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Chapter 668: Ultimate evolution of a perfect genetic body!_2


Translator: 549690339

“If you insist on protecting him, we can only fight each other.”

Everyone looked at the little fox, waiting for her reply.

The little fox snorted coldly when she heard that. She ignored Ji Fengyue and the others in the air and turned to look at Li Yueming.”Brat, tell this king honestly how much time do you need this king to help you buy!”

Li Yueming was stunned and subconsciously replied,””It won’t take long. Half an incense’s time should be enough!”

The little fox was obviously stunned when she heard this. After a moment, she replied with a strange expression,”Half an incense worth of time, right? Kid, your timing is very accurate. Looks like you’re really prepared to make this king risk his life for you!”

Li Yueming smiled bitterly.

In just a moment, the little fox had already rushed up.

Ji Fengyue and the others were stopped by the little fox.

The other patriarchs were still in the middle of the battle, unable to escape. Li Yueming quickly sat down and began to use his perfect geno body to heal his injuries.

Half an incense’s time pa.s.sed.

This was not only the time limit estimated by Little Fox, but also the time limit estimated by Li Yueming.

At this moment, Li Wujiang and Shu Tianzheng were fighting each other with a Nirvana realm ancestor. Although they could still deal with it at the moment, the two of them would definitely not be a match for the two ancestors as time went on.

It wasn’t that they were too weak, but that the two ancestors were too powerful.

Not only had the other party’s ancestor stepped into the Nirvana realm thousands of years earlier than them, but he had also activated the secret technique ‘G.o.d’s Descent’ to raise his strength to the peak. He was not someone that ordinary Qi Pract.i.tioners could compete with.

On the other side, the spirit wolf and the giant bear were very powerful. They were probably the ancestors of the Hundred Thousand Mountains.

But now, they were facing a large number of enemies.

In front of the spirit wolf, there were three elders at the peak of the Nirvana realm. In front of the giant bear, there was one less, but there were still two. Although they could still resist, they were also relying on their thick skin to forcefully stall for time.

Little Fox, who was under the most pressure, was in an even more dangerous situation.

If Li Yue Ming couldn’t recover to his peak state in this half an incense’s time, then the result of this battle wouldn’t change much. The only difference was whether one person died or a group died.

But since they knew that the situation was dangerous, they still came without hesitation.

Wasn’t it also a form of trust towards him?

Li Yueming didn’t want anyone to die because of him.

He also did not wish to disappoint the trust that the people of Northern Glacier Town and the Northwest had in him.

Therefore, not only did he have to win this battle, he had to win it beautifully!

Restrain the excess emotions, feel yourself, because of injury, become somewhat weak, body, Li Yueming, make up your mind, and make up your mind.

When he had obtained the Perfect Genetic Body talent in the previous world, the system had given him an item called [Perfect Gene Supporter].

[Name: Perfect Gene Serum Supporter]

[Introduction: There was once an incomparably powerful planet that developed a super evolutionary drug. After injecting the super evolutionary drug, the creature can evolve into countless perfect forms according to its own will and the changes in the external environment…]

[However, in the end, this drug evolved into a terrifying disaster due to its infinite evolution. The entire universe was swept by the disaster, and the planet that developed the drug also suffered a devastating blow!]

[When you discover that your brain is unable to control your body to stop evolving, please inject this potion. Perhaps it can save your life!]

When he first obtained this potion.

Li Yueming never thought that he would need it one day.

After all, Li Yueming felt that he had the infinite deduction talent at that time. His infinite deduction ability could suppress the side effects of evolution to a certain extent.

But now, Li Yueming had to be glad that he still had this thing to cover for him.

He closed his eyes and began to fully control the two top-tier golden talents, Infinite Deduction and Perfect Genetic Body. He was ready to undergo a complete evolution of his current body form.

Although the previous evolution could be said to be perfect, it was still only the evolution of the ‘human’ form. The starting point of evolution was the enhancement of the concept of ‘human’.

However, this wasn’t the limit of a perfect genetic body. It wasn’t even half of its potential.

The evolution that started with the concept of ‘humans’ and the evolution that started with the concept of ‘lifeforms’ were two completely different concepts.

The result of developing these two different concepts would be an absolute difference in the increase in combat strength.

The reason why Li Yueming hadn’t explored this area was that he hadn’t been forced into a corner and needed to use this ultimate method. It was also because Li Yueming didn’t want to take unnecessary risks.

After all, evolving from a biological perspective meant that one had to first overthrow some of their genes as humans.

There were too many risks and uncertainties in this process. Even the infinite deduction talent could not guarantee that there would be no accidents during the evolution process.

If anything went wrong, the consequences would be terrifying.

It was considered elegant to turn from a human into a meatball. In more serious cases, one might even turn into an uncontrollable and indescribably terrifying monster!

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