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Chapter 798: A Bunch of Helpers

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Ah Yu’s arrival in Jiangsai affected the hearts of the entire w.a.n.g Family. On the surface, Old Madam w.a.n.g advised the family not to worry, but she was the one who was most worried.

She knew that All Yu was not a fish meant to stay in a pond. Sooner or later, she would stand out. However, she was afraid that there were too many rules in this world that bound her hands and feet.

Ah Yu had grown too quickly. If the w.a.n.g Family could not keep up, they would not be able to support her well.

On the contrary, they would become a burden to her.

To the public, Ah Yu was a grateful child. If she walked steadily and stood tall, the w.a.n.g Family would benefit endlessly in the future.

But in private, Old Madam w.a.n.g felt that Ah Yu was the person who resembled her the most. Moreover, she was much braver than her. Naturally, she hoped that she would be better.

With the Cliff Eagle as a messenger bird, the distant Jiangsai could also quickly send back news of Ah Yu. When she learned that Ah Yu was doing construction in Jiangsai and was following King Xiaoyao to tidy up the local order, Old Madam w.a.n.g wanted to give her some help.

Although the current w.a.n.g Family had not completely stabilized their footing in Wanning City, Old Madam w.a.n.g didn’t hold back when it came to lending help.

Other than Duke An Manor, there was also the Empress Dowager and the Duke Yong Manor behind Qin Huai. Old Madam w.a.n.g knew very well what connections to use and what people to rope in.

Therefore, after w.a.n.g Chuangui made a great contribution in Chang’an County, Old Madam w.a.n.g used this momentum to obtain a favor for the w.a.n.g Family. One of them was related to All Yu.

“Young Master, Old Madam didn’t send a letter this time. She directly sent a group of people over. Most of those people are Qin Huai’s cla.s.smates. They all have merits and official positions.” Tang Yuan panted and made the long story short. “According to the Emperor’s decree, they’re here in Jiangsai to train for two years. They’re all waiting to listen to your orders!”

Ah Yu took off the bag from Little Lamb and placed it on a stool at the side. She took out a handkerchief and wiped Tang Yuan’s sweat before handing her a cup of specially brewed tea.

Only then did she say, “Big Sister Tang Yuan, 1 understand. Did those people come with you?”

“That’s right!” Tang Yuan took a big gulp of water and pointed outside. “Most of them can’t lift or carry heavy things. Many of them are very arrogant. From their words, they don’t seem to be convinced by your orders. Little Master, if you don’t like them, I’ll think of a way to deal with them.”

These scholars with scholarly t.i.tles were very ambitious. They couldn’t stand the wily old foxes, slippery people, the mediocre officials, the illiterate commoners, and above all, women who criticized them.

It could be said that they couldn’t stand everything.

There were a total of eight people who came. Four of them were on good terms with Qin Huai and were mostly curious about All Yu.

The other four were ambitious. Initially, Qin Huai didn’t want them to come. He wanted to send a few more people that Ah Yu didn’t have to worry about, but Old Madam w.a.n.g persuaded him to stop.

They treated it as training for All Yu.

The favor that Old Madam w.a.n.g asked for was to find a seat for the w.a.n.g Family. It was mainly to be Ah Yu’s seat with the w.a.n.g Family’s descendants. She also pointed out that there was no need for old pedants, only young people.

Then, she made a few more arrangements here and there. In the end, it became a group of people who were sent to train first. The most outstanding ones were selected and sent to the w.a.n.g Family.

When the people outside heard this, they were a little dumbfounded. “Who is this w.a.n.g Family? How can they be so picky? Those are scholars who have pa.s.sed the imperial examination!”

Not to mention outsiders, even these eight people were still in a daze.

They originally thought that the w.a.n.g Family would probably have Qin Huai as their grandson-in-law in the future. Village Lord Yu was still a commander, and the other sons of the w.a.n.g Family did not seem to be bad. Their future prospects were promising.

Now, their second branch’s Lord w.a.n.g had already been promoted from a magistrate to a county governor.

In Great Chang, some magistrate positions had similar rights to a county governor. However, the t.i.tle of a county governor was much better than a magistrate. He could also report directly to the Emperor.

In short, the w.a.n.g Family was rising step by step. There was no harm in building a good relations.h.i.+p with them at this time.

After all, the eight of them had read the books of the Sages and after finding out that there was an earthquake here, they didn’t refuse to help.

However, now, they were still a little stunned as they stood in Yue City, which was still filled with ruins.

What could they do?

After Ah Yu finished speaking to Tang Yuan, she quickly came out and came in front of them. They greeted each other briefly and began to give instructions.

“More than 10,000 local refugees in Yue City are homeless, and more than 3,000 foreign refugees are waiting to be properly settled. I’ll have to trouble you to think of a plan today and how to arrange these people.” Ah Yu took out a map from her pocket and handed it to the person at the front. “This is a map I took the time to draw. It covers the territory from Yue City to the Hundred Miles Valley. Arrange it as you see fit. I still have other things to deal with. Tell me the results tomorrow morning!”

Everyone took the map and opened it. They saw dense labels on it.

With a single glance, they also became numb.

They didn’t seem to understand it..

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