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Chapter 679: Opening the G.o.d Burial Ground!


Translator: 549690339

In just one day, the royal families of the Great Qi and Great Song had been reduced to ashes by the mysterious expert.

When the news reached them, the entire world fell silent.

How did this world end?

There was actually a mysterious expert who dared to barge into the imperial palaces of various countries and start a ma.s.sacre?

Almost everyone’s first reaction after hearing the news was disbelief.

Each country had been pa.s.sed down for tens of thousands of years, and the order of the world had not changed much in such a long period of time. This was enough to highlight the transcendence of the six countries. How could they not have trump cards and be so easily slaughtered?

Such an outcome was hard to accept.

It was also very difficult to understand.

Countless rumors and gossip had enveloped the land.

At this moment, the group of people finally remembered what had happened outside the Hundred Thousand Mountains some time ago.

Back then, when the cause of the unrest was investigated, there was a brief discussion that was not mainstream. Some people speculated that the real cause of the sudden change in the Hundred Thousand Mountains was the war between the awakened ancestor of the Six Nations and Li Yueming of the Star Moon Army.

The process of this war was not revealed to outsiders, but who won and who lost would directly determine the fate of millions of people in this world.

From the conclusion that Li Yueming had appeared safely in North Glacier Town, it was very likely that the ancestors of the six countries did not get what they wanted. Otherwise, Li Yueming would not have appeared in North Glacier Town as if nothing had happened.

The only thing he couldn’t figure out was whether the six forefathers had suffered any injuries.

However, because this inference was too shocking, it did not attract much attention from the outside world at that time.

But now, there were more and more signs that the order of this world seemed to have been completely reshuffled by most people.

The theory that the Six Nations were the supreme rulers of the world had finally been completely overthrown. Even the royal families of the Six Nations that had been pa.s.sed down for tens of thousands of years had been washed away in this reshuffle.

What replaced it was the Star Moon Empire, which was getting more and more powerful.

As a result, the argument that was scoffed at by others appeared again and finally attracted the attention of people from all over the world!

If his deduction was correct.

Not long ago, the ancestors of the six countries who established the world order should have woken up briefly. They all went to Northern Glacier Town to encircle Li Yueming.

The primeval forest thousands of miles away from the Hundred Thousand Mountains was reduced to ashes under the battle between the two sides.

As for the final outcome of the war…

From the conclusion of the observations so far, it was estimated that Li Yueming had won a great victory and personally killed a group of old monsters who had stood in the clouds and overlooked the world for tens of thousands of years!

Such power was truly terrifying!

After disintegrating the superstructures of the various countries, the remaining scattered resistance basically could not cause too much of a storm.

In the next half a year.

The mighty Star Moon Army began to send talents and soldiers to various places to seize the occupied cities. Such a huge territory and the huge amount of wealth seized from the imperial palaces of various countries caused the power of the Star Moon Dynasty to rapidly expand.

The internal structure was changing day by day.

With Li Yueming in charge of North Ice River Town, as long as it wasn’t ‘him’ personally taking action, the Star Moon Dynasty sweeping across the six countries and unifying the world would become the trend.

No one in the world dared to disobey.

Therefore, Li Yueming didn’t waste his energy on those trivial matters that had already been settled.

After making his stance clear to the world, he began to consolidate his cultivation.

This world involved everything, and it was not as simple as it seemed on the surface. It was also because of this that Li Yueming could now practice to the peak of this world’s theory.

But in the end, he did not dare to stop.

Just like that, half a year pa.s.sed quietly.

In the sixth year of the Star Moon Dynasty’s Northern Ice River Calendar, Little Fox, who had not heard from her for a long time, sent a message to Li Yueming, saying that she was ready to go to the Endless Volcano to open the G.o.d’s Burial Ground. She urged Li Yueming to go to the Hundred Thousand Mountains to meet her as soon as possible after settling the matters in the outside world.

After receiving the news, Li Yueming ended his cultivation.

He brought Su Xuan, who had already become a part of Northern Glacier Town, and quietly left Northern Glacier Town on a normal afternoon. He headed to the Hundred Thousand Mountains to meet up with the little fox.

A few days later, he saw the Hundred Thousand Mountains getting closer and closer.

Li Yueming’s eyes were filled with complicated emotions.

Ever since he entered this world, he had formed a very magical fate with this land.

Every time he stepped in or left, it seemed that his life had entered a completely different stage.

When Li Yueming entered the Hundred Thousand Mountains to find the little fox, he was surprised to find that the originally lazy little fox had transformed into a young woman in her twenties.

At a glance, the young lady’s skin was as smooth as cream, her eyes were as clear as autumn water, and her skin under the beast skin coat was as white as the flawless snow on the peak of a snowy mountain. A pair of nimble fox ears was still retained on her black and yellowish hair.

After seeing Li Yueming, the little fox was very happy. She spun around and said,””How is it?”

Li Yueming didn’t say anything.

After silently sizing him up for a while, he rubbed his chin and asked,”Your tail…Is it a plug-in or a pendant?”

The smile on the little fox’s face immediately froze. After a moment, she replied,”This king is asking you how this body looks. Why are you paying attention to this king’s tail?”

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