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Chapter 800: Myriad People Umbrella

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

It was early winter in the 24th year of Minghua.

Ah Yu didn’t expect to stay in Yue City until winter.

[Kid, you can already use the Nine Dragon Treasure Cauldron proficiently. In a few months, the one-year period will be up. If you travel now, you can slowly set off to return to Wanning City.]

In the past, there had never been such a huge natural disaster in Yue City. After the earthquake, it had rained continuously for nearly a month, causing floods.

Not only that, a small plague also erupted.

Now that it was winter, although the refugees were being resettled one after another, their remaining clothes were not enough to resist the cold. Even if the Governor came to help with the disaster relief, it was still a drop in the bucket compared to the needs of all the refugees.

Meatbail watched helplessly as Ah Yu first worked hard. In that month, she actually quickly learned the treatment methods for many common illnesses.

Initially, All Yu could only secretly add spirit spring water to the medicinal soup to ensure the medicinal effect. However, there were also drawbacks. When she encountered some people who did not have a good impression of Ah Yu and drank medicine with spirit spring water, they would always develop various problems.

Meatbail was glad to see it, but Ah Yu couldn’t bear to.

She was not a famous person, so it was impossible for everyone in the world to like her. She also realized that the drawbacks of the spiritual spring water were indeed relatively big, especially when used on a large scale.

Hence, All Yu squeezed out some time to learn from the surrounding doctors. The doctors were extremely busy and were eager to save people. They wished that everyone knew medicine. If All Yu wanted to learn, they would naturally teach her if they could.

Before long, they realized that Ah Yu could already draw inferences. The large number of patients even allowed her to quickly acc.u.mulate her foundation.

Other than some difficult illnesses, she could already easily treat common illnesses.

Until now, some old doctors had secretly wanted to take her in as a disciple. However, when they found out that she was actually a n.o.ble personally conferred by the Emperor and an official of the Imperial Court, they stopped thinking in fear.

Ah Yu learned everything quickly. In Yue City, everyone was busy rebuilding after the disaster, so their care for Ah Yu was naturally not as good as before. This made Ah Yu learn a lot.

She wanted to build a women’s academy, so she took the opportunity to observe the living conditions of the people of Yue City and made many calculations in her heart.

King Xiaoyao was not a meticulous person, but he was far-sighted and saw things more comprehensively. He wanted to help Ah Yu train her mental state, so he helped her a lot.

In the early winter, All Yu could hold her own and had the demeanor of an adult. When she walked out, the bailiffs did not dare to neglect her because her aura was already different.

Ah Yu shook her head. “There’s no hurry. It’s almost winter in Yue City. The terrain here is not flat, and they’d just survived a disaster. I’m afraid there will be heavy snow in winter.”

[Even if it snows, you can’t do anything alone.]

“There’s a lot I can do. 500 miles out of Yue City, there’s a coa.r.s.e salt farm. The salt there tastes very bad. Didn’t 1 take a look a few days ago? If there’s snow here, when we encounter a snow disaster, we’ll use the coa.r.s.e salt to melt the snow.”

The refugees had to eat sparingly. How could they have the money to buy coa.r.s.e salt to melt snow? They were probably going to eat it themselves.

Ah Yu bought a lot of salt using her own pocket and planned to stockpile it in the Magistrate’s Office in Yue City.

In addition, she had also ordered a lot of cotton and wrote a letter to Zhang Zhan, hoping that he could organize some people to purchase cotton, hemp, and other products. When the time came, they would be of use.

Ah Yu had bought these with her own money. She planned to use these supplies to attract more wealthy merchants to partic.i.p.ate.

This was Ah Yu’s idea. She wanted to take this opportunity to test it out in Yue City. If this was feasible, she would try going to Jiangsai again.

When Jiangsai’s condition improved, she would return to Wanning City and leave the Nine Dragon Treasure Cauldron in the Astrology Divination Bureau before dealing with the academy.

When she thought of something, she perfected it.

A few days later, as she had expected, other than what she had originally bought, there were actually six times more supplies transported to Yue City. They were all gifts from the rich merchants along the way.

The most surprising thing was the escort. It was none other than Hu Rui. The former Little General Hu was now a fifth-grade general!

When Hu Rui saw Ah Yu, his eyes lit up. “1 was suppressing bandits over there. I heard that some bandits wanted to plunder disaster relief supplies, so I wiped out all the bandits nearby. Coincidentally, I found out that you bought this, so I sent it over to you.”

Ah Yu smiled very happily. “Big Brother Hu Rui, aren’t you guarding the border? Why are you here to eliminate bandits?”

Hu Rui wanted to tell her something, but when he saw that King Xiaoyao was also here, he said, “There are just some transfer orders. I won’t be able to stay for long and will be leaving soon. By the way, other than yours, there are also some supplies donated by some rich merchants along the way, as well as those confiscated from the bandits’ nests. I used some on the way and distributed them to the refugees. Look, are there any that are missing?”

Ah Yu said, “It doesn’t matter if there’s some missing. It has to be used for disaster relief.”

“That’s good.”

Hu Rui actually did not recognize Ah Yu at first. After all, her appearance changed every year. She had yet to reach adulthood, so he naturally couldn’t recognize her immediately.

However, as soon as he asked around and matched their ident.i.ties, he knew that other than Ah Yu, there was probably no one else.

After all, All Yu was the smartest and most generous girl he had ever seen. Her actions were different from many women now, and she was especially easy to recognize.

Because it was a disaster relief, the banquet to welcome Hu Rui was not too grand. Everyone ate in the Magistrate’s Mansion and could be considered to have fulfilled their etiquette.

Ah Yu stayed for a few more days and told the city guard and King Xiaoyao in advance that she was leaving. Although everyone was reluctant, they knew that she was not someone who played around. She must have other plans, so they naturally did not stop her.

As for King Xiaoyao, after staying with Ah Yu for so long, Ah Yu had also guessed that he probably had other plans, so she did not invite him to leave with her.

Ah Yu brought Tang Yuan, Little Lamb, Xie Zhen, and the others who had followed her over. She planned to make another trip to Jiangsai and settle the matters there before returning to Wanning City.

Xie Zhen sighed with emotion. “1 didn’t expect the Commander to be so responsible. In the past few days in Yue City, we’ve personally seen Yue City get better bit by bit.”

Unexpectedly, on the day they left, everyone in Yue City who had received the news came to send them off. A large number of people gathered outside the city gate. Those who did not know better would think that an army was approaching.

“Village Lord Yu, please wait!” A person walked out from the crowd, holding something high in his hand with an anxious expression.

When Ah Yu came, she was riding a cliff eagle. Naturally, she could not be so high-profile when she returned. It was a carriage arranged.

She heard the commotion and walked out of the carriage. When she saw who it was, she was surprised. “Uncle, what’s the matter?”

That person raised the thing in his hand above his head and said sincerely, “During this period of time, we are indebted to Village Lord Yu for saving us from displacement and hunger. We can’t forget your kindness!”

As he spoke, he bowed deeply. When he raised his head, his eyes were already filled with tears. “Village Lord Yu, you might not know this, but you saved everyone in the Hundred Miles Valley and saved us from the pain of separation. It’s difficult to repay such a huge favor even if we work like an ox or a horse for you!”

This person choked and said a lot more. Only then did the surrounding people understand that this person was actually from the village in the Hundred Miles Valley. They had rushed here.

When everyone heard him say this, they recalled that they usually saw Ah Yu walking among the refugees like an ordinary commoner and helping everyone resolve the disaster. She didn’t have the airs of a n.o.ble at all.

“…It’s just a small gift. Please accept it!” At the end of the sentence, the person raised the thing in his hand again.

Ah Yu gave Tang Yuan a look. Tang Yuan went forward and took the thing over. She gently opened it and many people gasped.

“This is?!”

“It’s the Myriad People Umbrella!”

“The legendary Myriad People Umbrella!”

“If there’s still s.p.a.ce. I want to write my name on it too!”

“Village Lord Yu is righteous, she deserves this!”

The Myriad People Umbrella was a plain umbrella filled with the names of the commoners. It was something that could only be obtained by winning the hearts of the people.

In the hundreds of years since the founding of Great Chang, only two or three people had received this honor. It was rumored that officials who owned the Myriad People Umbrella were exempted from the death sentence.

[Ding! Congratulations on unlocking the achievement of ‘For the People’. Obtained: Prize pool lucky drawxio]

A cold voice sounded in Ah Yu’s mind.

Then, it was Meatball’s excited voice.

[Wow, wow, wow! Kid, you’ve unlocked an unprecedented achievement!]

[Quick, quick, quick. This is a special prize pool. There will be special tools, and even group tools..]

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