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Chapter 881: Chapter 881 Family Talk


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Zhou Ying smiled when she saw this. She hugged him, placed the building block on the house, and pushed it gently. In the end, the building blocks were only slightly misplaced, unlike before, where they collapsed with a touch.

She looked at the Eldest Princess and Guoguo. “Why don’t you two investigate why the house didn’t collapse this time?”

After saying that, she carried Yangyang to wash up and then ate two rose cakes with him.

The Eldest Princess and Guoguo also began to study the house structure.

The Grand Empress Dowager heaved a sigh of relief. “Zhou Ying, you’re as patient as ever. I’m getting old and getting weaker.”

“You’re not old at all. It’s just that you can’t adapt to it in a short period of time.

“However, it’s troublesome with too many children here. I’ll think of some new things to send to them later.”

“It must have been hard on you.” The Grand Empress Dowager said.

After chatting for a while, Zhou Ying left Guoguo to play with the Eldest Princess while she carried Yangyang and brought some tonics and snacks to the Phoenix Palace.

After entering, he saw Gu Wanning sighing. She bowed and asked, “What’s wrong? Why are you sighing? It’s not good for the baby.”

“Mommy, mommy.” At the same time, Yangyang raised his arms and shouted. “You little thing, can’t you just let me relax for a while?” Gu Wanning took him over.

When Yangyang saw this, he smiled without worry and even jumped happily into her arms.

Gu Wanning placed him on the chair. “Be good. Yangyang, you must be hungry. What do you want to eat?”

“He has already eaten two pieces of cake. Just give him some water.” Zhou Ying said.

“Warm a bowl of milk for him,” Gu Wanning said to the nanny.

“Yes.” The nanny responded and turned to walk out.

Soon, the nanny came in with half a bowl of milk and fed it to Yangyang.

“Let’s go, Sister-in-law. Let’s talk inside.” Gu Wanning said.

Zhou Ying nodded and handed the basket to Chun Xi before entering the inner room with her.

“Did you leave Guoguo with the Grand Empress Dowager?” Gu Wanning asked while someone made them tea.

“Yes, I saw that she was playing very well with the Eldest Princess, so I didn’t bring her over.”

“That’s great since Eldest Princess only has one playmate, Guoguo. It’s very lively outside today, isn’t it?” Gu Wanning asked.

“I’m not sure. When I came out, there was no movement on the street.”

“Maybe it’s still early. It’ll be lively after lunch. Remember to look after Chenglin. Something always happens during the Lantern Festival every year,” Gu Wanning was worried.

“I will.” Zhou Ying nodded. “Don’t worry.”

She looked at her stomach and asked, “Oh, right, what did Imperial Physician Liu say? Do you know if this child is a boy or a girl?”

“Ag, she’s most likely a princess.”

“That’s good. Having a son and a daughter is perfect.”

“What about you guys? Guoguo isn’t young anymore. It’s time for another one.”

“Let fate decide.” Zhou Ying paused. “After you give birth, don’t have any more children over the next few years. It’s bad for your body; you’d better nourish your body well.”

“I will. After giving birth ths time, I’ll have to care for three children. I’m afraid I won’t have the energy to have another child for a few years.”

“That’s right. Taking care of a child is both troublesome and laborious. I saw that the Grand Empress Dowager was having trouble caring for the two children just now.”

Not to mention her, I’m also having a headache now..1

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My Husband and I Brought Hundreds of Millions of Supplies to Farm Chapter 881 Family Talk summary

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