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Chapter 555: Violent Kill (3)

Under the invasion of external energy, the Purple Soul patterns branded on the surface of the bone were activated.

As he landed on the ground, his heart kept spewing out dark green poisonous fog, expelling the poisonous gas that had been injected into his flesh.

He looked up at the sky and closed his eyes. His mental power spread in the sky.

The world under his perception was especially clear.

What surprised him was that nearly one-fifth of the vines hanging down from the sky were disguises of various snakes.

Not wanting to waste time, he chose to continue on foot.

After another few hours, he came to a turbulent stream.

This place was covered in cobblestones and had been trampled by the animals in the domain field. There were relatively few plants.

At this moment, in front of the stream, two huge ants covered in white fur were drinking water with their heads lowered.

Feng Qi did not choose to retreat and walked over.

The two giant white-haired ants lifted their heads vigilantly, emitting a warning “coo-coo” sound from their bodies.

Since they met, it was fate.

A moment later, Feng Qi stepped over the giant white ant that had been torn into several pieces and continued deeper into the rainforest.

He did not have any mercy for domain creatures.

He had always believed that showing kindness to the enemy was cruelty to himself.

Perhaps these creatures in these domains had become murderers who killed the frontline warriors when humans explored the Black Absolute Domain Field.

Since they had met, he would kill them if he could.

It was difficult for different races to stand on the same side. He and Fog were the only special cases on the sacrifice timeline.

Fog had once said something to him that left a deep impression on him.

It said that one should never be merciful to other races. The best way to respect and value other races was to kill them.

This sentence shocked him greatly at that time.

Come to think of it, wasn’t it the same?

Why didn’t the various domain factions lurking in human society care about the weak race alliance?

Other than using the weak race alliance to do things, they felt that these weak race alliances would not affect their future plans.

However, if it was a race with potential, they would definitely kill them all. They would not allow any race with the potential to rise.

Between races, there was only one way to value each other: kill them all.

As he continued deeper into the rainforest, the surrounding scenery changed.

More and more white-furred trees gradually appeared in front of him, and there were also many huge white-furred ants climbing on the trees.

He did not need to activate his Blood Source form to deal with them. He could easily defeat them in his combat body form.

According to the narrator, he kept changing the direction. After walking for an unknown period, his vision gradually became brighter.

When he walked out of the white rainforest, what appeared in front of him was a torrential waterfall. Below him was a clear lake in the rainforest.

On the right side of the inner lake, there was a large camp.

There were wooden buildings inside, and there were many corpses of animals in the rainforest hanging outside the camp.

This was his destination, the humanoid territory.

He did not kill his way into the camp. He planned to hide in the vicinity for a period to observe the situation. It would be best if he could wait for the humanoid leader to leave the camp.

This way, when he s.n.a.t.c.hed the Miracle Bracelet, the pressure on him would be much less.

[What if the Miracle Bracelet is not in the hands of the humanoid leader? After all, the sacrifice timeline is completely different from the current timeline.]

Hearing this, Feng Qi could not help but be stunned.

He had never thought about this problem. Thinking about it carefully, it was entirely possible.

After all, time could change many things.

What existed in the future did not mean that it would definitely exist now.

[Don’t worry, I’ve already checked. The Miracle Bracelet is in the camp.]

“Then what did you mean by those words just now?” Feng Qi couldn’t help but glare.

[I didn’t mean anything else. I just want to scare you on purpose.]

He couldn’t help but raise his middle finger at the always despicable narrator.

The narrator’s affirmative answer rea.s.sured him.

For the rest of the time, he chose to hide in the nearby bushes and observe the situation in the humanoid camp at all times, waiting for the opportunity to strike.

During this period, humanoid warriors would leave the camp from time to time and enter the rainforest.

There were also humanoid warriors who returned from the rainforest with their prey. Then, they dealt with the prey by the inner lake, was.h.i.+ng and skinning them.

The clothes worn by the humanoid warriors were also made of animal fur.

Time pa.s.sed as he waited, but the humanoid leader showed no signs of going out.

He did not know how long he would have to wait.

Feng Qi immediately had the thought of taking the initiative to attack and probe.

[A real man should strike hard. Indecision is a sissy act.]

Taking a deep breath, Feng Qi stood up from the bushes and ran straight to the humanoid camp.

As he ran, his body was gradually enveloped by the blood-colored fog, and his figure quickly rose.

Finally, when he was about 60 feet away from the humanoid camp, he jumped up. His body grew to more than 15 feet in the air, and the dark green flames burning on his body were even more exuberant and demonic than before.

At this moment, the humanoid warriors guarding the camp had noticed him. They blew the conch-like tool in their hands.

Amidst the series of warnings, the humanoid camp became quite clamorous.

A large number of humanoid warriors began to gather at the entrance of the camp.

At this moment, Feng Qi’s huge body smashed heavily against the entrance of the humanoid camp as he rushed in.

“Narrator, where is it?”

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