a while, you will follow beside Mingyu. Do whatever she does.”

“Thank you for your advice, Princess Consort.”

“What Princess Consort? Remember to call me Auntie. Don’t forget that you are Ping Yang’s daughter-in-law now. Don’t let those old-fas.h.i.+oned people get a hold of that mistake.” Consort An said softly..

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