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Chapter 683: Our First Meeting!_2


Translator: 549690339

There was no other way. This world was too dilapidated. There was not a single place that could contain opportunities. If he did not approach the giant coffin, he would not know where to look for opportunities.

As they got closer and closer to the giant coffin.

The three of them could clearly feel that the environment around them had changed drastically.

The closer he got to the huge coffin, the smaller the coffin that was as huge as a star in the universe became. At the same time, the surrounding temperature became more and more chaotic.

The cold and hot airflow was like a knife, cutting people all over.

The distance was getting closer and closer.

The three of them discovered that there were actually two rivers flowing beside the giant coffin.

The other was a river of fire that was as red as blood and illuminated the entire sky red.

The boiling lava was the life of this river.

The terrifying heat emitted from the flowing process caused the s.p.a.ce to distort.

The other was the bone-chilling Yin River.

The Yin River did not freeze.

However, the coldness was so dense that it was enough to make the little fox, who lived in the extremely cold snow mountain all year round, s.h.i.+ver.

Two rivers, one hot and one cold, flowed around the coffin like the dividing line between life and death.

It was unknown where the river originated from, but the final destination was undoubtedly the giant coffin that had become normal size.

The three of them still did not feel anything when they were more than ten meters away from the coffin.

However, just as the three of them were about to move forward to investigate, Li Yueming stopped for some reason.

Little Fox and Su Xuan stopped at the same time and looked at Li Yueming with confusion.

Li Yueming didn’t say anything. His eyes were fixed on the corner under the coffin.

Only then did the two of them follow his line of sight.

Only then did he realize that there was a black bloodstain at the bottom of the coffin!

The black blood was at the bottom of the coffin, and only a small corner was exposed. If one did not pay attention, they would not be able to see it.

Black blood actually flowed out of the coffin that buried the ‘G.o.d’.

This discovery made the three of them feel uneasy. Only then did they stop the urge to get close to the coffin and investigate. Instead, they circled around the coffin to observe.

After walking half a circle around the coffin.

Only then did the three of them realize that there was an altar on the other side of the coffin.

There were many things piled up on the altar.

This discovery made the three of them feel refreshed.

After entering this place for so long, the three of them had not seen anything of value other than the ruins.

It was indeed a little different from what he had expected.

Now that they could see an altar, perhaps they could fulfill their wishes.

They carefully bypa.s.sed the two rivers. The aura of ice and fire emitted from them made people feel very uncomfortable, but it was still within the range that the three of them could endure.

After entering the altar.

The first thing that entered the eyes of Li Yueming and the other two was a giant stone slab.

A human figure was carved on the stone slab.

In addition, very dazzling, very dazzling, very dazzling, very dazzling, very dazzling, very dazzling.

Compared to the inconspicuous marks on the bottom of the stone coffin, the bloodstains on the stone slab were much clearer and more ferocious.

The black blood stained the slate, causing the carvings on the stone slabs to be severely corroded. In many places, only a few shallow marks were left. One could only see a rough outline, but one could not see its true appearance.

The three of them stopped in front of the stone slab. They looked at the stone slab in front of them with strange expressions and did not know what to do.

Li Yueming could not help but frown. The black blood stains on the stone slab made him feel a familiar aura again.

If he remembered correctly, the blood that had dripped from his body when he had supported the ancestors of the six dynasties to use the so-called ‘G.o.d’s Descent’ secret technique to raise their combat strength to the peak had also been black.

Although the blood that the ancestors of the six states had dripped was far from being comparable to the blood that was now on the stone slab, it was still not enough.

However, there was no doubt that the two originated from the same source.

This discovery undoubtedly proved that the so-called ‘Him’ who controlled the ancestors of the six dynasties had a deep connection with the existence that killed the master of the G.o.d Burial Ground.

Or perhaps the two were the same person.

This discovery didn’t make Li Yueming feel relaxed, but it made his heart even heavier.

If the other party was really a Universe Grade Supremacy, then even if the owner of the G.o.d Burial Ground was resurrected, he wouldn’t be able to turn the situation around, let alone the fact that he was only at the Nirvana Stage.

Perhaps it was safer to stop the losses and run as soon as possible.

However, Li Yueming believed that it shouldn’t be that ridiculous.

After all, the Reincarnation Mark only needed Reincarnation Points. It was not ridiculous enough to issue a mission that was completely impossible to complete and let the Reincarnators die in vain.

He looked at the slate that was stained with black blood.

For a moment, the three of them were in a dilemma, not knowing what to do.

In the end, it was the little fox who spoke up,””This stone slab is humanoid, but the material and carvings are not much different from the stone door guarding the outside world. Why don’t the two of you try to use your blood to awaken it?”

This proposal was still considered reasonable.

Suxuan volunteered to be a test subject. She bit her finger and used her spiritual energy to control the blood flow to the stone slab.

This action did not trigger a response from the stone slab at first.

Only after a lot of blood had been transferred did the stone slab finally flash with a dim light.

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